Here it is chapter three this prank was the most fun writing the guessing part.

Jule's clothes prank #7[ Also spike's]

" um guys" Jules came out wrapped in a towel.

" Jules why are you in a towel?" Greg Asked

" I … um Spike stole my underwear and clothes" Jules said blushing

" so you want us to get them back?" Ed clarified

" of course not Ed why would you think that" Jules said sarcastically

" now go get them back, its cold"

The team found Spike with Babycakes and Jules's clothes were on the chair behind Spike.

" Okay Spike give Jules's clothes back" Greg said, he couldn't bring himself to say underwear.

" I will but you have to guess what color her underwear Is first" Spike said his eyes glinting mcheviously .

They all froze

" so do we just ask colors" Wordy asked earning a swat from Ed.

" I was asking a honest question" Wordy stated

" just guess" Greg told them

" white"

"nope" Spike said smirking

" red lace"

" Wordy" Ed said astonished

" geez Ed I'm guessing" , " some people's underwear isn't always White" Wordy said in his defense.

" Black"

" you two are so Basic" Wordy complained

" light blue and white lace"

Spike's jaw dropped " how did you know that?"

Sam chose his answer carefully

" lucky Guess" Sam said smiling weakly

A still stunned Spike handed over the clothes to Sam.

" how did know that?" Ed asked

" don't answer that , I don't want to know" Ed said

They knocked on the door to Jules's locker room

" Jules we got your clothes" Sam called

The door flung open

" how" she asked

" made us guess the color of your um…. Underwear" Wordy said

Oh gosh Spike you didn't Jules thought

The only person who would know was ….Sam, but he wouldn't risk that would he? Jules thought worriedly.

She looked at Sam he winked, the secret was still safe.

I almost changed the clothes part to them guessing and giving up and asking and Spike saying how would he know he didn't look. But he would have had to seen it so yeah.

I am so sorry that is so short, but that's all I have written, i have a idea for the ending but any ideas?