Title: Everything's Changed 17/17

Author: Forsaken2003

Pairing: S/X

Rating: R

Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon

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Summary: Willow has done a spell now Spike and Xander are bound together. What trials will they face?

Warnings/Spoilers: Season 5ish

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Prompt #341 from Tamingthemuse- Mouse

Note: From now on most of my Tamingthemuse stories will be named as the challenge.

Spike had Xander wrapped around him. Their bodies both slicked with sweat. Soft snores came from Xander. Spike's fingers danced over Xander's arm. He couldn't believe he had just fucked Xander. He made a face for some reason he didn't like to think that was all he and Xander had done. To him it was more and Spike would like to believe it was more for Xander as well. He kissed Xander's forehead.

Xander snored, kissed Spike's chest and before rolling over mumbled, "Love you."

If Spike could breathe his breath would have caught in his throat. "I love you too, Xan," Spike whispered. Suddenly he became flush and it was almost as if his temperature was rising. Which was impossible. Not wanting to disturb Xander, Spike left the bed and bedroom as quiet as a mouse and made his way to the living room.

The living room was quiet and dark from the blackout drapes. Spike walked over to the window and pulled the drapes open. There was a pink hue over Sunnydale. Sunrise was maybe ten minutes away.

Spike remembered William's last sunrise. He couldn't sleep because he was so excited to see Cecily that night. As quietly as he could William left his room and snuck outside. Spike remembered a stone bench in the garden where he would sit and write for hours. That was where William went that morning. It was the best view on their property. William had sat there for hours until his mother came out ordering him to come in and have some breakfast.

Shaking himself from memories of his old life Spike realized that the sun was rising quickly now. He wanted to close the drapes but found himself unable to. All he could do was stand there and watch. Fear crashed over Spike. He was going to die. Not only that but he was going to take Xander with him. Xander who he just found. He opened his mouth to yell for Xander, but his voice was gone.

The only thing Spike could do was shut his eyes tightly and wait for his demise. The image of Xander danced in his head. Spike flinched when the heat of the sun touched his skin. It was warm and it actually felt nice. Wait a minute. Spike's eyes popped open. He wasn't burning. Squinting Spike stared out at the harsh light. He wasn't burning. Suddenly Spike let out a whoop. He wasn't burning! "Xander! Xander, wake up!" Spike tossed his arms straight out his head tilted backwards.

Xander scrambled out of bed in the buff. "Spike, what is… it?" His mouth fell open from the sight before him. "Spike?"

Spike spun around. "I'm not burning!"

It took Xander a minute to process what was going on then it clicked. "You got the sun."

"I got the sun!" Spike whooped again before he bounded over to Xander, picked him up and swung him around.

Xander laughed and hung on tight. When Spike finally set him down he kept a hold of Spike slightly dizzy. "I guess we'll be hitting the beach."

Going to the beach was such a domestic thing but to Spike it sounded amazing. He walked back over to the window and placed his hand on the warming glass.

Xander walked up behind him, wrapped his arms around Spike and stared out at the beautiful morning. "So was all the crap you went through worth it to get this?"

"The sun and so much more," Spike replied. He turned around and kissed Xander.

The End