A super short fluffy thing about Jen's death.


I absolutely will not forget the name of Luke Garner. Nope, no way. I blinked tears away as I realized I might never see my best friend again.
No Jen don't get all mushy again I sigh You'll see him again right after the rally

"We want freedom!" I yell holding up my sign
"I want to be seen!" "I exist!" "Screw the population law!"

Yes this is it...Soon somebody would come out...ask who the leader was...I'd come forward...and we'd strike a deal. Tomorrow people like Luke who had never socialized before will be free to roam the earth.
That'll be funny

Luke was original and really made me feel special even though he probably didn't even know what he was doing he was making me want to be more than just his best friend...

The door opened and I got ready to step forward.
"Illegals" a population policeman sighed "Pesky little things aren't you..."
More follow him...They have guns...They take them out and they start shooting.
No...No this wasn't supposed to happen...LUKE SAVE ME! I wasn't sure what made my heart stop first, fear or the bullet

"Goodbye...Luke" I whisper
When I close my eyes I can see the face of my best friend who might have become more.
"Goodbye" I hear Luke's voice even though he isn't here

The world goes black and the screams disappear. I give into my death even though I know I'll never see Luke Garner again I know he'll never forget the name of Jen Talbot