I heard a noise coming from somewhere in the house. Wondering if there was a stranger inside and my parents did not know, I went in search for my parents. suddenly there was a sob coming from nearby but I could not place it. Peeking in my parents room I did not see my mommy or my daddy.

"Mommy where are you?" I asked.

"Z what are you doing awake baby?" my mommy asked me.

"I heard a noise coming from somewhere. I went in to find you and daddy."

"Oh honey that was your daddy's boss, delivering some bad news. Your father was murdered earlier today."

"Daddy is gone?" I started to wail.

"Oh honey I am so sorry that you had to hear such horrible news."

I woke up panting and looked over to see if my roommate had noticed anything unusual about this night. Seeing how she was still asleep I decided to go to the rec room and think about the dream that I had. I peeked outside the quarter and saw no one outside. I walked quietly towards the rec room. Praying that there was no one in there. I went straight in and saw that it was empty, going to the nearest table I sat down and begun to think.

A few hours later the rec room became noisy looking around I saw that it was time for me to go and get ready for patrol and hope that my roommate did not see that I was missing from my bunk.

Later on patrol on one my teammates was in deep thought.

"Uh Sky what is it? You look sketchy." I said.

"It is weird that there have not been one attack nor any word from the A Team."

"I think that this is a good pace but it does not mean that there is not an attack on its way. As for the A Team I think that they are lying low and trying to figure out the best time to send word."

"Okay maybe you have a point but I still think that it is weird.

As we were returning to base we heard a commotion from nearby and went to investigate it.

"Freeze SPD." Sky said identifying us.

"As if they could not tell by our outfits." I thought by did not have the courage to say it out loud.

"Where is she? Where is the brat who caused all of this? That brat will pay for this?" A man was shouting at the crowd.

"Sir I will have to ask you stop shouting and come with us." Sky said.

I looked at the shouting man, and I recognized him. After seeing his face I felt my legs go from under me then nothing.

Sky's POV

Z crumpled on the ground and our suspect turned and run. I did not bother to give chase for that would leave my partner vulnerable and I had to report to Commander Cruger about the events today.

As I carefully scooped up Z I noticed that she had circles under her eyes, I decided that when it was right I would question her about them though I don't think that I would like the answer that she will give to me. Carrying her back to the vehicle and went back to headquarters.

I saw the others coming to meet us. I stopped and shook my head hoping that there would not need to explain anything as of yet till I had a chance to talk to the commander.

"What happened to her out there?" Jack asked me.

"I don't know. Now please move we need to get her to the medical area. She may need medical attention." I said.

Getting back to base I saw that Kat and the commander was coming out. Kat had a worry look about her and the commander I could not read his facial expression.

"Cadet Tate, what happened to Delgado out there."

"Sir I have no explanation for you all I know is when I turned around she was on the ground and had yet to regain herself. I was on my way to take her to the medical area and then was going to report to you. I can tell you that there was someone out in town shouting for someone and how they were going to make that someone pay. As to who they are looking for I have no idea only that the person is female."

"Thank you Cadet please take Miss Delgado to the infirmary."


Kat's POV

"Doggie do you think that it is him? Could he have returned?"

"It is possible, however we will not speculate till we get all the facts. Somehow I think that we are going to have to question Miss Delgado for them."

"Doggie we don't know what happened to her during her childhood."
"I remember some of it. Her father was murder and to this day we don't know who murdered her father. As for the rest we really don't know, only she does."