On the planet Anolis, the new queen, called Devina, was happy in her new role. She was more lenient about her rules than the last ruler, Raven had been.

But as happy as she was in her role as queen, she was still despondent about her child. She had really wanted her child. She was upset that her 'mate,' Donatello the turtle -who had carried her child for 9 months- had told her the child had died in its sleep.

When she was off duty at night, Devina often cried herself to sleep. Her parents wished they could do something for her. It had only been a few months since she had started her job as queen, and one month since the incident about the baby. Both Temmy and Clancy were sad as well that they would never see their grandchild.

At least now that Devina was queen, she had changed the rules so that the queens no longer had to have a child in order to take the throne. Her best friend also helped her, in the new role that she had created for a beta queen. In the event that something happened to the queen, the beta queen would assume all duties in ruling the planet.

Devina continued to report to her Counsel. One of the members of her Counsel saw how sad the new queen was. She knew it was because she had no child to complete her life. And when she felt up to it, she knew Devina would leave and try to find a new mate and try again.

Devina loved children. She knew she would have been a good mother. Now she just needed to find a new mate, but she wasn't quite ready for it yet. She was going to get over the loss of Don's child first. But she would also never get over for what she had done to Donny. She had hated to do that. It had ruined any chances of ever being with him or even being allowed into the family. She knew that with any new males, she was going to take the approach she should have done in the first place.

This Counsel member, whose name was Lavish, was a real good friend of Devina's too. She wanted to go to this Earth planet and find the male that had not wanted to give her the child. She just wanted some answers for her friend.

She would have to get some time off, but she wasn't going to tell her queen where she was really going.

One day, she went to Devina and asked for a few months off. She said she was having some stressful times at her home, and she just needed some time off to sort them out.

Lavish had no family of her own, though she had her parents and some 5 siblings.

Devina was very understanding, as she herself knew of stressful and unhappy, trying times as she was having at the moment with the so-called passing of her child. She gave Lavish 7 months off to sort out her issues; but she would have been willing to give longer. There was always someone in her government to help out temporarily.

With that settled, Lavish went home and gathered some supplies. She then prepared her ship for takeoff. She was going to get to the bottom of her friend's problems. She had to find the turtle.

On Earth, the turtle family was living a good life. Donatello was the happy father of twins, Virgil and Akemi. His turtle daughter and lizard/turtle son.

They were just a month old, and now that Devina was out of their lives for good, Don only had to deal with the stress of raising twins. The babies laughed, cried, needed diapers changed, slept, and ate, like all little babies.

Leo looked at the twins every day and each day he wished that he could have children of his own. Though he and his brothers treated Don's children as if they were their own anyway, Leo knew it wasn't the same. And Leo had also been about the closest one to a partner to Don when he had been pregnant.

Don's stomach was still recovering from the surgery. It was healing nicely, but he still couldn't train quite yet. So for now, he as on 'maternity' leave from any strenuous activities. And even for right now, he wasn't even allowed out on patrol.

Don would look in the mirror after bathing and observe the scar that would always be a reminder of how he got his twins in the first place. Remembering how it had started was not the most pleasant of thoughts, but it also reminded him of how he brought the two greatest gifts into the world. How he felt about the mother of his kids, he would NEVER get over what happened for the forced mating on him. All he could do was just try to live his life the best he could, and try to move on. He never wanted to see her again.

He was also working on his inventions again, as much as he was able to anyway. As long as it didn't involve putting too much bending in his middle. But also behind his lab door, because of what happened to him so many months ago, his feelings of fear and anger towards Devina had not gone away. He even still had some bad dreams. He just didn't want the others to see his tears.

Don would try to talk to Leo, Master Splinter, or April about his feelings so they didn't just build up inside him. And it may not have happened to them, but the family and friends had been through many bad things too, so they just talked about the problems, and tried to make Don feel better that none of it was his fault. They knew that he needed support and love to get through his sadness and fears. But he would not blame his twins for their mother's mistakes.

Raph would still get angry at Mikey for pulling pranks on him, and on everyone else, but other than that, he had adjusted to being a good uncle too. It wasn't often that his most gentle side was seen, and although the twins were the offspring of the mother too, he saw more of his brother in his niece and nephew. In a way, being an uncle was just a first step to deciding if he ever wanted kids himself one day.

Raph found out that he did have a patience for kids after all, though he still had a small bit of uneasiness that Virgil was more like his mom, and that she might come back to claim him. Virgil was the one that Devina had seen, but if she found out about Akemi too, he knew there would be trouble. He knew Don still had some guilt, shame, and fears about what happened, but he was at a loss to how to comfort him. He was sure they had done good by not letting Devina have either of the twins.

Mikey was the everlasting childish uncle. He could easily get the twins to laugh at him. And even as goofy and careless as he could be a lot of times, Mikey was very gentle with holding the babies. Don had managed to learn to trust him with holding them.

And Master Splinter was an ever caring grandfather, taking care of the twins like he did back when he cared for his own sons when they were little. And he did his best to try to help Donatello try to overcome his trauma.

Don trusted his family with his life to take care of his kids, and knew they would do all they could to protect them.

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