Every one in the Kakori village noticed the change in their friend Link. How could they not? He had changed so drastically. Before he had always been smiling and full of life. His eyes would sparkle with happiness, and his lips would tilt and curve in the most brilliant smile. But now, his magnificent blue eyes seemed to have become winter itself, cold and uncaring. His lip were a thin line, as if it couldn't decide whether to be a scowl or a sneer. He hardly talked to anyone anymore, and when he did they were cold harsh words, either bitter or unemotional, cold as a freezing embrace. He trudged through ever day. Everyone wondered what had happened to him, though no one failed to notice that his relationship with Zelda had become strained lately.

Zelda was worried, she paced the carpet scowling fiercely as her forehead furrowed in frustration. She couldn't help it, she worries about her friends, loved them like they were one of her blood. And so back and forth she went, trying to sort through her thoughts that had become so confusing lately. Why was Link ignoring her? Why did he seem to look at her with that look of utter hatred? She didn't understand, just before she met Darien, he seemed perfectly fine. Always smiling at her with that friendly look. Link had stopped talking to her a week ago.

Zelda had always been a bit naive and to optimistic for her own good. But she was a good leader, though sometimes she put her own feelings and idea's before anyone else's. Maybe that was why she had failed to notice that Link had fallen madly in love with her. When ever she had seen him look at her with that loving caring glance, she just presumed it was friendly affection, maybe even brotherly. At the time that was what she needed the most, a friend. As princess when she was a child, she spent most of her times in studies as a lady. She never had a true friend, only acquaintances. So when given the chance to have one, she leeched onto it, like a starving vampire. She had thought that feeling was mutual. Never thought to consider that he might actually feel stronger than just friends. All she could see was that here was a chance for her to have someone who she could talk with, play with, laugh with. It was even better that he would do anything to rescue her. After all, wasn't that what best friends did?

However, Zelda was oblivious to the ideas of love. And so, when Darien shared the prospect of it with her, she instantly fell, and hard. She didn't specifically fall in love with that man. no she fell in love with romance. As all naïve and optimistic dreamers such as Zelda herself, she had a specific type of prince charming. Tall, broad shouldered, strong, protective, loyal, handsome, a gentle man. In that role, she placed Darien, whom played and acted in the role with great enthusiasm. Zelda, madly in love and lost never suspected that her dream man truly was acting. After all, no one is perfect.

Her dream man, King Darien sat on their fluffy bed and watched his wife, coveting. He knew she was worried about her friend, and he of course was jealous. No matter how he tried to get his wife to forget that miserable little brat, he couldn't seem to do it. His irritation however was cleverly masked as he spoke out in a deep, loving and teasing voice. It was of course forced, however who would ever know? "Come to bed love. quit worrying so much, I'm sure the boy is just having a few bad days. Your about to wear a hole in the ground" ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

In the middle of a mysterious void, filled with mists that whispered, as if it were thousands of sprits merged together, and portals placed randomly around the never ending area; lay a giant diamond prism. Within the enormous jewel floated a man, as if he were merely asleep, a vampire in it's coffin. In truth, he was asleep, punished to sleep for an eternity till his body withered away and became one with the earth again. He was dressed in loose black clothes with a cape that was red as blood on the inside, yet dark as a black hole on the outside. His hair was cropped short and seemed to be made of fire. His nose was unusually large and lips were forced into a permanent sneer. Like he was insulting the entire galaxy. His eye brows were arched, and forehead furrowed as if when he was put to sleep, he had been extremely angry, worried, or hating something or someone. Here, imprisoned in a seal, rested Ganandorf, former king of the Gereudo thieves.

Though his body lay in eternal slumber, his mind and soul lived, burning with fury and hatred. He knew he'd never awaken. Yes it was true, he still had the triforce of power, but the powers of the goddess of death were much stronger than a single fragment of the powerful triforce. He had been first sent here by the 6 sages, and that miserable child, Link. But he was still free at the time, he could have come back anytime he wished. However, he was stopped. by to women no less. The guardian of time, and guardian of death. They imprisoned him in the cold empty prism.

His mind could not just sit there, it would drive him insane. He had to get revenge. So he had done the only thing he could think of. Drawing all the power he could, he flung his soul out of his body and sought the best possible life form that could help achieve his goals. He soon found that body in a dimension, in a body on earth. That person was the prince of earth, Darien.

When Darien first felt this unknown being enter his body, he was terrified. So he fought. The two souls battled for supremacy over the frail shell of a body. The war didn't last long, Darien's mind and soul had already been weakened and susceptible to evil ever since he was first brainwashed. And so, beaten back into his own heart, his soul rested their, to weak to fight back. just waiting for a chance to regain his body. He knew everything this man was doing with his body. Sensed the man's, whom he had found to be named Ganadorfs, amuse meant when he met dark Helios. And he, Darien, the prince of earth, was helpless to stop him. He was to weak, and fell into a slumber. Darien was gone, for the time being. and in his place stood a great evil.


The oldest scout, Pluto, daughter of Chronos, with amber eyes and emerald hair stood in front of a white globe. The globe was emitting a soft lavender glow, and played several images and scenes. Her eyes brows furrowed in worry as she watched the young man in the globe, Darien. A frustrated growl erupts from her throat, as a delicate hand flies forward and strikes the orb, swatting it to the ground and shattering it in a few split seconds. Those hands then reached up to rub her temples, she felt as if her head was throbbing. 'So the pathetic excuse for a prince has been reborn. damn.. what shall I tell Serenity-Hime?' She knew it was her duty to tell her princess, but it was also her job to protect the girl. Her mind still burned with fury as she remembered Darien's betrayal. She knew something had happened to the man. It was as if he was a completely different man, as if his soul had just given up and died and allowed Chaos himself to take over. Guilt consumed her heart. It was her fault all the other senshi were dead, save Saturn. If only she had seen it earlier..


On top of a cliff stood a might prince, Darien. Cold eyes as if belonging to King Frost himself stared down at his magnificent kingdom, the world of dreams..Elsion. His lips tilt in an evil smirk that seemed out of place on his formerly kind face. Stepping off the cliff, a bubble of pure energy surrounds him to suspend him in midair. It soon begins to descend into the kingdom, as if it were an elevator. As booted feet touch the soft and moist grass, the bubble flickers, then completely disappears like a mirage. He strides forward, his mind and soul set to a single goal as he moves silently into a temple.

The sounds of his footsteps now become apparent as boot heel strikes the chill marble tiles. The temple itself was magnificent. Marble columns supported the domed ceiling above, etched with designs of vines and roses. Stain glass windows allowed sunlight through, illuminating the room in a spectrum of color even greater than a rainbow. The designs of the windows were of centaurs, doves, mermaids, unicorns, and Pegasus's, all of which lived in this world.

Painted onto the domed ceiling, which was designed to make the painting seem real (like an Imax movie kind of thing, dome shaped) was a scene taking place in a lush forest under a moonlight sky. It was pure art, and elaborate:

Over a pond that glowed with the rays of the moon skated several fairies, gliding over the water. Their toes barely a millimeter over the water, to create the impression that they could dance on that clear liquid.

In another clearing danced several nymphs, a flurry of flower petals floated in the air with them, as if to accompany the creatures in the dance. Everywhere their feet touched, flowers and lush green grass burst out the ground.

Surrounding the clearing and pond were great trees, looking over hundreds of years old, yet still thriving with life. This was the playground of the elves, whom played tag, weaving between and around the mighty trunks to catch one another.

High in the sly flew 2 phoenixes. One flew along, her long feathery tail billowing out behind her, creating the impression that she was a phantom, a majestic dream creature. In front of her, blocking the path was a male of her race, suspended in the air. A twinkle of determination in it's eye. His beak was open, as if he were singing a serenade for her, and in his talons he held a bouquet of pure white lilies. In the back ground the stars shone brightly, seeming to illuminate the entire tapestry. It all seemed so real, like a dream come true, that one could easily become lost in its beauty.

No one would suspect such a perfect dream would to contain any evil. However, there was.. In the center of the main room floated, merely a foot above the ground. a mirror. The frame was made of gold; the design: several roses, outlined with a reddish black. dried blood. In front of this mirror that radiated a darkness stood Darien. His face is still molded into its former position, as he studies the object, though his eyes now sparkled with a glint of greed. Suddenly, his lips curl into an evil smile. a gleam of insanity replaces that of greed, a hand reaches up to touch the surface of the mirror, however he was interrupted.

Someone cleared their throat to get the princes attention, which he succeeded in doing. There kneeling in the entrance was a young man, whitish silver hair, soft eyes, and white ropes with decorations of light blue. One of his gloved hands rested on his propped up knee, the other lay flat on the ground, a position and gesture of respect to one's superior. His head was bowed, revealing a golden horn that was pointing straight at Darien. Lips parted in a murmur, soft and quiet, yet audible enough, "Welcome home. my prince."

The addressed prince's smile merely grows larger at the respect due to him, which went by unnoticed by the intruder, Helios. Though he adores the attention, power, and authority that title insured, he wiped all amusement from his face. He didn't know whether Helios would be loyal or not, he had a right to be suspicious. In his mind, he was positive that if given the chance, the boy would try to stop him to save the moon princess. As a response, he gestured for the guardian to rise, and approach, which said guardian did. "Don't be so formal! You know I hate that!" It took a lot to mask the disgust he felt at having to force a cheerful and innocent voice.

Helios in return merely nods. Several idea's darted in and out of his mind. What was his prince doing here? And why had he tried to touch the mirror of nightmares? Then his princes voice filled his ears again, it seemed forced. But he got the point. What did he see in the mirror? Though confused, he felt ashamed and guilt for doubting his highness. His own kind eyes look up into the mirror, and found another pair of eyes that looked so alike his. yet different. "Well. it's me, but with red eyes. my robes are black.. and the golden horn is as well. like, like it were pure evil.. Why do y-" The last sentence was completely unheard as Darien, hearing all her needed, plunged head first into the mirror.

The surface of the mirror rippled, as if it were water and not glass. But when Helios pressed his finger tips against it, it became solid again.. Though freezing as ice. One the other side, inside. emerged Darien. He stood proud and strong as he surveyed the other half of his kingdom. A complete opposite of the temple on the other side of the mirror. There was no sunlight. the place was dark and lurking with shadows that were occasionally beat back by the rare flare of life in a torch held against the columns. The glass windows and tapestry were different as well. In the windows were monstrous creatures, demons that haunted innocent dreams. No light ventured through them. yet it seemed to emit rays of fear and evil. The tapestry above was different as well. the scenery was a dungeon, and playing there were several ghosts, poltergeists, sirens, and banshees.. Torturing poor innocent humans. The brightest color in the entire painting was blue, and that was of tears wept by the poor souls being tormented.

In this world of nightmares, Prince Darien, or King Ganandorf; struck a deal with guardian there. Dark Pegasus. The creature had been asked to destroy the scouts, and in return, the prince would allow them access to the other dream world. However, the creature had plans of its own. As was agreed, he fought the scouts, but he slew his employer as well.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*End flash back*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Pluto never did find out that Ganandorfs soul had escaped captivity. She never dreamt that the earth prince would again become controlled. All she knew was that she didn't see this destruction before hand, and that meant trouble. The portals were blocking her, the mists refused to part and allow her to see more than a few minutes into the future, and when it did part at her bidding, it showed only destruction. She refused to believe that was what mankind had in store for them, for the future kept changing each time she looked. But ever single glance showed a man whom had caused it all. Darien. This discovery had given her only one solution, and an even greater problem. They would have to destroy Darien in his new dimension. However. Saturn could not do it alone, the only other alternative was Serena.

A sigh of frustration, despair and pain flew from her lips, as she raised her garnet staff. The orb at the center of the tip began to pulse brightly, then erupted in a flash of light. When it died down, Pluto was gone from the time gates.


The dramatic change in Serena did not go by unnoticed by her family. Each member of the household noted that formally cheerful blonde came down to breakfast earlier, she no long slept in. They themselves had been having some loss of sleep at the heart wrenching sobs that seemed to come from the girls room every night. Each time they asked what they could do to help, they were greeted by a forced cheerful voice saying, "I'm fine don't worry" and a soft smile that never reached Serena's eyes. Her behavior was not what had changed the most, it was the windows to her soul. her eyes. They became a different shade of blue, some what grayish, as if it were mists. They were devoid of emotion, staring and unseeing. Always on her lips was that small smile, like she was laughing at a cruel joke. It was not smile of joy, but one of misery, as if she were taking amusement in the irony.

When Pluto came to talk to her, she wouldn't believe it at first. Couldn't believe it. A wall built in her mind, that of denial. but she couldn't finish it. Why would her friend lie to her? Her own mind and soul battled. One refused to believe it, was still madly in love with Darien.. the other, though wanting believe, didn't want to.. It was afraid that he would be torn from her again, she didn't want to be hurt. not again.. She was so confused, and torn. The one man that was most important to her in her life, whom she thought had died. was alive, and married. That was what stung the most, knowing he was in love with another. The mere thought drove knives into her heart. She tried to remind herself not to blame him, he couldn't help it, he didn't remember. Finally, her heart one. She would go find him, and win him back.

Pluto couldn't tell her that Darien was now evil. She knew she should have, but couldn't bring herself to do it. The prospect hurting her princess did not brood well for the guardian of time, so she took the cowards was out and only told her hime that the man was alive, and married. That small hopeful bit of news brought joy to her princess, and pain. There was no way she'd add to that pain. She was such a coward, she told herself. allowing Serena to find out on her own about the new Darien.


Link had no one, at least that was what he repeated in his mind.. No one but Saria, his best friend. She was the only one he'd truly talk to now. Though he was wary about her. he wouldn't be hurt again, no he'd make sure of that. So he kept his relationship with Saria a friendly one. She was his best friend, and him hers. She was his only light now, always there to hold him when he wept his grief and loss. It'd been a week since he stopped talking to Zelda. At first he had hated Saria to, afraid she'd hurt him like Zelda had. But then, he found that his best friend couldn't stay away from his heart for long. During that week, he soon found that the as hard as he tried to think of her only as a friend, he soon found himself thinking of her as more. But he beat that thought back, love and fear, the two battled each other. Did he love her as just a friend, or as a lover? He knew that Saria would return the feelings of the former. He knew that as long as he was around Saria would be happy and content, though nothing would make her happier than Link confessing his love for her. The problem was soon postponed however, as one day. Saria disappeared.

Link still didn't know what he really felt for the green haired girl, but he knew that he cared for her, and that he was all he had left. So he left in search of his dear friend. He searched everywhere in the forest, including the lost woods. The only thing he knew that happened was that on the night she disappeared, there was a brilliant flash of light that enveloped and blinded the entire forest, it had come from Saria tree. After the light had died down, the house where Links best friend lived, the tree, Saria had been born from.. Was in flames, Saria had not been inside. And so, Link left the Kakori forest in search of his best friend, and possibly, the love of his life.

To be continued.

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