Chapter 1 of "No Title: A Monke Story"

Mike Nesmith had absolutely nothung to do. Micky and Davy went out to get some grocerys and Peter went to the beach for a walk in hopes to meet the pretty girl from next door. Mike sat on the couch looking through a book that happened to be sitting on the coffee table.

"To Kill a Mockingbird" he muttered to himself as he looked at the cover, "I hate this book..." he closed the book and chucked it across the room; letting it land wherever it wanted, as Davy and MIcky came in with arm laods of grocerys.

"Hello, Mike," Davy grunnted under the heavy load he carried, "Have you been sitting there the whole time?"

Mike nodded and took a few bags from him, and carried them into the kitchen. Micky plopped his own bags on the counter with a sigh of relief.

"Gosharoonie, Mike," Micky said, "next time we need grocerys, either you get them or dont wait until we need so much."

Mike rolled his eyes and put away the groceries as Peter came stumbling in; eyes wide with excitement. No one but Davy seemed to notice him though. Davy frowned curously at Peter, but Peter just grinned and ran into his room quickly.

"What do you think's gotten into him?" Davy asked earning a confused look form both of his bandmates still in the room.

"Who?" Micky asked looking around the room.

"Peter," Davy said rolling his eyes, "He just came in-,"

"Oh, Peter?" Mike interupted, "He's got a crush on the neighbor girls."

Davy cocked an eyebrow at Mike; he hadn't been informed of any new neighbors, let alone girl neighbors, "What girl neighbors?" he asked. Mike rolled his eyes and sat back down on the couch as Peter came back out of his room.

"Hi, guys," he said cheerily, "whattcha been up to?"

"We might ask you the same question, Pete." Mike said wiggling his eyebrows at the shy blonde.

"C'mon, Mike," Peter protested, "You said you'd stop teasing me!"

"Sorry Pete," Mike muttered before picking up another book from the coffee table. "A Wrinkle in Time" not a bad book in Mike's oppinion, but he didnt want to read that.

"What have you been up to Pete?" Davy asked curiously.

Peter blushed, "I went for a walk on the beach, and met the new neighbors..."

Louise and Meloney were coming back into their new home from an awesome day on the beach. Louise was teasing her best friend about her interest in the blonde boy they met.

"Oh, Mel, you know you thought he was cute." Louse teased, getting her friend to blush madly.

"Oh, leave me alone, Louise." Meloney muttered before entering the bathroom and shutting her best friend out.

Melony did like Peter, he was sweet and cuter than any boy she'd ever seen in her life. She knew as soon as Peter made her blush, she wouldnt hear the end of it from Louise.

After Meloney changed clothes, she went in the kitchen for something to eat. Louise was at the table looking through the wantedd ads for a job. Since they just moved to California form Ohio, they were poor and jobless at the current moment.

"Anything of intrest in there?" Mel asked peaking over Louise's shoulder curiously. Louise shook her head, causing her damp shoulder lenght hair to shake around her face, "Well maybe we can ask around the neighborhood?"

Louise looked up a sly smile appearing across her face, "You wanna go right now?" she asked standing up quickly.

Meloney frowned and knew Louise had something up her sleeve, btu agreed to go walked out the door and Mel somehow wished she hadnt agreed when they got to a certein house next door.

Hi my beautiful readers, I've decided obviously to write another Monkee story. I want you all to know the two girl characters are based on my best friend, EveningInHornersCorners, and myself; so tell me what you think of it, Kay?