"Places! Places, everyone!"

The cry rang around the studio where the idols of 765 Productions were waiting. With them were Project Jupiter of 961, and Ai, Ryo, and Eri, the idols from 876. The three agencies had been gathered there together for one purpose and one purpose only:

To make a movie.

Takagi, Ishikawa, and Kuroi were directing the movie together, and Producer was helping them out (which was particularly useful when the three of them got into a random dispute over running an agency) and every idol was starring.

Always the businesswoman, Minase Iori was the first one to question the presidents about exactly what was going on.

"Scripts," she demanded. "None of us have them. You cannot expect us to create a movie that will receive more than it costs if we don't even have scripts to learn!"

"Scripts?" Takagi echoed.

Ishikawa waved her hand. "You don't need those."

"My idols are professionals!" Kuroi scoffed. "They don't need scripts! But obviously, you 765 scum need a cheat-sheet, eh?"

Takagi shot him a glare. "Don't worry. They're all well-known fairytales. There's no need for scripts."

"We don't have SCRIPTS?!" Iori shrieked. "How on Earth…? Why not?"

"Just make stuff up," Ishikawa laughed. "I'm sure you'll be adorable. It doesn't matter."

"And besides, if there's no script there's nothing for you to mess up on," Kuroi added. "You should be thanking us. Otherwise, you people would be getting things wrong left and right!" He added a hearty laugh. "Of course, I've trained my Project Jupiter to be able to do such things as memorizing a script easily, so they would naturally be perfect."

At this point even Ishikawa seemed angry at the bragging of the 961 president. She offered Iori a smile. "They're princess stories. You're saying you can't figure something out for princess stories?"

"I…I'm sure I could," Iori muttered. "But still…"

"Don't worry about it, Minase-kun," Takagi insisted. "You'll be great."

Iori sighed. "Fine. Then, what role am I playing again?"

"The Princess and the Pea. You're the princess."

"Naturally." Iori gave a little curtsey and sped off to find the rest of her cast.

"What is this?!"

All three presidents turned to see a very angry-looking Kikuchi Makoto standing off to the side. Behind her was a very cute-looking Takatsuki Yayoi. Takagi smiled.


"Why am I a prince?" Makoto demanded. "When I heard we were going to be doing a princess movie, I thought maybe I would get to wear a dress too…but you…!"

"Relax, Kikuchi-kun," Takagi laughed. "We thought this would suit you better."

"Makoto-san is my prince," Yayoi commented. "But does that mean we have to do something romantic-y? Because that would be weird."

"Think about the story of Cinderella. What happens between the prince and Cinderella in that story?" Takagi prompted.

Makoto raised an eyebrow. "He…finds her shoe?"

"Exactly. So all you really need to do is pick up a shoe."

"But still! I wanted to be a princess too…I mean, you have three other boys here already. Four if you count Ryo," Makoto added, glancing at Ishikawa, who nodded. "So why couldn't you have given one of them the part?"

"They have their hands full already," Ishikawa commented. "After all, my Ryo is playing every extra part there is. Well, him and Ai. And Eri…wait, why are all my idols extras?!"

Makoto and Yayoi waited rather impatiently (one more so than the other) while the presidents bickered, and then finally Producer ran over to play peacemaker and the presidents returned their attention to the waiting pair.

"You only have to play one prince," Kuroi muttered. "My idols play all the rest. So why don't you just deal with it?"

"I don't want to hear that from you," Makoto snapped.

"I think you'll make a really good prince, Makoto-san," Yayoi piped. "Maybe even better than the other three."

A small smile crept onto Makoto's face. "…you really think so? Well, I mean…I wouldn't want to let you down, after all…OK, I guess I should be grateful I get a part at all. Come on, Yayoi…let's go practice or something."


Takagi smiled. "Now that that's settled…"

"What is the meaning of this, Kuroi-shachou?" Now there was a furry-looking Hokuto bothering the presidents.

"Another one?" Ishikawa sighed. "Kuroi, you handle this one."

"Why is my first appearance as the beast?" Hokuto asked. "I'm supposed to reveal my beautiful face for the ladies watching. When I walked into the make-up room, I thought I'd just get a quick touch-up and be done, but after two hours I left that place looking like this. Please explain."

"Miura Azusa-kun is Belle." It was all Kuroi needed to say.

Hokuto blinked past the brown fur on his face. "…ah, why didn't you say so? Very well. Thank you for this opportunity." Then he left.

Kuroi grinned. "See, my idol received his news like a man and left."

"Your idols are the only 'men' that are here," Takagi hissed.

"Except Ryo," Ishikawa interjected.

"We said 'men'," Kuroi stated.

Ishikawa opened her mouth to object, then she glanced over at her group of idols, already getting ready for their fist appearance in the Cinderella bit. Eri was the fairy godmother, and Ai and Ryo were the stepsisters. Kotori, the office clerk of 765 Productions, would be playing the evil stepmother. Ishikawa watched Ryo step into the dress he'd been assigned to wear without any bit of protesting—after all, by now the feminine young boy was used to this kind of thing—and then she turned back to the other presidents.

"Point taken," she responded lightly.

Takagi nodded and lifted a megaphone. "OK, everyone, places! Places!" He lowered the microphone and spoke to the other two. "I never get tired of using this thing." Then he screamed into the device again. "Get ready, everyone! The first performance will be Cinderella!"