The next night after getting home, April, Casey, and Splinter watched all three children while all four of the turtles had a night on the town; welcoming back its greatness.

Leonardo was happy to be back in action as the leader of the team, but more than proud to be a new father as well. And Don, Raph, and Mikey were glad to have him back in action too. It hadn't been the same on the streets without him.

And though the alien mothers had been kicked out, Leo and Don really hoped that the mothers wouldn't come back for their children. They didn't even want to tell their children about their biological mothers. They felt that neither of them needed to have either female in their or their children's lives as they could well perform the role of both parents.

But the family knew that Virgil would probably end up with the most questions one day as to why he looked more like a lizard than a turtle.

And the turtles would try to handle the questions the best they could when the time came. But the main answer for all the kids as to why their mothers didn't live with them would be that they and their fathers just weren't right for each other.

All in all, the Anolis females had given the turtles three great gifts. And now they had hope for a future generation. Leo and Don were looking forward to having fresh students to work with. And they were excited with experiencing being loving and protective fathers, and having Raph and Mikey around to back them up. And if they were lucky, Raph and Mikey would have kids too one day, but hopefully in the more conventional way.

Master Splinter was happy that at least two of his sons had been able to start families, and was certain that his teachings would also be passed on too; even if he passed away when the kids would be too young to remember him. And he knew his sons would make sure his grandchildren would know him through his ninja teachings and wisdom. Leonardo would surely see to that. And he planned to enjoy his grandchildren while he could.

Later that year, at Christmas time, Leo was proud to introduce Natsuki to the big gathering of friends that came for dinner. He especially loved introducing her to Usagi, the Daimyo, and his son. He had been real happy to see them since he hadn't been allowed to go to the Battle Nexus tournament.

"Welcome to fatherhood, Leonardo. I know you will be a great father." The Daimyo said.

"Thank you, Great Daimyo." Leo bowed respectfully to him.

Usagi asked if he could be considered as an uncle to her.

"Sure. Though she won't see you as much as my brothers. But you are like a brother to me, Usagi." Leo replied.

"What of her mother?" Usagi asked.

Leo's smile faded. "That's not easy to talk about."

"I see. You don't have to talk about her if you don't want to," the white rabbit said.

"Let's just say that, like with the mother of Donny's twins, we weren't a good match." Leo said. "We went our separate ways."

"So, how old is Natsuki?" Ue, the Daimyo's son, asked.

"She is 6 months old," Leo said. "I still feed her from a bottle, but I am going to start her on soft solid food before too long."

Christmas time was a great time of year to be with all your closest friends and family, and this Christmas was the best for Leo. He had his beautiful daughter with him, and he had his figure and stamina back, and was able to do his usual activities again without any restrictions.

Leo was pleased with how life was treating him again.

The End

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