"Kino-san, you're positively GLOWING!"

Mako nodded as she looked over at Negai in the dying light,
feeling as though a huge weight that she hadn't even known she was
carrying had been lifted from her shoulders.

"That was - wow. That was so different from the other two. This
time, I was more of an observer than a participant. I actually had
to fight to make myself do anything!"

"His hold on you was very strong. And now?"

"Now, for the first time, I feel like I am actually free. Free!"
Mako threw her head back in a joyous laugh and she rushed to
embrace Negai.

"It's getting late. What are you going to wish for, Kino-san?"



"Nothing. Not a thing."

Negai was certain that the girl had lost it.

Mako simply smiled. "It took all of this to make me realize
that my life is really pretty good just the way it is. Okay, so I
stand out in a crowd. But you know, my friends never once judged me
because of it, and I've got to admit, it's pretty handy to be able
to toss anyone that's bugging you out like the garbage.

"My parents are dead and that's a terrible thing. But seeing
them again today, even if only for a little while, reminded me that
we're never really far apart. Not if I keep them right here in my
heart - where they always have been and always will be.

"And then there's...him. I spent I don't know how long wishing
that he would come back into my life. Despite how he treated me
when we were together, I still wanted him back. I can't believe how
much energy and how many tears I wasted on him! But now my life can
move on."

The girl looked over at her friend sincerely. "Thank you, Negai,
for helping me to appreciate what I've got right now. I'm grateful
for your offer - but I don't need it."

Negai remained unmoving for a few moments, and then she, too,
smiled. "You're a very special person, Kino-san." With a wave of
Negai's hand, Mako felt the abilities she had aquired fade away.
She wasn't sorry to see them go.

Both remained seated for a while, looking out over the water at
the star-filled sky and the full moon. Finally, Mako stood and took
a final look at the woman.

"I'd better get home. I've got to meet the girls for some
serious shopping tomorrow and I'll need my rest. I get the feeling
that tomorrow will be a whole new beginning." With that, Mako waved
goodbye and walked away, leaving only Negai hovering over the spot
she had first appeared in.

"I've got the same kind of feeling. I hope we're both right.
Have a happy ending, Mako-chan, you deserve it."

This story is dedicated to and, in fact, written for UPN Mulder.
It all came about one glorious day when UPN replied to me with
comments concerning another story of mine and ranted about all the
horrible things that seem to happen to Jupiter in fanfics that I
post. Totally unintentional, of course, I'm very fond of Makoto.

Anyway, I vowed then and there to write a story revolving around
Jupiter that had a happy ending, and thus this story.

Never say I never do anything nice.