SUMMARY: THIS IS A WHAT-IF TYPE OF STORY. Ana signs Christian's contract and she became his sub for 6 months, like the others, she wanted more. After she said those 3 little words to him one night, he terminated the contract, leaving her with a shattered heart. She left everything in Seattle, traveled to Europe to heal and eventually she decided to stay in London to work for a small publishing house owned by an old woman named Sara Norwood. Sara saw potential in Ana and groomed her to be her successor, and a strong independent woman. After Sara's death she took over the publishing company, finding success and working her way up to become the owner of one of the fastest rising media & publishing company in UK.

NOTE: In this story, Ana became just like the other submissive; she was blinded by love and let Christian control her thinking that giving him everything and doing whatever he wanted, he will eventually love her. She lost herself in the process. The Odyssey (as i like to call it) and meeting Sara (one of a characters i added) helped her find herself again and her heartbreak helped her become a much stronger person. This Ana never met the Grey family, only Kate knows about her history with CG. I haven't been to London and search engines can only do as much so please bear with me. I am a first time writer and a fan of the fifty shades trilogy so reviews (bad or good) and inputs specially from the London readers is highly appreciated. I do not own the characters. :)

A Different Shade of Steele

Chapter 1: The New Steele

This is it… Ana thought as she walks into the beautiful living area overlooking a beautifully manicured garden, she never though this place even exists in the heart of her beautiful adopted home: London. This house is absolutely breathtaking. She thought her Realtor did an amazing job finding this gem: everything fit perfectly, from the wood trimmings down to every piece of furniture, designer as her Realtor emphasized for the nth time. The price however would've popped her eyes out but nowadays, price is nothing to her, just numbers. The thought made her smile and almost roll her eyes, who would've thought? 6 years ago, she didn't care about having anything expensive, hell she even loved a man who had everything luxurious written all over it, this stopped her thoughts, 'I am not going there' she thought repeating this mantra as she toured the whole property, a beautiful seven bedrooms and 10 bath house in one of the exclusive neighborhoods in London. The house is beautifully renovated, a mixture of old and new London which Ana thought to be a lovely combination.

Ana walked out of the Hamilton Terrace with a smile on her face; she has finally found her place, a piece of Europe as she called it, well several pieces now she thought again with a smile, thinking of the cottage in the Cannes that she is currently renovating. She has put an offer to the property and it is only a matter of days until she moved in. She couldn't wait to tell Kate and her parents. She finally found a place big enough to have Kate, her parents and closest friends under one roof as well as a place for her security & assistance to stay in-house. As she walked into her about to be old apartment, an old 2 bedroom penthouse flat right across Norwood & Steele Media Corp., her baby, and her life for that past 5 years now. She still marveled on how everything in her life changed drastically ever since she decided to stay. Who knew, the mousy little Steele is actually good at business? Well, publishing & now media business that is. The little publishing company she reluctantly inherited from her old boss, mentor & friend Sara Norwood has turned out to be one of the fastest rising publishing house, now company in Europe ever since she decided to add media on the company's portfolio and is now on its way to the United States. The thought of branching out made her excited but the thought of having to go back to her home country still made her tremble: she wasn't nor does she think she will ever ready to go back, but her team led by Alex insisted it was time. They have made a move to purchase a media company based in New York and the deal is embargoed in a few more weeks.

Her thoughts were interrupted by her cellphone ringing. She smiled when the caller id revealed that it is Kate, God even the distance and Greenwich Time cannot keep their friendship apart.

"You know, it's almost 1AM here Kate" Ana she said

"Oh common, 'The Steele business Goddess' don't sleep last time I checked. I was calling to ask if you found yourself a place yet because I will be there to visit you in 2 weeks!" she screamed "yes, I have an assignment in London and will stay there to be with my bestest friend!" she added

"That's Great Kate! I miss you, you know that and yes, I finally found a property actually, I am confident that it will pass your standards" Ana said "By the way, what is your assignment about?" she asked guessing what the visit is about

"Err… Steele, don't go all berserk on me okay but it's about you and your company. My boss, I mean dad wants an inside scoop on you since you practically shunned every media company and he knows that you know that you are part of our family" the thought of Kate stammering always made her smile as it's very rare. On the other hand she can see why, she made sure that her life will be hidden despite all the success. Made sure her parents are protected from the media and she used everything in her power to avoid publicity, hiring an ex MI-6 agent to oversee her security and privacy is one of them.

"Aw Kate! I love you and your family, but you know I don't do that!" is all she can say

"Steele, you can run across the pond in your office or on that new place, even on that cottage of yours but you can't hide! the business world wants to get to know you, I mean it's your fault everything you touch in the publishing world turns into gold and now media, are you kidding me?!" she said "And if this rumor about Norwood & Steele buying out RHB networks in New York is true then say good-freaking-bye to your privacy girlfriend because you won't have it, everyone will be after you" she added

"Kate, I am happy about the success of Norwood & Steele but I don't want the attention, you can talk to my PR team or to Alex if you want I'll make sure he gives you everything you need, just please not me" she pleaded.

"Steele, if you're afraid of all the attention because a certain hermit from Escala might come and get you, well you're pounding on the pavement girlfriend, I am 100% sure he knows. Did you forget about his crazy stalker syndrome?" it had taken all of her control and her love for Ana and Elliot to stop herself from cutting Christians balls out and feeding them to the hyenas.

"Kate stop, I am sure he does, and he won't get me I can assure you but I don't want to talk about him. When are you arriving?" she immediately changed the subject. She refused to talk anything about him.

Kate sighs and did not push the issue and said "I'll email you my flight info, knowing you; you'll just send Frank to get me" she paused and then said "at least think about the interview? I mean look at it like, you're just chatting with your best friend only it's about business, please?" she said knowing full well that Ana won't resist her

"Fine, I'll think about it" Ana finally surrendered. Kate is the only person she can never refuse and Kate knows it.

Tosser or a Keeper?