This is for Samohlic, they asked for a April fool's day story and here it is this will be two chapters because I wrote a lot.

Also I worked on the Punctuation for Stephanie-BB-Jisbon-Caskett

April Fool's Day, please make it stop

Prank #1 [ Spike's]

Spike was pouring the vegetable oil on the floor of the SRU hallway.

Not slippery enough he decided and dumped the rest of the bottle on the floor.

"Morning Commander Holleran" Spike said breaking into a up to no good grin

Holleran stopped that grin was kind of a creepy

Then Holleran remembered that today was April fool's day.

Lord help me Holleran thought

Today sound quite scary

Especially if all of team one turned out to be like Spike today.

Holleran stepped forward carefully

Holleran could already feel his feet slipping out from under him.

Oh no, please no Holleran thought as he fell.

" OFFICER SCARLATTI" Holleran yelled

But Spike was already gone

Grumbling Holleran got up and continued on to his office.

Prank #2 [ Also Spike's]

Greg put his foot in his boot.

There was something warm and furry in there.

Greg shouted and threw the boot at the wall hard.

A mouse scuttled out

Greg advanced on the mouse

But Spike scooped up the mouse.

" your not killing Lillian" Spike said stroking the mouse.

Sam walks in


" My point exactly" Greg stated

" No its my pet" Spike said stubbornly

" But it's a mouse" Greg said stressing the word mouse

" Lillian can't help being a mouse" Spike said

" He named the mouse" Sam muttered

Ed and Wordy walked in

" Please convince Spike that you and me should get our sniper rifles," and kill his pet mouse" Sam said

" her name is Lillian" Spike said

" I DON'T GIVE A damn WHAT HER NAME IS" Sam shouted

"Spike you can get another mouse let me and Sam take care of it" Greg coaxed

" wait why do we want to kill the mouse?" Wordy said

" Lillian" Spike corrected

" Whatever its name is, it doesn't matter" Ed shouted

" the mouse" Greg started

" Lillian" Spike corrected


" Lillian" Greg continued

" was in my boot when I put my foot in", So I threw it at the wall" Greg said

" explains the scuff on the wall " Wordy Said

" then the mouse…. Sorry Lillian came out and well you know the rest" Greg finshed

Winnie reports Time one

There was a hesitant knock on the door.

" come in" Holleran said

"Hello Winnie what can I do for you" Holleran said

" Well …. Um" Winnie started

" does it have anything to do with team one and April 1st"

Winnie nodded her head

" so far they are just yelling about harming pet mice and boots" Winnie said

" tell them that they are to run drills today", "and Winnie keep me posted" said Holleran

Drills and Prank # 3{ Wordy and Sam's}

" lets get going running laps, full gear" Greg told them

Sam and Wordy exchanged a look.

This would work if they timed it just right.

Sam went to the middle of the group and Wordy went to the front of the group.

This better be worth the three hours it took to switch the team's Kevlar vests with frosting in them instead. They thought

Wordy abruptly stopped and put his foot out.

Sam copied Wordy

They all went down with loud splats.

Ed, Greg, Jules and Spike we're covered in vanilla frosting.

While Wordy and Sam were howling with laughter at the team's surprised looks.

" you pranked us" Spike complained

" its April fool's Day" Wordy started

" and your all fair game " Sam finished

" thank you Wordsworth, Braddock I've always wanted to be a cupcake" Ed deadpanned

" all right that's enough, head to the showers" said Greg

" can't we have lunch first?" Spike whined

" well who wants to have lunch first?" Asked Greg

They all raised their hands

Ed hid a smile, oh yes they were going to pay.

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