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Author's Note: I can't wait for 9pm tonight, and I really, really just wish TBU didn't exist. :'( But it does, so I'm dealing with it my own way: writing! Takes place right after Eli C. messages Blaine on Facebook.

I wrote this, I guess, because I sort of wondered what would have happened if the members of the New Directions had seen Blaine as more of a friend and less of an accessory to Kurt. If Blaine had felt that he could talk to someone from the group, maybe he wouldn't have been so inclined to self-destruct. So Blaine makes one last effort, and it pays off for Klaine. :)

(The title is from the beautiful Coldplay song, "The Scientist". If you haven't seen the heartbreaking Glee version of it, please do look it up! And I don't own the song any more than I own Glee.)

4:09 from Blaine

I'm about to do something really stupid. Stop me.

Mercedes nearly drops her phone.

"The fuck does that mean?" she mutters, fumbling with the buttons to tap out a hurried response.

4:10 from Mercedes

Where r u, Anderson!?

4:10 from Blaine

Um. Choir room. Meet me in 5?

4:12 from Mercedes

Don't do anything till I get there, white boy!

Mercedes bursts through the door, speeches on not giving up and life being worth it tumbling nonsensically around her mind to find Blaine slumped in one of the plastic chairs, clutching his cell and staring at it as though it's about to attack him.

"What...what the hell am I thinking?" he chokes softly.

"I dunno, but whatever it is, it's not worth losing yourself over," Mercedes snaps.

"Or Kurt," Blaine whispers.

"Or Kurt," Mercedes confirms. "So don't - don't - just - why'd you text me?"

Shaking, Blaine hands the cell to Mercedes, Facebook open on it.

Eli C.

What's up, sexy?

Eli C.

You want to come over?

Gaping, Mercedes does actually drop the phone this time. It echos on the linoleum with the beat of Blaine's heart.

"Oh, hell to the naw!" she gasps. "Who is this guy?"

Blaine shrugs listlessly. "Some kid I met at The Lima Bean the other day. We talked a bit. He friended me on Facebook."

Mercedes continues to glare at him, and Blaine continues to ramble.

"It's just - Kurt's not answering any of my calls or texts, I haven't had a conversation with him in ages that doesn't revolve around Isabelle or Vogue or New York or fashion, and I'm really lonely, Mercedes, and I've tried to talk to him, but he won't - just - answer me!"

Mercedes feels a rant rising up in her throat, but pushes it down. He hasn't done anything yet. He asked me to stop him, not yell at him. Instead, she sits down and listens.

"What am I thinking, Mercedes? I swear I love him with all I have, but I - I just... Oh, God. I'm just so tired of this," Blaine sobs, his fingers digging into his temples. "Just remind me that he loves me," he begs, and Mercedes wraps an arm around his shoulder.

"Blaine," she whispers. "Blaine, remember the day I met you? Kurt invited me to Breadstix to introduce us," Mercedes says. "He was so excited when he called me, Blaine. For weeks it had been Blaine this and Blaine that and Blaine said...he never thought he'd meet someone like you. And then you took his hand on that Dalton staircase..."

"He told you about that?" Blaine murmurs brokenly against her shoulder.

"'Course he did, Anderson! Kurt told me everything about you. He told me how your eyes sparkle and how some curls still manage escape from that gel helmet you insist upon and how your voice is like freaking sex embodied -" here Blaine gives a strangled laugh, because while he can maybe imagine Kurt saying something like that now, a year and a half ago he probably would've checked the other boy for a fever.

"- and how much courage you have."

That does it. Blaine is crying. He sits in the choir room at McKinley High, memories of Kurt's eyes and Kurt's smile and Kurt's hand in his and everything Kurt has done for him invades every crevice of doubt that he has allowed into his mind, and he wonders how he could have been considering cheating.

"Give me that," Blaine chokes suddenly.

"What?" Mercedes yells. "You think I'm gonna sit here and watch you destruct your relationship with Kurt for some -"

"Mercedes! Shut up. Give me the phone."

Something in the hardness of Blaine's eyes makes the self-proclaimed diva drop the cell into his outstretched hand. With a vicious expression, Blaine taps out a quick, 'Sorry' into the chat box before blocking Eli.

"Good boy," Mercedes chuckles, sounding suspiciously emotional. "Now go book a flight to NYC and grovel a little, yeah?"

Even through his new-found determination to make things work, Blaine can't quite help the bitter thoughts that leave a sour taste in his mouth and a scowl on his lips.

He'll probably be too busy to see me once I get there anyway.

Blaine would be thrilled to be walking the streets of New York if he wasn't so preoccupied with the impending confrontation with his boyfriend. Stalling, Blaine pulls his phone out of his pocket and dials Finn's number.

"Hey Blaine," the other boy enthuses. A little too...well, enthusiastically to be real.

"You too?" chuckles Blaine darkly.


"Uh...nothing. Look, Finn, no offense, but you've screwed up relationships enough times to know what to do, so I was just wondering -"

"Whoa, wait...what did you do?" Kurt's step-brother demands quickly.

Blaine laughs softly. "Oh, nothing yet, I just might need to apologize for something I didn't actually do -"

"What?" Finn mutters blankly.

"You know what? Never mind. Just...should I bring a peace offering or something?"

Finn laughs. "Oh, that bad?"

"It's...pretty bad, yeah," Blaine murmurs.

"Okay, well, flowers always worked for me I guess," Finn offers a little weakly.

"Are you okay, man?" Blaine asks after hesitating a moment. On the other end of the line, Finn sighs heavily.

"I guess so...I just don't know if this thing with Rach is gonna work out, y'know?"

"Yeah," Blaine murmurs, "I do. Good luck, Finn."

"You too, bro."


Blaine picks up roses and coffee.

Author's Note: I know. It sucks. :) So, this is where I originally intended to end...but if you want a second chapter, I might be convinced. ;) Please review!