...Yes, I promised you another chapter. While this is it, this isn't it. Now don't worry, you'll still get that story. Check my profile; it'll be the newest story. Why? Upon proof-reading, we decided that it was self-contained and needed to be its own one-shot. Don't kill me, please. Just go read it.

DarthMihi and I are working on a novel-length Avengers AU about Steve, Natasha and child!amnesiac!Loki. Red Room pulls Captain America's body from the ice, the Black Widow runs away with them, and Loki – calling himself Seurre and desperate for a new life – blackmails them into taking him with them. Natasha's former employers chase them across the globe. Eventually, S.H.I.E.L.D takes notice and they get a shot at being what Steve always said they could be: heroes. Title: Secondhand Heroes. Contains: Child!Loki, nightmares, slow-build Steve/Natasha, chase scenes, family feels, crazy-uncle!Clint, a villain from Vanaheim, and Agent Coulson.

Stay tuned!

– RandomCelt