TheLucky38: Hello good readers of ATLA. This story was made by my good friend, Nick of the WaterTribe. It's not a Kataang, but it's funny and I wanted it on there. You can also have different one-shots if you want to. Execpt for ZUTARA. KATAANG's natural enemy. So give him a round of applause...

Nick of the WaterTribe:

The stories name: High times
Genres: Humor
I do not Condone anything done here nor do i own Avatar the last airbender or Eminem
So Sokka(As Eminem) and Zuko( As Dr. Dre) have smoked some "Magic" grass Laced with a Certain Juce from the Desert and they thinks they are rappers. so this starts when he Gets the Weed. Enjoy

As the Old guy who sold them the grass Ran off, Sokka and Zuko exchanged Looks Before lighting up the Blunt. Sokka took the first puff. As Sokka started to see things... good things, Zuko was haveing 2nd thoughts. Zuko said to Sokka"I dont want to do this"

Sokka pulled out his War club and told Zuko" i Did not spend 4 Grand for you to puss out"
As Zuko took a puff he started to Think what Sokka was Thinking. they bolth thought they where Rappers. so what do rappers do steel things
Zuko and Sokka stole Appa took him for a ride and and Sang this
Old time's sake

Sokka: Good Evening, Ths is your **ing Captain speaking, We will soon be reaching an Algatude of 4,000,000 and a half Feet, Thats 8,000,000 miles in the sky, Please undo your seet belts for Take-off, you are now free to smoke about the Caban
Zuko: Im Dre from Back in the day from NWA from Chokeing a ** to slaping her face to stacking up bodys im still Hungry and im back with a tape worm And we was happining and rapping Entertainment me and shady For us Compatition,** there Aint none.
Sokka: speak ofthe Devil Its attack of the rain man Chainsaw in hand Blood stain on my Apron, soon as the Blade spun They run away from. who want to play Dungon, no one is safe from. In serch of a brain Surgon a grate one, wait it aint funny man. a surgon i need one, 2 boxes of Detergent and a paint gun an an Emergency Squrit gun to spray A1
Sokka (x2): so one more time for old times sake Dre Stop that beet and Scrac that plate just send a little of that smoke my way Lets go
Sokka: smoke signal in the Sky Higher then Ba Sing se Wireless...

Sokka trailed off as he and Zuko got hungry "White Castle" they said to togher smileing
Then sokka Relised something "Wait there is not one in Ba Sing Se"
Zuko said "there is one in Omasu"

Nick of the WaterTribe: Is this the Birth of a New story called Sokka And Zuko go to white Castle. Only if you PM Me and so. I CLAIM IT!

Nick of the WaterTribe: my perspective on the Hurracain- some of my friends and Famliy where left without homes. i just want everything to go back o the way it was. you cannot Think of something that changes something so much and you might never see it the same way again.

TheLucky38: You might think this is a half-ass story, but I do some of those too. He has awesome ideas that would make yours look dull. Nick is a good friend on here, and I hope that his friends and family are doing ok over there. He used to live in New York and he is mainly affected by this. So when you read his stories, give him a review here and there that are positive.

Nick of the WaterTribe, good luck times a thousand and 38 on your future stories.