A/N: A little drabble about Luke's early morning habits.


Mara felt the restless shift in the bed. She turned her head to face her sleeping partner. Her husband, Luke was quietly edging toward the edge of the bed, trying not to wake her up.

"Don't you dare move another centimeter, Skywalker."

Her husband heaved a sigh.

Mara propped herself up on her elbow and looked at the chrono on Luke's side of the bed. It blinked 0500. She frowned.

"Get back in bed and go to sleep." She demanded sleepily. "You're not a moisture farmer anymore." Mara burrowed her head under her pillow. "Why you think you have to still get up at the crack of dawn is beyond me."


"No, every time you get up at this same time you take a shower, you sing as you get ready, then you make a godawfdul amount of noise clanging and banging your way around the kitchen-and I can't get back to sleep. Well, this time I'm putting my foot down. In this marriage, you don't get up until eight."

"Mara, be reasonable. How would it look if I stayed in bed later than my students?"

"This is not up for negotiation. End of discussion. Now, get your rear back in this bed."


She sat up. "Do you want a happy wife in the morning or a pissed off wife?"

"But you're always grumpy."

Mara ignored this. "That can change quickly to pissed off." She warned.

Luke sighed. "Seven thirty." He countered finally.

Mara remained silent for a moment.


"Fine. Seven-thirty. No earlier." She grumbled, burrowing back under her covers. "Now, get your rear back in bed like I said the first time."

"Yes, Ma'am." Luke slipped back beneath the covers.

"Wasted five minutes of sleep talking to your fool head." She muttered, turning onto her side.

Her husband attempted to wrap his arms around her.

"Don't even try."

Luke sighed and turned onto his back.

"Yes, Dear." There was a hint of a smile in his voice.

Mara drifted back off to sleep, content. After all, there could be no doubt who wore the pants, so to speak, in this marriage.