"And it just appeared in the heart of the Empiri Rim?" Kakarot asked. There was a very clear look of concern and annoyance on his face, while Jeice and Burter led both him and his brother through the corridors of the parliament building.

The corridor was awash with activity, alien diplomats and visitors of all races scurrying about in a panic. They knew that something big was heading their way, Lord Kakarot's elites had told them all that much. Whatever it was, none of them really wanted to stick around and find out- many of them organising ships off of the foreign moon. While they all had faith in the power of Kakarot and his brother, they still had no intention of being caught up in the chaos.

"Yessir," Jeice said. The red-skinned alien stopped, opened up a door to one conference chamber, and then led the entourage through. When they reached the tall table at the center of the room, Jeice pressed a few buttons and activated a glowing green hologram projector built into the heart of the table. Almost instantly, a semi-transparent image of a massive egg-shaped ship appeared hovering in the center of the conference room.

Raditz tilted his head as he inspected the ship, and in his mind he tried to imagine it scaled up to a more proper size. "That is something... a ship that big being able to cruise between galaxies..." he remarked.

Burter nodded at his lords brother before turning his garnet orbs back over to the floating hologram "That's the best quality image we have on hand," he hissed "When it appeared in the Empiri rim, its presence caught the patrolling scout ships off guard. They didn't get much time to take proper images before they were forced into full retreat."

"And you're certain it was only one person that forced three scouting ships to fall back?" Kakarot asked, glancing back over his shoulder at the scaly serpent-man. As he said this, Jeice pressed another series of buttons. The green hologram flickered, and then it was replaced with another image of a green orb dashing toward one vessel, beams of alien light firing outward from its center.

The image zoomed in, showing the silhouette of a towering spiky-haired figure in the center of the energy bubble. "Whoever that is, they had a lot of damn power on hand," Jeice remarked as he glanced toward the intrigued Saiyan "And that hair looks pretty Saiyan to me."

"Ninety percent of the people I know have insane hair," Raditz said in a low grumble. Still, he inspected the image floating over the long wooden table "And you're sure that he's going to come out by this way?" he asked finally.

Burter gave a small nod of his head "Not with a hundred percent certainty," he said in a low hissing tone "But the tactical types are assuring us that the commander of that ship is likely going to gather information on the power base of this galaxy and then come out this way. It's the best we've got to go on until we can get a more firm lock on that ship's unique signature."

The younger Saiyan didn't seem too pleased, but there was nothing he could do about it as it stood. "Very well. As long as people are evacuating, then I can't complain. Whoever this Saiyan is, Raditz and I will be able to stop him easily enough and you and the mercenaries will be able to neutralise his ship when the opening is made."

"That makes for our best option my lord. It seems very doubtful that these people would surrender willingly," Jeice explained with a small sigh. The red-skinned alien reached a hand up, stroking slowly and carefully at his chin. "Are you sure that you'll be able to take care of this problem? From the look of things this guy is a planet destroying barbarian," he added.

Kakarot seemed uncertain "That much remains to be seen I'm afraid. All we can say for sure is that he's above Frieza's level and has likely caused just as much death and destruction..." he sighed then and looked over at his older brother "I don't know about you, but I don't know if I'd be happy killing off another member of our already dwindling species."

"Gotta' do what you gotta' do, little brother," Raditz said simply "I'm not happy about it either, but if this guy really is that destructive, we probably won't have a choice in the matter." Sure enough, he didn't seem very happy about the prospect. But he had a new life that he needed to work to protect, and he couldn't sacrifice that just for the sake of one Saiyan.

A sudden blaring alarm echoed throughout every chamber and hallway in the parliament building, causing the group to look up out of concern. Burter pressed two blue digits to his earpiece, furrowing his brow before looking at Kakarot "That mystery ship has just entered into this solar system. What do you want your mercenaries to do?"

Kakarot paused and spent a few seconds in thought "Hold their fire for now. I want to see what that ship does first. If they attack, then those ships have my leave to retaliate," he said. He waited for Burter to relay that order before then adding "See if you can get a technical officer to set up a communication link between this room and that egg-ship."

There was a period of silence, and then suddenly a bursting hiss of static that echoed throughout the entire conference room caught the focus of the group of warriors. The hologram hovering over the table twisted and distorted in its dimensions. The picture of the mysterious Super Saiyan flickered away, being replaced with the floating head of a mysterious one-eyed bearded man.

"So you're the ruler of this parliament? I have to admit, I'm less than impressed," the hologram head commented, setting his one good eye on Kakarot. "Still, I consider myself surprised to see that a Saiyan has taken on such a high position of power. Maybe we could consider that irony for what Frieza's done?"

The younger male remained silent or a moment before narrowing his eyes at the gruff spiky-haired male "Just who are you old man? Are you the one who caused so much death and destruction in the South Galaxy?" he asked firmly.

He paused in thought for a moment before remarking "In a sense I am. Not directly, I wouldn't be strong enough to accomplish such feats. But my son, Broly, was more than eager to do such things in his wild teenage years... Oh, where are my manners? You may call me Paragus, and like you I am one of the few remaining Saiyans in the universe."

Raditz had furrowed his brow in thought. Paragus... the name sounded vaguely familiar to him, but thinking back on his time on Planet Vegeta left things very hazy in his mind. In the same vein, he was sure he had heard the name Broly at some point. When he thought back, he only barely recalled the day his younger brother was born and the day Planet Vegeta was blown to smithereens.

"Your son destroyed all those worlds?" Kakarot asked "And you let him? Just how strong is he?" There was a mild sensation of dread filling Kakarot's body, and he had to wonder just what kind of threat level they were dealing with here.

Paragus smirked slightly "He's exceptionally powerful, young man. I see no harm in telling you that my boy is the Legendary Super Saiyan himself, reborn in the new age," he explained.

At that, Raditz let out a small gasp of shock and he seemed to freeze up entirely "The... the legendary..." he trailed off, and it seemed in an instant he recalled exactly why the name Broly stuck out to him. The day his brother was born was obviously memorable for more than one reason, but now he recalled that when the news of Kakarot's birth had reached his ear there had been another tidbit of info. Another boy had been born at roughly the same time, a newborn with a power level of ten thousand. But Raditz had always assumed that that child had been mulched with the rest of his homeworld.

Kakarot looked at his older brother with a curious quirk of his brow, wondering just what the hell his brother was so concerned about. "So what? We're Super Saiyans too, I don't see what the big deal is..." he remarked.

"No, you idiot, that's not just a normal Super Saiyan he's referring too," Raditz replied swiftly. "The Legendary Super Saiyan is... well according to the old stories, he's leaps and bounds above a normal Super Saiyan, a freak of nature that appears once every millennium."

The younger Saiyan gave an annoyed sigh and then turned back to Paragus' floating visage "I don't have time for old wives tales. I'd advise you to surrender now Paragus and save us all a lot of trouble," said Kakarot, taking on a more stern tone.

In response Paragus gave the most casual of smirks "I'm afraid I can't do that just quite yet.I'm here on important business you see," he trailed off, just as a hologram hand moved up to stroke at his scruffy ebony beard. "So, if you would be so kind, would you tell me where I can find Prince Vegeta?"

Raditz and Kakarot took a moment to exchange awkward glances. Just what was this guy looking for Vegeta for? And if that's who he was coming for, then he was plum out of luck. "Why are you looking for him?" Raditz asked.

"I wouldn't expect you to know what happened... when Broly was born, our 'noble' king feared the power that he possessed, and knew just what that level of strength meant. As a result, he decreed that my son was to be killed... I pleaded with him, wanted to make that fool see reason. If properly trained and controlled, I knew Broly could liberate us from Frieza," Paragus grimaced and then clenched his teeth "I was rewarded with an energy beam to the chest for my struggles, thrown into the trash with my boy to die."

His grimace then twisted into a smirk "Even I had underestimated Broly's power... and overestimated the competence of King Vegeta's goons. My son had survived the attempt on his life, and it was only through his power that the two of us survived Frieza's genocidal attack on our world." Paragus glanced between the Super Saiyan brothers and then to Kakarot's elites "Still, I had no doubt that Frieza would hunt us if he knew that the Legendary Super Saiyan was alive. We fled to the South Galaxy, where my son grew in power. As he is now, I imagine Broly is the most powerful being in the universe. And now that we're here... well the sins of the father will be inflicted on the son. I ask again, where is Prince Vegeta?"

Once again the two brothers exchanged glances, but ultimately it was Raditz who spoke up next. "You're not going to find him around I'm afraid. He's been dead for years at this point, so you won't be getting any revenge any time soon unless you want us to send you on an express trip to hell," the long-haired Saiyan said.

Paragus' expression briefly changed into one of shock, before he gave a long growl of annoyance "Is that so...?" he murmured, one eye glaring directly at Kakarot's elder sibling. "Well then, I'll simply have to occupy my time some other way," the bearded Saiyan said dryly.

A silence filled the air, and from the corner of his eye Kakarot could see Jeice and Burter growing more nervous by the second. "You've done good holding this position for so long Kakarot, but a low class like you probably only lasted so long on pure luck. I'd rather you just resign peacefully so my boy and I can take control of this galaxy."

The younger Saiyan didn't budge an inch in his stance. "No," he said firmly. Kakarot was quick to glare at Paragus before remarking "People like you are all the same. Someone on the bottom rung of society who suddenly gets access to great power and wants to use it to get revenge on everything and everyone that ever wronged him. Like hell am I leaving someone like that in charge."

"How disappointing," Paragus replied as he narrowed his remaining eye at Kakarot. "I suppose if that's the way you feel, I'll just have to take control by force," he added.

Burter and Jeice had both glanced at Kakarot, waiting on some sort of signal on his end to attack Paragus' flagship. Kakarot stood silently for a few seconds before letting his lips curl up into a cocky smile "Tell you what, Paragus, I'll make a deal with you. If you're so confident in your son's strength, then let's put it to the test. He and I will fight one on one on a planet of my choosing. If he beats me, then you can have the position you want."

Raditz looked at his brother as if he had just gone mad. Taking on the Legendary Super Saiyan alone? Sure they had taken on strong foes in the past, but if the stories were to be believed, than this Broly person was surely on a completely different level in combat.

It seemed that Paragus also held the long-haired Saiyan's degree of shock. But his expression was quick to turn into one of sociopathic glee "You must have a death wish," he remarked casually "But far be it for me to dissuade you. Fine, you have yourself a deal young man. Tell me what planet you want to fight on," he added.

Kakarot paused for thought for a few moments before saying "There's one in this system, the purple planet that orbits second closest to the sun. It's called Fi, a densely forested planet where there's no risk of collateral damage," the spiky-haired male explained.

"Very well. I'll see you within the hour."

There was a brief flicker of static on the projector, distorting the image of Paragus' head until it faded away entirely. Now the entire room was left shrouded in darkness, and a silence had fallen over the gathered warriors. Nerves had risen, and it was clear that all of Kakarot's allies were left feeling worried and on-edge.

"Are you out of your mind?!" Raditz snapped, raising his voice. His fist quickly balled up the front of Kakarot's white gi, lifting him slightly off his feet "Did you seriously just agree to take on the most fearsome being in Saiyan history completely on your own?!"

"Yes, I did," he replied matter of factly "I don't see why it's such a big deal. I took down Frieza, and I survived against Cell, and I've only grown stronger since then. Why should I fear some roided-up Super Saiyan?" he asked.

Meanwhile Jeice and Burter were busy receiving information from the waiting mercenary ships, their ears being filled in with everything the gathering of spacecraft could see. Finally Burter spoke up "My lord, a small craft is leaving Paragus' ship, heading toward Fi. The instruments being used by the merc vessels are reporting a pair of high power levels on-board."

Kakarot nodded at the bue-scaled reptile before returning to his older brother "I'm going down there. If I can bring Paragus to justice through one battle, then that's fine by me. I don't want all my men being put in the path of a rampaging Super Saiyan." Suddenly Kakarot turned his attention back to Jeice and Burter "I want the mercenaries to be ready. As soon as the fight between myself and this Broly individual kicks off, I want the mercenaries to hack into that egg-ship and start overloading their system with a bombardment of junk data. While that's going on, you and your squadrons are going to burst in and take down his army. I want as little loss of life as possible on this."

"Sir yes sir!" Jeice and Burter said in unison, quickly standing to attention and saluting their commander.

Raditz seemed no more confident in the whole plan, and he quickly crossed his muscular arms over his chest. "I'm going down with you," he said sternly in that tone of voice that said 'this is not up for debate, little brother.'

The younger Saiyan scowled slightly "Just because you have another Super Saiyan form, doesn't mean I need you to fight my battles for me."

The duo growled at each other, before Jeice abruptly spoke up "Ah, my lord, Paragus' small ship has landed on Fi. Will you be heading down that way with instant transmission?" the red-skinned Brench asked.

"That seemed the easiest option," Kakarot replied as he pressed two fingers to his forehead. Raditz replicated the gesture, and the two brothers focused on Fi, on the large ki signature emanating on the jungle planet. And then in an instant they were gone...

... only to reappear a split second later floating just a few feet above the small spherical craft, seemingly modeled as being a larger version of the classic Saiyan Attack Ball, Paragus had taken down planetside. The large white door opened outward and unfurled, lowering until it became a ramp that led down to a patch of teal grass.

Fi made for an interesting yet beautiful spectacle, with towering trees with white barks and fluorescent purple leaves stretching out as far as the eye could see. The sky was a distinct light green as were the sees, similar to Namek's own alien environment.

Paragus strode out first, blinking his one good eye in shock as he aw two shadows resting over the grass. He glanced upward, shocked to see Raditz and Kakarot already waiting for him after his small ship had landed. "How... how did you two get here so quickly?"

"Trade secret," Kakarot joked, before landing on the grass a few feet across from the older Saiyan. "So," he said, folding his arms over his muscular chest "Just where is my challenger?" he asked.

There came a sudden clanking noise on the boarding ramp of the small ship, golden boots taking slow and steady steps down the hard metal. Kakarot found himself staring over at a towering and lanky figure dressed in baggy white pants, a red sash going around his waist, and wearing fine golden bracelets, a necklace and an ornate metal headband around his brow. The tall male with shaggy black hair looked almost dead inside... until his eyes settled on his opponents.

A few twitches of anger flashed across Broly's face, and he managed to growl out one word: "Ka... Ka... Rot..."

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As far as characters go, Broly gets almost as blown out of proportion as Goku does with many people relying on bad translations and stupid headcanon to make him seem far stronger than he actually is. To me, Movie 8 Broly at his peak was in the region of Perfect Cell. Not as powerful or stronger, just in that region. Movie 10 Broly's strength is debatable and I'm not getting into that whole thing on whether or not he was fighting SSJ2 Gohan.

In terms of what power the Legendary Form gives, it always seemed to me like his body was perpetually generating ki, but not to the extent that his energy was always increasing. His body, as strong as it is, still only has so much energy it can store. That's why Broly had that big spazz attack and started blasting all over the place when he built up too much power.