Review: When we last saw Z she was buried away some where she was told that her friends will never find her. Her friends were looking for before time ran out and that time ran out.


We looked everywhere at the site where we found Jace with no luck in finding Z. Bridge suggested that we use the satellites to pin-point where Jace had taken Z. I had to

agree that Bridge had a point. Though I thought that it would be prudent to point out that at least one or two people should stay behind to locate which way Z was taken.

"We could do that however if one or two of us stay behind here to see if there was something that we missed it could help us locate Z."

"Kat I know that this is taken a heavy toll on you and we all have to face facts that Z is counting on us to find her. It would be wise to stay together. Also rangers I want you to keep an eye out for any of Grumm's monsters. I have a feeling that he would not miss this opportunity to strike at us." Doggie said.

I know that he is being the voice of reason but we have to find Z and fast she only has a few hours left, I did not want to voice my thoughts in case nerves were pulled even further apart than they were already.

Grumm's POV

Ah a ranger is missing and the others including Doggie is too busy to bother to stop me this time; but just to make sure that they don't interfere I shall send two monsters down. This way that yellow ranger will never be found in time.

"Morgana draw two fearsome monsters to keep the rangers busy from finding their friend."

"But Grumm I was going to go play with my new toy."

"Draw now or I'll turn you back the way I found you."

"That is not fair."

Doggie POV

I could see that Kat and the rangers were distressed about Z. I know that we will find her.

Though before we could enter the base two monsters appeared and begun their attack on our city.

"Rangers suit up and Kat get the SPD personal to help you locate Z."

"Doggie I think that we will be pressed for time why don't I question Jace. He might let something slip. We need all the information that we can get."

"Commander we need some help dealing with the second monster."

"Kat hurry on getting that information and finding Z. Rangers I am coming to help."


It is so dark and cold. I had begun to think that none of my friends would ever come to find me. After all I never told them my past only that there was something terrible that no one should ever have to see.

I had to put on a brave face in front of my friends and the commander. I can tell that this time I won't be so lucky to escape. I just want the pain to go away and for sleep to take me. Why was that man tormenting me like this?

My eyes start to drift down when a voice in my head told me that it would mean that I would never wake up again to see my friends. The pain is too much to bear and all that I want is for it to leave me alone.

"Your friends are coming I can assure you Daughter. You must hold on just a little while longer." The voice said.

I can not hold on and could feel myself drifting away again.


Why did Grumm have to attack us now. Could he not find for one day that after he already lost one monster that he was going to lose yet another one again. Did he not care for the human race at all.

I kept my mouth shut because I knew that everyone was busy fending off the two monsters at the same time.

It was all so frustrated when we could not do anything to save Z, even though we all know that she would have told us that the lives of many come before her.

"Hey guys remember when we were all going out and Z wanted to train?"

"Yes it was weird for her to even think that. She knows that there are somethings out there that you can not change no matter what." Jack said sounding wise beyond his years.

"Rangers lets worry about the fight ahead of us and hope that Kat finds Z."

"Yes Sir."

To Be Continued