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"Ugh, my head," Alfred mumbled.

The day was too bright and warm to be walking around outside with a hangover. As he slowly walked down the street from…somewhere..(he wasn't even sure where he was...Where the hell had Gil dragged them off to?) he slowly recalled the previous night's events. He had ended up at a strip club with Gilbert and Mathias and there had been booze...a lot of it. Alfred felt slightly sick remembering all the beer, the fancy drinks that smoked and the colourful shots. Dear lord, just how much had they been drinking? Both his friends where more advanced drinkers than him, so he had quickly lost count in his attempt to keep up with them. Amazingly his brain had refused to black out, and he was now the lucky owner of a memory where Mathias had puked all over the poor girl he was receiving a lap dance from.

Right now Alfred could kill for a cup of coffee and something to eat. Unfortunately, though, as soon as he found out, it was 6.30 on a Sunday morning, which meant that all shops and cafés were closed.

"Aww man" he whined and was about to sit down in the middle of the sidewalk to sulk as a light breeze brought a delicious smell to his nose. Wait, was that the smell of coffee? He looked around and spotted a small shop at the end of the street with a fewtables and signs in front of it. That must mean that it was open, right?

Reaching the corner of the street he saw that it was a small café and that the smell was definitely coming from the inside of it. A small bell above the door chimed as he stepped inside, alarming whomever was in charge of the shop. Alfred didn't take notice and inhaled the delightful smell of coffee. The place was small and cozy. A few tables and chairs were scattered around the room, but what took up most of the place was a large counter with a glass front. On the other side of the glass were cakes, pies, large cookies, rolls - you name it.

"Damn," Alfred mumbled, his eyes bulging at the sight of them and his stomach loudly voicing it's approval.

"Can I help you sir?"

Alfred realized he had squatted down and pressed his nose against the glass. He blushed slightly as he looked up. A girl with light brown hair pulled up in a ponytail and with green eyes, looked down at him with an amused smile.

"Oh eh yes!" Alfred got up.

"A large coffee to go aaand..." he looked back down at the delicious food. "A triple chipped chocolate muffin, a raspberry and almond bite, a cinnamon roll and... What is a Smiley Limey?"

"It's a sand cake with lime juice in it and lemon flavoured icing" the girl answered, while fetching Alfred's orders.

"Cool, grab me one of those as well then." Alfred beamed at her.

"Someone is hungry, " she laughed and handed him his coffee, adding "rough night?" as Alfred sighed in pleasure after taking a long sip of the hot drink.

"Yeah" he said. "One of my friends proposed to his lover yesterday, and the answer was yes, so of course we had to celebrate that" Alfred smiled, thinking of how nervous Matthias had been just before declaring all his feelings for Lukas. No wonder, as the Norwegian hardly showed any emotions ever - only God knew what went through the head of that expressionless dude.

The girl chuckled and handed him the large paper bag as he paid.
"Great, thanks eeh.." his eyes squinted and he leaned over the counter a bit to get a better look at her name tag. "Elizabeta? Wow that's a pretty and unusual name you've got there."

The girl smiled and looked up at him through her eye lashes.
"Aren't you cute. And how very nice it is to hear someone actually being able to pronounce it." She leaned forward too - too close for Alfred's liking - handing him the receipt.

Great...another girl flirting with him. But Alfred hid his displeasure and smiled his forever charming smile as he retreated to the door.

He chose to head for the local park as he couldn't wait until he came home to eat. The town was still very peaceful and he enjoyed this quietness after a night with loud music and people. Alfred took another sip of his coffee and opened the brown paper bag. Taking out the cinnamon roll and he took a large bite of it.

"Oh my God!" he said loud enough to scare of some nearby pigeons. "This is..this is so good!"

He ate the rest of the bags content in amazed silence, trying to slow down so he could experience all the flavours. But he couldn't - it all just tasted way too good.
When he finished he clapped his stomach.

"Man that was awesome," he thought, astonished. Eyeing his watch he groaned as he realized he had to go to work soon and that he really needed a shower before that. Not that he didn't like his job, but he didn't feel like walking fifteen different dogs while still feeling hung over. He would much rather sleep or have another piece of pie. Mmmh pie.

How come he'd never seen that place before? The town might be big, but not big enough to be called a city. The rest of that day all Alfred could think of was that café and it's delicious pastries. That night he even dreamed of Smiley Limey. 'I have to know where they get their food delivered from,' he though as soon as he woke up.

But his new mission had to wait for a couple of days. He had a test coming up, and even though he normally wouldn't bother preparing for it, he had made a bet with Matthew on who could get the best score.

"But soon.." he said to himself.

And that was how he met a certain Mr. Kirkland. A man who would change Alfred's life forever.

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