TheLucky38: You all heard about Hurricane Sandy that destroyed much of the East Coast. There are many people who are without power and now a huge Winter Storm is already disended apon the people who are not prepared for it. I know that there is a way to give money to them. Donations online and all of that, but we need to let people know more about this right away.

Nick of the WaterTribe used to live in New York before Sandy struck his hometown. His friends and possible his family members live there. If you think that hurricane didn't affect you, then your wrong. Anything around the world affects everyone, even something like Sandy.

Jade's One of a Kind told me that her friends that are in the East Coast are fine, but what about the aftermath? She is a kind reviewer if you haven't noticed. I respect her kind words.

If you think I am doing this for fame, then that is your problem. I am doing this to help the people of the East Coast, so don't you tell me that I am a selfish jerk. I am a man of Benevolence. I never turn away from the people! I maybe someone who lives away from the East Coast, but at least I can help them with anything that I can do.

This story is about Authors who can donate Kataang One-Shots for this story, and what they think about the hurricane that affected the East Coast. To inspire anyone in the U.S. maybe the world to donate online to any sites that support the community service for the people who are freezing, hungry, or dying over there.

Listen. I don't care if you never really read my stories or anything else before. Read and believe the cause that I am doing. If you ever get the chance then go to youtube and go to When We Stand Together by Nickelback or If Everyone Cares by Nickelback too and I mean the music video's not just lyrics.

So please. For any Author who wants to help, send a PM with your one-shot that you recently made or back then made. Every bit of it helps. Never give up on people who can make a difference in the world. Give a rating of what story you have. Heres an Ex...

TheLucky38, (Story name), Rated T.

If anyone has a Rated M thing, then I will think about putting up the same thing for Rated M stories only.

A small movement can make a difference in the world. So don't think that something like this will not do anything. I know there are people who have Benevolence on here, you just need to find it in yourself and decide your future.

P.S.- Some Wise Words- If anyone Shared and Swallowed their pride. Then we'd see the day when nobody died- Nickelback.