This story was written long ago and far away, in the time of ancients
known as 1996. I was a heavily active member of the Sailor Moon
fandom then - if you were ever around alt. fan .sailor-moon it's
possible you remember me. I'm Jet Wolf. Hi.

After a fifteen-year absence I've started rewatching the series and,
much to my surprise, find that I'm falling in love with all over
again. So I've started talking about it and very nice people with
very long memories have approached me and wondered where some of the
stuff I did In The Long Ago could be enjoyed today. Naturally I had
no answer for this. But it did get me wondering if I even had that
stuff anymore so I went looking. And I found some.

Much to my surprise, it's not all the completely embarrassing pit of
shame that I was expecting. The fanfiction bits I don't mind keeping
my name to, I'll be archiving here.

This is one of them.

This story remains largely unchanged from when it was first posted to
rec. arts. anime. creative. I've changed the formatting to more current
styles, corrected some typos (though probably not all, and that's so
sad), and stripped out the random and gratuitious use of Japanese
that infected so many of us at the time. Leaving the honourifics in
though, for flavour and because I've never been completely satisfied
that they keep the correct tone when translated.

It's a bit rough around the edges, but kept surprisingly well, I
thought. Past Me invites you to enjoy.

While the story, for better or worse, is all mine, the
characters aren't. Shocking news, no doubt. Well, take that back,
one of them is mine, but she's really quite silly.

"Sometimes reality really stinks."

A rock was hurled with tremendous force into the inviting waters
of a nearby creek, cracking the perfectly smooth surface and sending
up a small geyser, leaving behind as its only mark, ripples that
eventually dissipated into nothing. It was soon followed by
another. And another.

Makoto Kino was not having a good day.

"Mako-chan's Happy Ending"
by Nikki Purvis
November 1996

"Dammit," Mako swore to herself. She sat sullenly on a rocky
outcropping, looking out over the water into the horizon. The sun
would be setting soon, and Mako usually liked to sit by herself and
enjoy the beauty of it. But today was not one of those days.

Today, she was pouting.

She had just come from a meeting with her friends, the other
Sailor Senshi, at Rei's temple. Usagi had been late, as usual, but
her arrival had been heralded by heart wrenching sobs which halted
all possible gripes about her tardiness. Mako had rushed to Usagi's
side with the others, all frantically asking what had happened.

"M-Mamo-chaaaaaan!" Usagi wailed, tears streaming down her
cheeks. She clutched the sleeve of Mako's school uniform and buried
her face in it, sobbing as though her world had just ended.

"What about Mamoru, Usagi-chan?" Ami's soft voice was gentle
and reassuring, and served to bring Usagi's head up. She sniffled a
few times and opened her mouth, preparing to speak.

The girls leaned in close.

Usagi's bottom lip trembled.

Another ear-piercing cry invaded the air, sending several of the
birds that lived around the temple flying away, squawking angrily.
Usagi was once again weeping into Mako's shirt.

Rei's hands had reflexively gone to her ears, and she now
removed them, instead placing one gently on the girl's heaving
shoulder. "Now stop this, Usagi, before you drive every living
thing from the grounds."

Usagi gave another sniffle and inhaled deeply. She stood up
straight and tall, finally releasing her grip on Mako's shirt.

Minako offered a towel to Mako so she could dry off her sleeve.

Usagi's eyes drifted towards the sky and she steeled herself for
what she was about to say.

Again, she opened her mouth.

The others took a wary step back.


The deep resonant voice from behind the group sent all five
heads spinning towards it. Mamoru was standing at the edge of the
temple's courtyard, hands in his pockets and a wry grin on his
face. "Silly little odango-atama."

"Hmph!" Usagi turned her head away and jutted her chin out,
arms across her chest defensively. But this momentary anger
disappeared as suddenly as it had come, and soon her eyes were again
brimming with tears and her lips were quivering. "You... You don't
love me!"

At this, Mamoru laughed lightly, his eyes dancing. He looked
intently at Usagi, the smile never once leaving his face. "Of
course I love you, Usako. I've loved you for thousands of years and
will love you for thousands more." He laughed again. "All I said
was that I didn't like vanilla ice cream."

Mamoru spread his arms wide and with another cry-happy this
time-Usagi bolted into them, rubbing her face affectionately on his
shirt. Placing a finger under her chin, Mamoru tilted Usagi's head
up until they were gazing at each other. Slowly, he leaned toward



"Spare me." Rei rubbed her forehead and walked back towards the
temple steps, muttering about how the birds were never coming back

Minako looked on cheerfully for a few moments before following
Rei. "Well, you know what they say: 'No news is good news.'"

Ami was walking along next to the blonde, reading a book that
had seemingly materialized from nowhere. "I don't think that's the
right phrase for this situation."


But Mako barely heard her friends as they moved away. Instead,
she stared, transfixed, at the future King and Queen, her eyes
becoming misty as she absently patted at her damp sleeve.

Another rock whistled through the air and joined its brothers in
the creek. It wasn't often that Mako got in moods like these, but
when they did hit, they were killers. She was thinking about how
Usagi and Mamoru were (usually) so happy together, so supportive of
one another, and so completely, utterly and totally in love.

And she was thinking of him. Her sempai.

She lethargically tossed a rock towards the water, this one
barely making it past the shore. Mako sighed to herself and hugged
her knees to her chest, chin resting on them and staring out at the
view, willing herself not to cry.

All this time, and she still missed him. Hardly a day went by
that he didn't cross her mind, if only fleetingly. Her friends
would laugh and tease her for thinking that every guy she saw was
exactly like her sempai, but none of them really understood. It
wasn't that they physically looked like him, it was the ideal that
each one suggested to her. Companionship. Love. Security. And
she was as likely to get that from any of the males she encountered
as she was from her sempai himself.

Mako's sadness quickly turned to a more familiar and comfortable
emotion: Anger. She was mad at her friends for their ignorance and
her sempai for his actions. But she was downright furious with
herself for allowing the events of the past to still affect her to
such an extent.

"DAMMIT!" As fast as lightning, another nearby rock was hurtled
through the air toward the creek. Mako's eyes squeezed themselves
shut as she worked to calm the rage building inside.

After a few brief moments, she realized that something was
amiss. Some little detail was wrong, and it nagged at her like an
itch she couldn't reach. She opened her eyes and then realized what
the problem was. The rock had never hit the water.

This was probably because it was being held aloft by a creature
of some sort, hovering several feet above the ground. It would have
looked exactly like an average human female, were it not for the
slightly bluish tinge to her skin and the fact that she could fly.

Mako stared at the creature and blinked a few times.

The woman stared back at Mako and wiggled the fingers of her
empty hand in a small wave.

Then the battle instincts kicked in. With a hoarse cry, Mako
flung herself from the rock on which she was perched, rolling along
the ground and coming up into a defensive crouch. Her hand was
already halfway to her henshin pen before Mako noticed that the
creature was no longer floating where it had been before. In fact,
she couldn't see it anywhere. Head jerking around madly, Mako tried
to find where it had disappeared to when she heard a "Psst!" from
above. Her eyes followed the sound and came to rest on the creature
draped in the branches of a nearby tree, tossing the rock into the
air and catching it in a nonchalant manner that was extremely

'That's it,' Mako thought to herself. "Jupit-"

"Please don't yell, you'll ruin the ambiance. Besides which, if
you start throwing all that thunder at me, I won't get the chance to
tell you why I'm here. And why I'm here should definitely interest
you, Makoto Kino." As if to emphasize how important her purpose
was, the woman yawned and then tossed the rock into the air a few
more times.

Several tense moments passed as Mako realized that the creature
didn't appear to be at all hostile. And, she had to admit, her
curiosity was piqued. Releasing the grip on her pen, Mako came out
of her crouch and stared into the tree, her eyebrow raised
slightly. "Alright..." Mako began, somewhat trepidatious, "what's
so important to me?"

The bored expression vanished from the woman's face and she
smiled down at Mako, flicking her wrist again and sending the rock
into the air. There was a shimmer and the woman disappeared from
the branches, rematerializing almost instantly at the foot of the
tree. She stuck her hand out and the rock landed neatly in her palm.
"My name is Negai. I'm here to help you."