Metroid: Project X

Chapter 1: the life we don't see.

Somewhere in the outer reaches of the galaxy:

Samus sat in a chair in her shuttle, staring down at a small rectangular device. She was reading. Perhaps a normal day was just what she needed, after all, there's nothing like a nice read after a battle with crazy alien shit. She wondered for a moment, how long it had been since she last ate… a few days… at least… well, the last time she had REAL food was… years…

Oh how I long for a sandwich instead of this dehydrated freeze-dried crap she thought.


Samus sighed, as she stood up and walked to the cockpit.

"What's this? A message?"

It was in fact, a message, a short one at that,


We've got a problem. A Metroid problem.

Need your help. Coordinates are included below.

Metroids? What now? What could it be?

It wasn't far. She set off for the location given. No idea what lay in store for her.