chapter 7

The next morning, Louise woke up in the big fluffy bed in the Monkee's guest room. She sighed and got out of bed feeling somewhat hungry. She started to think about the day before, and Mike's wrist and Meloney's voice. She started to worry about whether they were gonna be alright or not as she entered the living room.

Micky and Peter were standing over Meloney trying to wake her up. Louise laughed and knew they would not be successful. Meloney never got out of bed unless there was a fire of she smelled food.

"C'mon, Mel," Micky said poking her cheek, "It's like noon, you can't still be tired."

"Guys," Louise said with a laugh, "She's not gonna get up as long as you're trying."

"Why not?" Peter asked worriedly glancing at Meloney.

"She doesn't ever get up unless she wants to. The longer you try the longer she'll stay in bed." Louise said sitting down on Meloney's legs.

Meloney struggled and groaned in an attempt to push her off, but Louise refused to get off.

Mike came in the room a few minutes later with news of breakfast and Meloney Started to squirm trying to get up with Louise still on her. It was quite comical until Davy came in and Louise stood up like she was caught doing the most terrible thing.

"You guys coming?" he asked pointing to kitchen where the food was. Peter and Meloney hopped off to the kitchen with Micky following eagerly behind. Leaving Davy and Louise in the room to stare at each other for a second.

"Um," Davy said after a few minutes, "you like pancakes?" he asked randomly.

Louise nodded and bit her lip, "Yeah, I suppose." she muttered quietly.

"Well then breakfast awaits!" Davy exclaimed taking her hand and dragging her into the kitchen.

Louise giggled and sat down at the table next to him and Mike. She looked across the table to Meloney and Peter sitting next to Peter and Micky.

Peter still looked very uncomfortable, and Meloney looked confused by him practically ignoring her as he ate. Louise glanced at Davy and sighed as she ate her own breakfast.

the rest of the morning was ok. Meloney still couldn't talk so she went through about a billion pieces of paper to talk and Mike was put out because he couldn't play the guitar without his other hand.

Louise noticed Peter was going out of his way to stay out of Meloney's path. Wherever she sat he sat across the room from her. Wherever she stood he made sure to be as far away as possible. Meloney seemed to try and get as close as she could to him, but every time he moved and sat or stood somewhere else.

She looked on the verge of tears when she started to write on her pad of paper in quick handwriting. she blinked back tears as she handed it to Louise and walked out of the room.

Did I do something wrong to Peter? Louise read the paper and took in a deep breath before following Meloney out of room. She absentmindedly dropped the paper and found her on the back porch trying not cry.

"Mel you didn't do anything wrong." Louise said walking up next to her freckle faced friend.

She nodded vigorously and started to write again, I must have, he wont even look at me anymore!

Louise took another deep breath and tried to come up with something to say.

The Monkees watched Meloney hand Louise what she'd so quickly written down, and then watched Louise go after her when she walked out of the room, dropping the piece of paper.

Mike bent down and picked it up to read it. He sighed and handed to note to Peter before the other two could get a good look at it.

Peter stared at the note as tears welled up in his own eyes, "Mike," he said quietly, "I wasn't trying to do that..."

"I know buddy," Mike said standing up, "But she doesn't, and she's the one upset."

This was where Peter had no idea what to do. He looked at Mike and bit his lip before asking what he was thinking, "What do I do?"

Davy suddenly stepped up, "You go talk to her!" he said clapping him on the back.

"But, I don't wanna make anything worse." Peter said, in fear he might hurt her again.

"You won't make things worse, buddy," Micky said as Louise walked in, her arms crossed over her chest sending a death glare at Peter.

"Peter!" she said angrily, "She thinks you hate her!"

Peter was startled by the sudden yelling, "I wasn't trying to!" he said back in his own defense.

"Well it sure looked like it!" Louise went on, unaware of how sensitive Peter could be, "What would it hurt for you to sit next to her!?"

Peter Felt the tears escaping his eyes and Louise' expression instantly softened, "Oh, I'm sorry, Pete, don't cry."

Peter wiped his eyes and Sat back down on the couch, "Where is she?" he asked with a sniffle.

"She went for a walk on the beach." Louise said sitting down accidentally next to Davy. He Had his arm around her before she could move or do anything about it, "She-she'll be back later." she stuttered nervously scratching her head.

Peter nodded and went upstairs to his room. Mike got up and went after him, while Micky went to the kitchen for more food.

Louise put her head down on Davy's shoulder and sighed as she closed her eyes. She was trying so hard to clear her thoughts she didn't even notice Davy rubbing her arm comfortingly. She did however notice to knock on the door and the small kiss Davy planted on the top of her head when he got up to answer it.

"Hello, what can I do for you?" Davy asked the man at the door kindly.

"Are you a resident here?" the man asked. Davy nodded and his smile wavered slightly, "Are you acquainted with the residents next door?"

"Yes sir, but why do you ask?" Davy asked frowning.

"There has been a mistake with their housing arrangements." the man said. Louise suddenly recognized the voice of this person and went to the door.

"Hello, I live next door with my friend Meloney, what was that about a Mistake in our living arrangements?" Louise asked lightly pushing Davy out of the way.

"Well it seems I've confused you two with another couple of girls." he said with an apologetic look, "You see when I called you two girls a month ago I was calling to tell you the apartment was taken, but my wife confused me."

"What does that mean for me and Mel?" Louise asked worriedly.

"I'm sorry to say that I have to kick you and your friend out." the man said as Louise's eyes welled up quite a bit.

"But we've already payed the rent for this month and all our stuff is there, where will we go?" Louise asked desperately trying to persuade him.

"I'm sorry, miss," the man said again, "Here's your money back. You can have until tomorrow to get your things out."


"Thank you for the information sir." Davy said anger dripping from his words as he spoke them and shut the door before Louise could say something snarky of rude.

"Davy, what are we gonna do!?" Louise asked in a panic, "Where are we gonna go?"

"We'll figure it out, love I promise." he said pulling her into a tight hug. Louise started to cry and Davy led her the couch before calling up to Mike and Peter. They came down quickly and Davy went to get Micky from the kitchen.

Meloney was walking along the water in tears trying to figure out what she'd done to upset Peter. She tried and tried, but after going over the day before and that morning in her head, she still came up empty for any reason he would suddenly not like her.

she wiped her face quickly as she walked up the steps to the Monkee's back porch. she entered and saw everybody look in her direction. She managed a small smile and waved to them as she sat down in the only empty seat. It was next to Peter, and he looked uneasy about it.

He started to get up, but Mike and Louise gave him a stern look and he settled back down. Meloney decided that since he didn't like her anymore that she didn't like him anymore either, so she moved and sat in the floor.

"Mel," Louise said quietly. Meloney looked at her and saw that she'd been crying and Davy's arm was around her in a loose hug, "I need to tell you something to tell you."

Meloney cocked her eyebrow, still unable to talk as Louise continued, "We've been kicked out of our apartment."

"What!?" she managed to get out in a scratchy voice as she stood up, "But," Mike sternly handed her a pad of paper and pen for her to write with. she groaned and wrote vigorously on the paper.


she flung the paper in anger at who ever it chose to float into. Peter picked up the paper and read it out loud to everyone.

They all looked to Meloney and tried to answer, "Well we got our money back," Louise said wavering under her friend's angry intense stare.

"And Mike said you guys could stay with us..." Micky said trailing off when Meloney looked at him.

She looked to Mike, and he was the only one who didn't look away, "You cab stay here with us, and you guys have until tomorrow to get your things out; we'll help with that if you like too." he said kindly.

Meloney nodded and sat back down in the floor with a shaky sigh. Surprisingly, she found Peter's arm around her, but he didn't seem to happy or comfortable with it. She looked at his and shrugged his arm away before going out the front door headed for their old apartment.

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