I don't know if you ever had that feeling (still I'm sure you had), when you made up a story and want everyone to hear it immediantly. Yupp, that's what happened here.

This is the prequel to Digimon Shadow Tamers. As you already read, it's the story about the 7 Great Demon Lords, but also how I'm viewing their story in general. I'll write this paralel to my Digimon Shadow Tamers FF.

Full Summary:

This is the story of the 7 Great Demon Lords. Who are they? How did they met? What is their orginal purpouse? What made them what they're today? Shadowed paths are getting crossed.

Each of them has their own story. Before, they were all normal Digimon and no one expected them to be dangerous, or even evil. But now, they turned into the most fearsome group in the DigiWorld.

Each will tell their own story. What did they do before they got banished. Their fears, hopes, sins, passions...

Everything will be reflected...

Just as the story of someone, someone who only wanted to play a little, innocent joke.

This story is following their life, from the day of their birth, to the day they met the Shadow Tamers.

~They were created for destruction, but they never intended to destroy anything.~