"I guess so.." Pewds inched towards Cry. Cry scooted over to make room for Pewdie. Crawling under the blankets, Pewdie laid his head down on the pillow.

"Your bed is comfy!"

Cry chuckled, "Better than the couch, eh?"

"Yes," Pewdie yawned and pulled the covers over his shoulders. "Goodnight, Cry."

"Goodnight Pewds."

Pewdie felt Cry's hot breathe on his neck, and held his breathe as Cry slipped his arms around Pewds and pulled him closer.

After saying goodnight, Pewdie couldn't fall asleep. He just laid there for probably an hour trying to comprehend that he was in the same bed as Cry, and that Cry had invited him to sleep with him. He heard Cry roll over to where he was facing Pewdie's back. Cry probably thought Pewdiepie was sleeping and wouldn't notice.

"Cry, what are you doing?" Pewds whispered. Cry jerked suddenly and pulled his arms back.

"Oh! Sorry, Pewds. I didn't know you were awake. I was just...uh..." He fell silent, and rolled back the other way.

"It's okay, Cry… I mean... that felt pretty nice. Having you close to me like that." Pewdie felt his face flush bright red. Good thing it was too dark for Cry to notice.

Cry looked back over his shoulder. "I thought it would make you feel uncomfortable if you were awake… I just had this sudden urge to hold you and I couldn't control it."

"Really, it's fine. You can... hold me if you'd like. It's comforting," Pewdie peered over his shoulder at Cry. They made awkward eye contact.

He's so pretty, Pewdie thought.

Cry turned back around, slipped his arms around Pewdie, and nestled his face in Pewdie's neck. He did this all before there was any chance for Pewdie to protest.

"Like this?" Cry asked so seriously that Pewdie couldn't help but laugh.

"Ah, Cry. Yes." Pewdie felt his muscles relax as he melted against Cry.

His eyelids grew heavy, and his mind went blank. His nostrils filled with the scent of Cry.

If I could have it like this every night, I would, was Pewdie's last thoughts before drifting to sleep.

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