Chapter 23

Arthur crossed his arms.

"I don't know," he said with a frown.

"Aaaw, come ooon. It'll be awesome!" The albino whined. Arthur chewed on his bottom lip in thought as he looked at his three employees sitting in front of him. "No, I really don't know. I don't want the shop to look ridiculous."

Gilbert gasped dramatically. "How can you say that? Halloween can never be ridiculous! It's the most awesome holiday, right after my birthday and Christmas!"

"Your birthday isn't exactly a holiday," Heracles pointed out.

"From now on," Gilbert huffed and poked Heracles' forehead , "we are not on speaking terms."

Arthur looked to Elizabeta who had kept quiet up until now. "What do you think? Do you want to do it as well?"

Been working there for two years, she was so used to Arthur not wanting to have a spooky theme throughout October, that it hadn't fazed her when he had said no to begin with. Though it seemed like Gilbert took it rather hard.

"I'm fine with whatever you decide," she shrugged. "Though I don't think you need to be afraid that the shop will look tacky. Many people like these kind of decorations and especially kids would love it if you made Halloween themed cakes and such."

She made a good point. It wasn't that Arthur didn't like Halloween. Quite the opposite, he rather liked the spook. But as so many other things, he didn't like the way Americans seemed to blow things out of proportion.

Right then the doorbell chimed.

"Alfred! Thank Gott you are here!" Gilbert exclaimed and stood up so he could throw his arms around his friend, then proceeded to fake cry onto his shoulder.

"Eh..Hey? What's going on?" A rather confused looking American asked. Arthur opened his mouth to offer an explanation but Gilbert cut him to it.

"Your useless scone of a boyfriend doesn't like Halloween!" The German accused with a loud sob.

"Excuse me?" Arthur growled. Elizabeta rolled her eyes and pushed past Heracles who had fallen asleep with his head on the table.

"We were discussing if we should decorate the shop for Halloween, but Art and Gil don't quite see eye to eye with the whole deal," she explained and Alfred turned towards Arthur.

"You..You don't like Halloween?" Alfred's eyes went wide and his voice was only a loud whisper.

"I know, right? How can someone hate on Halloween. My poor heart is broken." Gilbert sighed and wiped imaginary tears from his eyes.

"Fucking hell, I never said I didn't like Halloween, so would you all stop accusing me!" The Brit exclaimed in frustration. "What I don't like, as Liz already voiced, is my shop turning into something ridicules. I want my café to be taken seriously."

"...It is called Café Faé, Arthur," Liz gave her boss a are-you-kidding-me look.

"Yeah, that ship has already sailed," Gilbert snorted.

Alfred hurried over to put an arm around Arthur, trying to calm the growling Brit down.

"Okay, so you don't dislike Halloween. Phew, gotta say you got me all nervous there for a moment," Alfred laughed and he kissed his boyfriend's cheek. Arthur sighed and leaned into the touch.

"You really want me to decorate, don't you?" He more stated then asked them to which they nodded. Another sigh.

"Alright then. But!-" he interrupted when a loud cheer erupted, "you consult me with everything that you put up, is that understood?" A unison of nods.

"Get to it then. I better research some new recipes then."

Before the day was over, Arthur had tried out new recipes and ways of decorating the cakes while the shop received a makeover. If Arthur had to say so himself, it didn't look bad at all. His approving nod made everyone breath out in relief - because they didn't have to redo it. Gilbert and Alfred fist-pumped when Arthur smiled at the fake cobwebs in the windows, the carved pumpkins by the door and the plastic ghosts and rubber bats hanging from the ceiling.

Everyone had stayed behind after closing time to help out and though none seemed to mind, Arthur still felt guilty and offered his thanks in form of pumpkin- and gravestone decorated cupcakes

"Soo~," Alfred said soon as they were alone and Arthur was locking the shop door. "Wanna crash at my place tonight?"

Arthur arched a brow and suppressed a smirk. "But Alfred, love, it's a weekday. We have work and school tomorrow morning." He wasn't really arguing, but he liked Alfred's way of convincing him, and soon he found himself pressed against the glass of the door, his back to the American.

"That hasn't stopped you before," Alfred all but breathed into his ear, one hand against the door as the other snaked around Arthur's waist and up under his shirt. Arthur let a sly grin escape as Alfred kissed his neck.

"That's true."

The hardest part of this game was getting from the shop to his car and all the way up in Alfred's flat, though stopping a couple of times to make out and grope could not be avoided.

Heavy pants and the rustling of clothes were the only thing that could be heard throughout the small flat. Hands were busy pushing fabric aside, frantic to get to touch smooth skin underneath. Lips sought any kind of contact, either by kissing, nibbling or sucking. Arthur moaned especially load when Alfred bit into his shoulder. Not hard enough to draw blood or for it to really hurt. Just hard enough that it would leave a mark. He had finally gotten Alfred out of his t-shirt and was now working hard to do the same to his pant. Annoying how buttons and zippers seemed to become Rubik's cubes in the heat of the moment, and Arthur took a moment to thank God that he didn't need to worry about unhooking bras.

Alfred had worked open Arthur's dress shirt but it had yet to leave his shoulders as the American was busy kissing his neck and jaw. Impatiently, Arthur pushed him away and undressed himself to his boxers and Alfred followed suit.

" Sit," Arthur ordered Alfred with a push backwards. Once Alfred was seated on the edge of the bed, leaning back onto his hands, Arthur kneeled before him and pushed Alfred's knees apart so he could craw between them. Alfred sucked air in through his teeth as he looked down at his lover, biting his lip when Arthur started to kiss the skin just above his boxers, finger running teasingly along the band. Alfred resisted the urge to adjust his boner as it pressed against the fabric uncomfortable and let out a low groan instead as Arthur started licking him through the material.

It shouldn't be such a turn on, but fuck, Arthur being so close with his mouth but without actually touching his dick was driving Alfred crazy.

"Please Arthur," Alfred slurred from lust, so done with the teasing. Arthur glanced up at him through his lashes and smirked, looking like he was going to deny Alfred what he wanted, but removed the last piece of clothes when Alfred lifted his ass of the bed.

Spitting into his palm first, Arthur stroked him a couple of times before letting his tongue lick all the way from the root to the tip. Alfred let his head roll back when he finally felt Arthur's mouth on him. It was far from the first time but he could never get tired from the feeling. When Arthur hollowed his cheeks and sucked on the tip, Alfred couldn't help it when his hips surged forward, wanting more of that heat to surround him. Arthur placed a hand on his hips to hold him in place before taking more of him in. Arthur bobbed his head up and down, pressing his tongue flat against the cock and using his hand to pump what wouldn't fit - Alfred's heavy pants quickly turned to moans. Arthur felt his boyfriend's long fingers tug at his hair.

"Sh-shit Art," he said between breaths, "can't continue this. Wanna fuck you."

Arthur let a groan roll through his throat from those words, sending a shiver down Alfred's spine.

"Now," the American demanded and Arthur let him go with a wet pop, throwing the other the lube from the bed stand before crawling on top of him. Alfred quickly reversed their position, pulling Arthur's boxers down before smearing his fingers with lube. Leaning over Arthur on one elbow, he pressed the first finger in without further warning. Arthur gasped from the cold crème against his overheated body. The young American leaned down and kissed Arthur senseless as he continued to work him open with the other digits. It didn't take Arthur long before he was a twisting and moaning mess, fingers digging into the sheets, sweat rolling from his arching back and at Alfred's complete mercy.

Pre-come leaking furiously from his own cock, Arthur had just started to think he might get off from just being fingered, when Alfred pulled them out and moved off him to sit against the headboard.

"Ride me," Alfred whispered and was already pulling Arthur on top of him. The Brit licked his dry lips as he positioned himself on the others lab, knees on either side and slightly lifted - waiting as Alfred sleeked up his cock. When Alfred leaned upwards to kiss him, Arthur slowly let himself down. Alfred's hands on his ass cheeks, pushing them apart and Arthur steadied himself with a hand on his boyfriend's shoulder and the other guiding the dick into him.

Arthur released a groan, caused mostly by the effort of getting used to the stretch and the position. Alfred kissed his neck all the while, though bit his own lip hard when Arthur was all the way down.

"I know this is cliché to say," Alfred panted, "but fuck you are tight."

Arthur didn't answer him but started moving instead, effectively shutting the younger up besides bedroom noises. Experimental he moved slowly up and down a couple of times, though when realising it didn't hurt, Arthur changed his pace to snapping his hips forward. Alfred moved his big hands to the Brit's hips and met every movement with his own. Their lips never really met, the movements made it almost impossible to kiss without clanking teeth or bumping noses hard. But they were breathing in the same air, bodies slick as they ground against each other, moans spilling from slack mouths, brows furrowed and eyes half-lidded as they drunkenly eyed the others face - drinking in every expression.

When Arthur's legs started to tire out Alfred took a better hold of his hips and continued to pound into him. Clenching his teeth, Arthur reached between them and closed his hand around his cock. He was so close, so fucking close, just a bit more, please, just a bit more, plea-fuuck.
He came with a hoarse cry, spilling over his hand and Alfred's chest.

Alfred pushed him backwards and placed Arthur's legs around his hips as he continued to fuck him into the mattress. Arthur felt like his brain was going to explode, barely coming down from his own orgasm before he felt a dry one building up, making him gasp for air and vision blur. When Alfred finally came he moaned out Arthur's name in that wonderful drawling accent.

"No," Arthur stated firmly, not quite able to push the feeling away that Alfred had used sex to coax him into agreement.

"Aaw, come on Artie," Alfred pouted heavily, "it would be totally awesome!"

"I'm sorry," well, not really, "but there is no way in hell I'm going to dress up like that. It is utter ridicules!"

Alfred let out a exaggerated gasp, making Arthur roll his eyes.

"You didn't mean that. Take it back!" Alfred demanded and started hitting him with a pillow when the Brit only offered a deadpanned look in return.










Arthur was about to snap at him but stopped short when he saw the "kicked puppy"-look on Alfred's face.

"Look, I already agreed to help out with the party but I'm not dressing up as Robin so I can match your batman costume. I'd rather wear a female nurse outfit than run around in a spandex suit." Alfred's expression peaked up at that.

"Not that I'm going to do that either," Arthur added with a chuckle.

Some people on Alfred's campus were throwing a Halloween party and the American had asked if Arthur would mind bringing them themed cakes. Always grabbing an opportunity to make his café more known (though he was curious about seeing Alfred's school as well), Arthur had agreed.

"I know that the whole dressing up thing is important to you, love," Arthur said, "but I would feel a bit weird putting on a costume when I'm only there to deliver the cakes."

Alfred nodded grudgingly but sighed with content when Arthur proceeded to scratch his back, eyes becoming heavy. It almost sounded like he was purring. Arthur was sure there was some wild feline in his boyfriend. Especially after the rough round of sex. Arthur rolled onto his stomach and breathed in Alfred's pillow. He was going to be so sore tomorrow.


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