Well, this is my first story. It's told from the point of view of my fae-original-character, and concidering First POV is kind of an experiment for me, I'd really appreciate any criticisms, comments, ect.

More detailed Summary: Laufeia isn't like most girls. The fact that she's the proclaimed daughter of Titainia the Summer Queen, and can't seem to fit in or find any documentation on herself doesn't help either. Being shunned by Oberon throughout her life, and only finding friends in the occasional servant and a certain cat; once she befriends Robin Goodfellow, falling in love with him seems to be inevitable. But a war is approaching, and an unexpected truth and the birth of a half-human Summer Princess later, Laufeia finds herself more alone then she's ever been before. Armed with the fighting skills she learned from Titiania, Laufeia must brave the uninviting rest of the world with her old home being only a distant and unobtainable memory. Still, the raven-haired fey finds an alliance in the most unexpected of places, where she learns of the iron abominations that plan to take over her home. However, as she goes deeper into her journey to save the two things that mean the world to her, her forgotten past seems to be a waking nightmare in her walled off memory. And when the fey that she loves suddenly takes an unyeilding interest in a half-human girl, it takes a certain kind of stone cold heart to not to be completely consumed.


Everything was terribly dark. I wandered through the unfamiliar forest, weaving through endlessly tall trees that seemed to go on forever. Everything was bathed in a ghostly foggy mist, and I couldn't see more than a few feet in front of me. There was no wind, no creatures, and no sound. It was so much like the nightmares I had before, yet I knew that this time it was different. Even through the endless trees I could see the stars, and I couldn't shake off the feeling of safety; as if I was standing next to a trusted friend.

"It is time my child. I will help you as long as you remember."

The mist suddenly started moving, and it circled around me quickly yet gently, caressing me. It was beautiful and enchanting at the same time. I was suddenly taken over by a soothing and calming warmth; that left me feeling relaxed for the first time in a long time.

I heard the voice once more, but this time it was soft, a comforting caress of a fading whisper.

"I need you to remember..."




My world is rapidly being destroyed.

It started out slowly, appearing in the tiny recesses of our world. Whether it was deep within the forest hidden on the inside of a tree; or at the bottom of a lake attached to a rotting tree branch, it was there. And even if we had known we wouldn't have been able to stop it.

We may be immortal, but that doesn't mean we can't die. And the very thing that's taking over our realm just so happens to be our biggest weakness.


Iron to us is like a strong poison. Just by receiving the simplest small cut off the edge of an iron blade would cause our blood to become poisoned and our bodies to eventually rot from the inside out. By simply being near the metal our energy diminishes and we can get extremely sick. By even the simplest touch our skin is burned and if severe, it could eventually rot away if not healed quickly and properly.

I think you get the point.

And the worst thing about iron in our realm is that it spreads. Its not just the creatures that are poisoned by iron, plants are also affected. In fact, everything in our realm is affected. Stick an iron sword in the ground, and when you come back a few weeks later you'll find that the entire area has been killed. Trees die and turn silver with iron; the area would literally turn into a dead, barren, and deadly wasteland.

And now there's just so much of it, and so many corrupted areas around. Trees are dying from the inside out, grass and plants are vanishing in its wake even snow melts at its touch.

My world has been around for longer than anyone can remember. We've been around longer than humans have, much longer. It's ironic really that you mortals are the ones that are destroying us.

It was your human dreams, emotions, imagination, and ideas that caused us to become so powerful. And now you're destroying us with your pursuit of science and logic; everything we're not.

Science and technology have produced something terrible.

The Iron Fey.

And as you pursue your fancy technology you're letting more of the abominations into our realm; into the Nevernever.

And there's nothing we can do to protect ourselves against them. In order to save our home, in order for us to survive we have to defeat them; all of them. However, I'm no fool, I know it's hopeless. They're living, thinking poison; and their numbers are multiplying quicker than anyone could imagine.

It's only a matter of time before they decide to attack and take the rest of the Nevernever as their own. But I'll still fight. I'll fight with the rest of my people even if it's hopeless. I'll fight for my home.

Now of course, there is one chance we have at winning this war. Our only hope lies in the hands of a teenage girl. It lies in the hands of a girl who although carries our blood; also carries the blood of a mortal.

The girl is immune to iron.

However, rather unfortunately, there have been numerous times when I would have liked nothing more than to slit the idiot's throat. He would fight the world for her; protect her from anything. Fight side by side with his enemy, be a traitor to his court; his home. Would go as far to raise a dagger at his best friend and girl he once loved simply in that idiot's defense.

No matter. Though it is very well true that I would do anything to be in her position; to have the power to save the Nevernever, and have him by my side as I fought for my world.

But I'm getting ahead of myself here, ahead of the story.

Some call us faerys, some call us the fae, fey, or any other spellings you want to use. But know one thing, we are not the precious "fairies" you read about in your children's fantasy books. We're not tiny little winged creatures who spread joy and happiness around the world.

No. Most of us couldn't care less about the mortal realm. Truthfully, we hardly have any concern for human life itself. Many of the creatures in Faery have no problem killing mortals. Sometimes for fun, sometimes for food, sometimes death is dragged out and painful, and sometimes the human doesn't even realize what happened. As for the sidhe fey themselves; such as yours truly, we consider ourselves much more civilized. If an occasional mortal dies by our hand, then so be it, but we don't go around searching for blood. Well the most of us anyway. Besides, so what if we take away twenty or forty years from a mortal; when you can live forever does one puny human life even matter?

Humans are so dimwitted anyway; it's usually their own fault they get trapped in Faery. Some of us choose to live among mortals. They choose to live off the high only obtainable from human hormones and emotions. We're everywhere, and yet you mortals couldn't really see us if you tried. We're that girl you thought you saw in the park that suddenly vanished. We're that beautiful boy you saw with a group of hormonal teenage girls swooning over. We're your daughter's imaginary friend, your son's monster in his closet. We're everywhere and you mortals are too blind, too wrapped up in your technology, too unbelieving to even notice or believe we exist.

There used to be a time centuries ago when you mortals would worship us. We had the power to do anything, we could make a man become wealthy from an unexpected artistic streak, or we could take your own wife, or father deep into the world of Faery; never to be seen again. Of course we could still do all that, but you mortals hardly seem to notice anymore; all so close-minded.

Now as the story goes, I could rush in and tell you about the time I fought in the Iron Realm, or the time I confronted the Queen, or about the time my glass heart was finally shattered. However I'm afraid to say that you would become both incredibly lost and bewildered. You see my story spans out over years and centuries of time; with so many twists and turns that at times I felt that even my head was beginning to spin. So instead I think I would rather start at the very beginning; my beginning.

My name is Laufeia holdfény Lavelyrna. Fia for short- although only one person calls me that; but we'll get to that later. Anyway, just to let you know, that's not my True Name. That's right, so don't even try using it, it doesn't work. No trying to command me to marry a troll, or assassinate your enemy; I'll just laugh in your face. It's not even close to my actual name; the one that I've just recently discovered. My name is simply the creation of Titania who had taken me in and raised me. Apparently the Seelie Queen believed that she had the power to bestow True Names. I laugh at her arrogance. Anyway, I tend to use the name that she gave me as the one I tell others. Besides, it was because of her that I even have a story to tell.

Speaking of which, I never exactly told you what my story was about, have I? Sorry, I do seem to get carried away at times.

My story is about me trying to discover who I really am and what I'm meant to be.

My story is about my dedication to the land that I was raised in and my will to fight and die to save it.

My story is also about my love for an annoying buffoon of a boy.

But guess what?

I'd die for him too.