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"The mark of my dignity shall scar thy DNA."

With those words, the battle began. Each fighter traded blows and hits, but neither was ready to give up yet. On the one side was a Japanese man, wearing a traditional white gi and a red headband. His eyes were full of determination and the experience of previous fights. But he had never faced anyone like his opponent. His opponent was a striking blond haired fighter. But it wasn't his looks that made him stand out, it was his body. Half of his body was fiery red and the other half was icy blue. Each half of his body represented his power over fire and ice. His very energy made him radiate and glow.

"Thou have provided much amusement, but now it must cease."

Raising his hand in the air, the dual-colored being summoned his energy and his super art was unleashed in the form of a rain of fire and ice. The other fighter avoided most of it as best as possible, but some of it hit him causing him to burn in some places and freeze in others. Shaking it off as best as possible, the fighter suddenly lept throught the air, his leg spinning in a whirlwind-like fashion and hitting the being square on. The being backed off, slightly stunned and completely open to the fighter's next attack...


The rising fist hit him into the air and caused him to fall back. The red/blue fighter slowly got up, but as he did, he felt the energy of his opponent. He turned and saw the warriors hands were cupped to his sides and winds whirling around him at his command. The energy in his hands was tremendous that the being could only watch in amazement.


A massive sphere of energy was hurled out and the blond being could barely get up a defense as the energy hit him with a terrific force. The being was knocked out completely and he didn't move. The other fighter dropped to the ground, tired from his use of energy. But as he started to get up, he felt a surge of energy come from his fallen opponent. The being's body suddenly hovered into the air and streams of energy filled him. The warrior watched in horror as he realized that his opponent was rejuvenating. Wasting no time, the warrior rushed at the being and hit him down. The being stopped healing and stood, facing the warrior with a smile.

"Thou art truly a worthy opponent. None hath ever done what you have done. Why not join me and lead the worthy ones into paradise."

The warrior did not respond.

"As you wish. If that is thou desire, I have no choice, but to deliver your soul and destroy your body."

Suddenly, even more energy filled the beings body and he levitated again. In a glimmer of light, six angelic wings of pure energy emerged from his back. They spread open in a magnificent glow.

"Let me be your savior."

In an instant, flashed of energy emitted out of the beings body, creating powerful rainbow-like shockwaves. The energy hit the warrior repeatedly and caused him to be hammered into the ground. After thirty seconds of this, the shockwaves stopped and the wing folded away. The warrior lie still on the ground as the being approached him. Suddenly, slowly, the warrior began to rise up to his feet and the being could only watch in surprise as the warrior resumes his stance.

"What kind of creature are you?"

With a loud cry, the warrior rushed at the being and the being did the same. The being red arm flamed out and swooped in for a clothesline. But at the last minute the warrior ducked and the fiery arm past harmlessly over his head. Gathering the last ounce of strength he had, the warrior rose up, his fist glowing with incredible energy.

Ha! Shin! Shoryuken!!!!!!!!!!!

The warrior connected four hits, each blow releasing a burst of raw energy. The being flew through the air and hit the ground with a sickening crash. The warrior landed back on his feet, but found himself unable to stand as a result of using so much energy. He knelt down and then fell. He could feel himself slipping into unconsciousness. He could faintly see a group of figure coming toward him and he could barely hear the voice of his best friend before blacking out.

"Ryu. Ryu, are you okay. Ryu."