Hey, everyone! :)

I bet you weren't expecting to hear anything else from this story again, were you?

It is a one-shot for a birthday dedication, but after a review saying that the person wished this was more than a one chapter story, I thought about the possibility of making this into a chapter story.

Not this particular story because I want this part to stay a one-shot

But I may create a sequel in the near future!

What would you guys think of that?

Please either comment on here, pm me, or message me on kik (deidaralover4evr)

Also if you have any good ideas I can use for the new story, PLEASE do not hestiate to tell me. I have a very vague idea, but i need a lot more.

I have a list of about 10 one-shots and 4 chapter stories I still want to do, not even including the other 3 chapter stories i am doing right now. So i will start the new sequel when i can. I will post a new update on here when it is starting.

Lots of Love, Izzy :)