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It seemed to Magnus, that the day could not get any worse. Wallander had just solved a case (albeit with his help) where a young girl had savagely murdered her father, brother and uncle. The men had been sexually assaulting her for years. The case had concluded with him and Kurt chasing her to the edge of a rooftop where she gave them one last smile before throwing herself off.

As Magnus let himself into his apartment and tossed his keys in their bowl, he could still taste the bitterness of disappointment in his mouth. He loved his job of course, but sometimes, the weight of it left him feeling hollow.

Like today, he didn't know whether or not to feel a sense of cold dislike for the calculating young woman who had left the mutilated bodies of the men hewn cleverly throughout the countryside or a slight admiration and pity. It was a frightening thought.

Magnus sighed as he flopped onto his bed, and absently stroked his cat Fluffy (such an original name), who had jumped up beside him and lay there, purring contentedly. For all her warmth and softenss, the cat brought back unwanted memories of a woman with captivating green eyes and long brown hair.

That was it. His day just got worse.

Anja had been gone for how many months now? Five? Six? Magnus tried not the think how long but he couldn't help but remember it had been five months, seven days and sixteen hours since he had seen her last. He had tried to tell himself he wasn't counting, but somehow, the message wasn't getting through.

She had left for uni seven months ago and he could still see the look of hope ad excitement etched on her face as if it were yesterday. He had known of course, that their choices would break them apart.

For the first few weeks, it had gone okay; he would drive to visit her at Skånes University in Malmö; she would catch a bus down to Ystad, or they would meet somewhere in the middle. But slowly, the meetings had occurred less frequently until they had stopped completely.

Now all he had left of the woman who had captured his heart was Fluffy (who's green eyes were'nt nearly as pretty as Anja's)

• • •

Magnus woke up with a start, his mind still full of reams of her, and he shook his head sharply, trying to clear it. "Magnus Martinsson," he grumbled to himself, getting to his feet and checking the time; 4:10 am; before heading out to the bathroom to have a much needed shower. "Get over yourself. You broke up, deal with it."

But she never told you she wanted to break up the traitorous voice inside his head whispered. With a growl, Magnus pushed his head under the running water and ran a hand through his curls, squashing the voice firmly and shoving the thought from his mind.

Suddenly, the bleep of his ringtone asconded his hearing and with a sight, he turned off the water. When Magnus stepped from the shower, he took a moment to study his reflection in the foggy mirror, before picking up the phone.

High cheekbones, bright blue eyes and tight blonde curls now pressed to his head from the water. The face of a detective, a man against the world.

"Martinsson here. Kurt, what do you need? "