A/N: Pregnant Mara time. Luke learns not to open his big mouth.


The boot was hurled across the ship, sailing toward his head. Luke ducked it expertly.

"Mara, that was my boot!"

"You're lucky it wasn't a vibroaxe, you pompous ass." She snarled.

Luke recoiled at the insult. His wife had never called him anything like that before!

It must be the hormones, he rationalized. She's pregnant and frustrated and I'm the nearest target.

"Can the accused please be informed what he has done, Mara?"

"What he has done is simply breathe."

"That doesn't make any sense."

An angry edge went into her voice. "It doesn't have to."

Just keep on talking, Skywalker. You're only pissing her off more.

"What ever you're thinking about saying-don't. Because I really can't stand to look at your face for one more minute. I'll just end up killing you."

She whirled around and stormed back into their cabin, locking the door behind her.

"What was that?" He shook his head and stalked into the cockpit.

Han was at the controls.

"How's it going, Kid?"

"Just peachy." Luke muttered. "Somebody just shoot me in the head." He plopped down, looking miserable.

"Mara, huh?" Han said.

"How did you guess?" He muttered sarcastically.

Leia got up. "I'll...go check on her."

"You've got the look." Han turned to face Luke. "She's doesn't mean it," He glanced toward the door, making sure Leia was out of earshot. "She's all hormonal is all."

"I tried telling myself that, but its not helping. I have no idea what I did, one moment nothing, next moment she starts throwing things at me." He sighed. "Han, I've dueled against my father twice and lived to tell the tale, I've fought countless of enemies, survived through the rising of Sith Lord spirit on Yavin IV...but nothing could ever prepare me for that." He jabbed a finger out the door. "Cause Mara Jade before...that was Mara Jade Light in comparison to now."

"I'll show you light." A voice growled. "Come back here so I can introduce you to the hilt of my saber. I'll make sure you see plenty of light."

I'm so kriffed. He thought miserably.