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"Adderhiss, you lead the patrol withMothwind, Cherrypaw, and Ripplefur." Moonclaw, deputy of Shadowclan, called out without even glancing, "And be sure to check the Windclan border. Those mangy rabbit-eaters have been scented lately."

Adderhiss stood up and stretched, the muscles rippling under his shiny brown and white fur.

"Hurry up, slowpokes." Adderhiss's eyes flashed a cold blue, "We better get moving."

Adderhiss gave the others no time to move, and began trotting out of the camp entrance. The other three all tripped trying to catch up.

The sun beat down hot on the greenleaf marshes, and though it took no time for the cats to reach the Windclan border, it felt like moons of trekking. Adderhiss scanned the area, eyes narrowed, when he spotted a black shape. "Halt." the command was said better than done, and Cherrypaw fell on his face.

"Mothwing, take Ripplefur and scout the Thunderclan border, Cherrypaw," "Yes?" mumbled Cherrypaw around his face full of dirt, "go tell Birchstar I found an intruder."

"What about you?" all three cats meowed in unison.

"The cat might just not know it's over the border, I'm just gonna speak." This was a lie. Well partially, the cat probably didn't know she was over the border, but Adderhiss wasn't just gonna speak. Because Adderhiss knew this cat.

This was Silentsong.

"GO." Adderhiss growled, and the cats scurried off.

His attention turned back to the cat, Adderhiss looked up and down her body.

The she-cat was a beautiful black with violet eyes set just right. Her body moved in a perfect formation. She was all sexy. Too bad she was a medicine cat.

Silentsong was mute, and this Adderhiss knew. Also that she was Windclan, and seem to always crowd his mind. Not in a loving romantic way, but in a sexy-rape way.

Adderhiss could feel his member peeking. "Not yet," he grinned to himself.

Adderhiss walked up to Silentsong.

"Why, hello there." He meowed.

Silentsong, startled, jumped back.

"You're on Shadowclan territory doll, you know what that means?"

Silentsong shook her head bewildered.

"You're an intruder." he cackled, then jumped her. Silentsong didn't even have a chance to blink before darkness waved over her.

_-_-_-_-_+++PAGE BREAK+++_-_-_-_-_

"Silentsong is dead!" Birchstar called to Scorchstar.

Gasps echoed all around the gathering.

"What!?" cried Featherpaw, Silentsong's apprentice. "What do you mean dead?"

"I mean dead. Her body was found crushed on the thunderpath, there wasn't even a patch of fur to bury!" Birchstar looked towards Windclan. "Adderhiss found the body, no more than hunk of bloody meat, and some catnip nearby. She was gathering herbs. I am so sorry for your loss." replied Birchstar evenly.

And after a long moment of silence, and some news long since forgotten, the gathering broke up. Windclan weeping, other cats murmuring. The same questions seemed to keep repeating, What happened to Silentsong? Why? When? How?

Adderhiss called to Moonclaw, "I'm going to hunt!"

"Okay!" was Moonclaw's answer.

Adderhiss gave a wide berth of the returning patrols, and past the camp, he sped off to a marshy part of land to the uncharted territory, past the boundaries. He slowed to a gallop, then a trot, when he came upon a cave guarded by a huge boulder.

Adderhiss pushed at the boulder till it gave way to a damp room. There, limp and unconscious, was the shivering form of a bedraggled Silentsong.

"Wake up."

Startled by Adderhiss's strong growl, Silentsong gave a start. Her violet eyes, once shimmering in beauty, were now dulled and terrified.

Adderhiss circled her, leaving the cave entrance open.

Silentsong made a break for it.

She didn't get more than a foxlength when Adderhiss jumped her, and pinned her to the ground. He could feel Silentsong shivering, her sleek fur dull and colorless.

"My, my. What a naughty cat you are, doll-face. I guess we'll have to punish you."

Silentsong parted her jaws to give a silent scream when she saw the length Adderhiss revealed.

Bad decision.

He stuffed his dick as deep into her throat as he could. Using both his fore paws to hold her face in place, and his claws to convince her to stay in place, Adderhiss moaned as he felt his dick sliding against her throat muscles.

"Suck it."

Silentsong gave a slight jerk of her head, clear as day, No.

Adderhiss buried his claws deeper into the sides of her head. Tears welling up in her dull eyes, Silentsong began to move her tongue around the length, contracting and moving her throat muscles, flicking her tongue and gently moving her jaws, Adderhiss finally gave way after what could have been once second or a thousand years.

White goo exploded in her throat. Silentsong turned to gag it onto the floor when Adderhiss pressed his paws against her muzzle, stopping her.

"Swallow it." he commanded, Silentsong felt like curling up and weeping into the earth, but fearing for her life, she swallowed the vile substance.

"Now get in a crouch down."

Adderhiss needn't to ask, Silentsong was already crouched against the back of the cave, deep in the shadows, silently wishing she could just melt into the wall.

Scruffing her, Adderhiss dragged Silentsong (still crouching) in front of him. Holding one paw on her back, pinning her chest to the ground.

He stalked behind her, and, still holding her down, mounted her.

No words were spoken. Silentsong had no idea what was happening, but she immediately regretted crouching. Shivering each time she felt the length brush her tail-hole, dripping tears slid down her face. Time seemed to slow. Everything was quiet.

What is he waiting for?

Suddenly, Silentsong felt horrible pain, as Adderhiss slowly and cruelly slid his length into her. Agonizing minutes passed, and Adderhiss continued to slide inward. How long is it? she wept to her thoughts. She didn't know if she could take anymore.

Silentsong bit down on her tongue until she tasted blood. She felt like she was being ripped in half. Too full! She cried for deaf ears. No cat could hear her. No cat knew. No cat was coming.

She knew this. She cried for this. She could not stop this.

Finally Adderhiss ground to a halt, his length fully inside her, his sack rest against her backside.
Up until now, Silentsong thought she was experiencing real pain.

She was wrong.

Adderhiss quickly pulled out, his barbs stinging Silentsong's walls, and thrusted back in. Once more, Silentsong's jaws parted in a scream that only fell upon deaf ears. Adderhiss was fast. Too fast. Moaning and groaning, picking up a speed that gave him pleasure, but no time for Silentsong to adjust.

Not that it mattered. Silentsong would never adjust. Not to Adderhiss. Never take pleasure like a normal she-cat. She would always feel pain. Always feel the tears.

Nothing could stop her cries of pain. She was alone.

Adderhiss pumped in and out like a piston, feeling his length destroy the virginity of poor Silentsong; the slick tight walls against his dick, and the blood. Oh the sweet blood as it dripped in ripples to the ground, pride blossoming in Adderhiss. His barbs made that blood. He caused this pain. It was exhilarating.

Adderhiss's climax came like a paw swipe, still thrusting into Silentsong, his seed and juices spilling in waves, filling Silentsong, making fresh hot tears pour in waves down her cheeks. He loved it.

Exhausted, he slept a while before leaving, thinking of excuses for Moonclaw on lack of prey and time. Silentsong watched as he left, her heart sparking with hope that she might be freed.

But Adderhiss turned to block her way.

"Every moon, after each gathering for the rest of your life. You will be mine. You will be marked as mine." He cackled as he moved the boulder in place. Silentsong would have shrugged this off, and kept hope, if it weren't for his eyes.

His eyes dancing cold, icy blue evil, assuring his promise that Silentsong will never be free. Never go home. Never be happy ever again.

Silentsong's heart broke.

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