Chapter 7:

Laurel Point Of View

After seeing the news I immediately went to the Police Office... One I got there Moira and Walter were getting out of the office where Oliver was detained. So I just went directly to the office and got in.

"-Hey Ollie" I said when I saw him.

"-Hey" he answered.

"-How are you?" I asked concerned

"-I couldn't be any better." he said smiling

"-Are you sure?"

"-Babe, I am innocent, and we are going to prove it"

"-We? What do you mean we?" I asked afraid of his answer

"-I would like you to be my lawyer"

"-What? Oliver, I can't...My father is the cop who arrested you. I can't just stand up against him like this."

"-I know what I am asking you is hard and it you don't want to do this I will understand. I am just asking you because you are the best lawyer I know."


"-Oh Come on Laurel we both know you can't resist saving my ass."

"-Fine...I will be you lawyer. But don't make me regret this okay?"

"-I promise" he said before kissing my lips.

After the first audience, we managed to have Oliver freed but Oliver was forced to stay at home and to wear a GPS monitor. That was kind of a victory... But it wasn't enough, I had to prove to the jury that he was innocent, that he couldn't be the vigilante I talked to at the benefit and the guy who saved my life.

The next day, Oliver, my father and his lawyer were waiting for me at the police office..

"-Sorry I am late.." I said while entering the room.

"-It's okay" I said

"-So now that you are here we have something to tell you. Mr Queen right here, lived on a island for five years. This little journey may have damaged his brain so we suggest that he goes to a psychiatric hospital for 15 days.. Our scientists and psychologist will take him in charge and see if he has any trouble which can cause him to act as the vigilante.." the lawyer said.

"-No. I am not going to a hospital... I am not crazy, I am innocent and I am going to prove it... I will take a polygraph."

"-A polygraph won't help in front of a jury."

"-I will take a polygraph in front of him" he said pointing my father. "He is the one I need to convince"

"-I am going to need a minute" I said turning to face my father and the lawyer.

Once they were out, I immediately turned to Oliver.

"-What the hell are you doing? What the lawyer is offering is an incredible opportunity Oliver"

He got up and took my hands in his and told me:

"-Look Laurel, I am not crazy. I am innocent and I am going to prove it and if I fail then I will think about negotiations."

"-Okay. I will set the polygraph.. But you have people who care about you so think about them."

Later that day, at the polygraph session.

"-Is your name Oliver Queen?" Detective Lance asked Oliver.


"-Were you born on the 26th May 1986?" ( AN: I don't know if this is the real date.)


"-Are you the guy on the picture?" He asked showing him the picture of the vigilante.


"-Have you ever seen him?"


"-Were you on board of the Queen's Gambit 5 years ago?"

"-I don't see what the link between this and the accusation is!" I objected

"-I am just asking. So, were you?"


"-Your body is at 20% covered by scars. How could you get those scars if you were alone on that island?"

"-I wasn't alone..."

"-Oh, why didn't you mention that before?"

"-Because the people that were there tortured me." I looked at him with disbelief. Of course I had seen his scars but I never knew were they came from.

"-Dad I think we should stop." I told my dad.

"-Do you want us to stop Mr Queen?"

"-No. I am fine" he said reassuring me by smiling at me.

"-Three persons died that day right?"


"-My daughter was one of them right?"


"-Dad STOP! This is over"

"-Yes" Oliver answered ignoring what I had just said.

"-Did you at least try to save her?"

"-I..." he didn't answer.


"-YES! I DID! When my father saw me in the water he took me in the ship he was in but I dived back I wanted to find her! Because I couldn't let her die! I didn't want her to die! I stayed under the water for six freaking minutes but I didn't find her body, I couldn't find her! SO YES I HAVE TRIED TO SAVE YOUR DAUGHTER BUT I COULDN'T BECAUSE I DIDN'T FIND HER!" he shouted with tears in his eyes.

He got rid of the polygraph, got up and left.

"-Why did you do that?" I asked him clearly angry.

"-Because I needed answers!"

"-So do you agree with the fact that he is innocent right?

"-No I don't buy it. Even if he told the truth I still think that he is the vigilante and I will prove it." and with that he got out.

Later that night at the Queen's mansion

"-Look I am sorry for my father behavior."

"-There is no need to be sorry. I understand"

"-You are too good" I said.

I got closer and kissed him gently. In a few seconds our gentle kiss became more passionate and everything got really fast. In less than a minute, he was lying on his bed with me on top of him trying to get rid of my top...

"-Oliver I-" Théa said while opening the door.

"-Théa! Don't you know how to knock" he said while I was getting off of him.

"-I am SO SO SO sorry. But the Detective Lance is downstairs and he wants to talk to you."

Oliver's Point of View

I quickly got downstairs to see what Lance wanted.

"-So D. Lance, are you here to apologize?" I said while settling on the couch installing I left feet on the table.

"-Don't dream little boy. I am here because of my job."

"-Okay. So what's up?"

He moved to my left foot and took off the GPS monitor.

"-What are you doing?" I asked

"-You are free to go. The vigilante was seen at the opposite side of the city while you were here. So you are free."

"-Okay. Hey D. Lance, I am sorry for Sarah. I know it doesn't mean anything for you but I really am."

He nods with his head and went out.

When I went back to my bedroom, Laurel was there, sitting on my bed.

"-So what did he want?" she said once she noticed me.

"-I am free"

"-What do you mean?"

"-The vigilante was seen at the other side of the city while I was there so he understood that I wasn't him so I am free."

"-God that awesome."

"-Yeah it is."

I laid down in my bed and she moved so that her head would be resting on my chest.

"-I missed you" she said after a few minutes.

"-I missed you too Laurel. More than you can imagine."

She looked at me and smiled.

"-Can I stay here for the night?"

"-Stay here for the night?" I repeated.

"-Wait I don't mean...having sex. Even if that idea is...tempting. I just mean you know stay in your arms all night long."

"-Okay. We will do this. But first I need a shower. I will be quick"


I got up and went to the shower.

Laurel's Point Of View.

While he was under the shower I turned the TV on to watch the news. I was picturing Oliver under the shower. It was going to be hard to resist him tonight...Something I saw on TV got me out of my thoughts...


On TV there were showing a video some hostages had taken during the benefit concert. What caught my attention is that it seemed like the vigilante had been hit by a bullet in the arm. Wait a minute...the wound...the arm...Oliver...No that wasn't possible. But the Oliver's wound is situated at the exact same place as the vigilante's one. Moreover, he lied about how he got it... He couldn't be the vigilante. Oliver couldn't. But the proves were directly pointing him. If this was true, it would mean that Oliver is the guy who is trying to save the town.

It would also mean that the guy I love is a murderer...



AN: For those who were expecting Oliver and Laurel to live a perfect fairytale... IT IS UNFORTUNATELLY NOT THE CASE. OTHERWISE IT WOULD BE BORING... SO I WILL TRY TO UPDATE AT THE END OF THE WEEK...