Love the man and you will love the Hero.

AN: Sorry for my English, I am french.

Chapter 1:

The Guardian Angel/ Oliver point of view.

"That guy nearly killed me. It hurts."

That was what I was thinking about when I heard a loud scream. Thank god I was still in my green uniform. I began running in the direction of the noise. Surprisingly, it led me near the lawyer estate. And then I saw them. Three guys were bugging at a girl. One of them had a knife in his left hand, another one was preventing the girl from moving and the last one was undoing his jeans. And then I saw her with fear in her eyes and tears on her cheeks. I immediately took an arrow and shoot it in direction of the guy with the knife's hand. I took another and shoot it in direction of the crotch of the guy who was undoing his belt. The last one ran away before I had the time to beat him. I ran to them, carried Laurel in my arms and jumped thanks to an arrow to the next building (you know like Spiderman does). I put her down and was going to leave her here when her voice stopped me.

"-Wait. I just...I just want to thank you" I remained silent so she continued. "I know that you will probably not answer my question but I would like to know. Who are you? I know that if you are wearing this hood and this green uniform it's because you don't want people to know who you are but I need to know who the guy who saved me is. So Who is my hero?"

That is when I decided to start talking (taking care of changing my voice so that she wouldn't recognize me.

"-I am not a hero Miss... I am just doing what someone told me I had to do."

"-What do you mean?" she asked

"-I promised someone that I would do what he hasn't been able to do... I promised him that I would protect the town from the ones who rule it thanks to fear and violence!

"-Like Adam Hunt?" she asked

"-Yeah like Adam Hunt."

"-And I was hoping that you were just MY guardian angel." She said with audible voice, hoping he didn't hear her. "Em, so you are the town guardian angel?"

"-If that is the way you want to call me then yes I am the town guardian angel. And concerning the fact that I am not YOUR guardian angel don't worry I will always be there to protect you."

I couldn't see her face but I knew that she was slightly smiling.

"-Why would you do that?"

I slightly turned to face her but not entirely so that she wouldn't see my face.

"-Come on, what kind of Guardian Angel would I be if I let Dinah Laurel Lance die whereas she is trying to save the town?"

"-If I don't try who will?" she said with a huge smile this time.

"-I will"

"-No... WE will!" she declared with her lovely smile.

And with that I jumped from the building and headed to the Quenn's mansion.

That night Laurel fall asleep thinking about HER guardian angel.