Chapter One

23 June, 1942. 12:00 AM

The man protested, trying to get past the nurse who was blocking his way, with her arms spread to touch each side of the hallway.

"But my wife-" he said.

"Is in good hands," The blond nurse interrupted. "Now go sit down!" He rolled his eyes and mimicked her "Go sit down!" under his breath. Of course, he could have beat her down and demanded to see his wife (what else do they put him through all this military training for?!), but he figured Julie wouldn't appreciate him getting arrested. He sat down in one of the hard hospital chairs, nervously tapping his foot. He looked at the clock. The five minutes that had gone by had felt like hours. Then again, it always felt like that when you were waiting for something. Especially this something. He sighed and pulled the paperback book he kept in his coat pocket out, and went to the folded page, and started reading, But he found that he couldn't concentrate on science fiction right now. His foot tapped faster with each passing minute.

"Mr. McFarlane, you may see your wife now," the same nurse said with a smile, indicating that his wife was alive and well. He jumped up, and ran past her. He felt as if he was a child who had eaten a lot of candy at once(despite a mum's protest). He saw his wife holding a pink bundle. He looked at her. She radiated beauty, just like the day they had met 7 years ago.

"Don't look so dumbfounded. Come here and see your second daughter," she said. How does she even have the energy for that sarcasm? He scowled. He did look dumb! He could feel it on his face. He walked over to his wife, and she pulled the blanket down a little, so he could get a glimpse of the newest McFarlane. He smiled ecstatically.

"Oh, Julie, look at her! She's beautiful!" he exclaimed. "Well, of course she is, she looks just like you," he corrected himself. "Don't be so hard on yourself, Jim! She has your nose," Julie reassured. "I can't wait for Britt to meet her little sister!" Britt was their bubbly, energetic five year old.

A doctor walked over to them. "What's her name?" he asked.

"Holly Nicole McFarlane," Julie answered. The doctors left them in peace.

"Holly, you are meant for great things, I know it," Jim said to his sleeping daughter while holding her little balled fist. "Great things."