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It's midnight in Jasper Park. Two wolves are standing impatiently outside a familiar den.

" Luna?" yelled a silver coated wolf. "Are you in there?" yelled the wolf again.

"Patience Winston," says a tan fur she-wolf

"But Eve,they should have come out by now, we have already been standing here for about half of an hour," replied Winston impatiently.

" Hmmm," Eve nodded. She then stepped inside the den. It was inappropriate to enter a wolf's den without the owner's permission. The owner could be doing something that no one wants to see ( you know what I mean XD ). But this is an emergency! They need to talk to Luna.

"Empty," saidEve

" What?" yelled Winston in shock. The den was indeed empty. Luna and her pup were nowhere to be seen.

"But they should be asleep by now, where could they go?" said Eve starting to get worried about their safety.

"I need to warn the Alphas, Luna might be in trouble," said Winston. He took a deep breath. Winston was about to let out a warning howl when suddenly a pile of bushes near them rustled. Both of the leaders wasted no time and quickly performed Alpha Defend Stance.

"Uhhh?" a silver coated she-wolf with violet eyes emerge from the bushes. She was carrying another silver furball behind her back. "Winston? Eve? what are you doing here" asked the wolf

"Oh My God, dear, where have you been? We were so worried," asked Eve with a sigh of relief

Luna smiled. She then looked at her little furball, who was sleeping behind her back.

"Little Humphrey here missed his daddy" said Luna. "So we decided to visit him," said Luna again. Her beautiful face showed a sign of sorrow.

Both Winston and Eve of them remembered what happened to Chris, Luna's mate, Humphrey's father and most importantly their friend. That tragic day when their friendship bond severed was still fresh in their mind.

4 weeks ago…

"Please!" begged Winston.

"No!" replied Chris.

"Chris, please!" begged Winston again.

"Winston, today is my off day! I want to play with my son," said Chris shaking his head. Chris, a jet black alpha with aqua blue eyes, was having fun with his family, when Winston came in and spoiled it and then worst of all he asked him to go hunt… On his one day holiday!

"Please Chris! We need to feed the pack. Almost all the Alphas are sick today," begged Winston not giving up.

"Ugh! Who the hell brought that caribou anyway?" sighed Chris irritated. He really wanted to relax with his family. Winston turned his head and looked at Luna.

"Come on, Sweetheart. Let's just hunt, okay?" said Luna.

"But…" Chris's words just stopped when he looked at his mate's face. Luna was performing an irresistible puppy face.

"Not this again!" thought Chris panicking. Luna knows Chris's weakness. Chris can't ever resist that face.

"But… but how about Humphrey?" said Chris trying to give up too easily.

"Daddy, I want to watch you hunt!" yelled Humphrey while imitating his mother's puppy face.

"Oh my g.. fine, fine," sighed Chris giving a puppy face that was much worse than that one.

"Yay!" shouted Humphrey happily, his little tail wagging excitedly. Chris chuckled.

"But on one condition," said Chris as Humphrey cutely tilted his head.

"You're only allowed to watch us hunt from the cliff, no following my tail. Is that clear?" asked Chris.

"No problem big boss!" replied Humphrey excitedly. He then directed his attention towards Luna's tail.

"Come here, you little squirrel!" yelled Humphrey.

"He's quite active, isn't he" said Winston while staring at the cute pup who was trying to bite at his mother's tail.

"Hee hee! I know. Come on, let's get this thing finished," replied Chris.

"Oww! Humphrey…" whined Luna. Humphrey had literally just jumped at his mother's back.

"Yay! Riding a caribou!" said Humphrey. He then comforted himself on his mother's back.

"Come on you two, Let's go!" said Chris nuzzling his mate's neck. A relaxing sigh escaped from her throat.

"Okay… okay! Geez, Humphrey you're getting heavier," said Luna. Luna walked past Chris and slapped his cheek with her tail in the process. Chris smiled.

Later in the Valley

"Alright Humphrey, stay here. Okay?" said Luna. Luna put Humphrey onto a big rock near the valley. Here, Humphrey could get a full view of the valley.

"Don't go anywhere, okay pup?" Luna commanded. She stared at her son's aqua eyes which were similar with Chris's eyes.

"Okey-dokey, Mummy," replied Humphrey. He then sat still on the rock, not moving an inch. Luna just giggled.

"Good boy," said Luna smiling. Luna kissed Humphrey's forehead then started walking towards where Chris and Winston were waiting.

"Alright, let's go," said Luna.

"Okay, usual techniques: Luna will go for distraction, Chris and I will go for the throat," Winston explained. His facial expression turned to serious.

They stretched their muscles and started searching for their prey. They searched for a suitable prey around the valley. It's best to hunt down a lone caribou instead of attacking them while they're in their herd. Otherwise, it could cause a stampede. After a few minutes of searching, Luna spotted something.

"Found," whispered Luna. She pointed at a lone caribou near the valley lake. The caribou was peacefully grazing without noticing he was being targeted.

"Perfect! Come on!" whispered Chris. All three of them crawled slowly to their target.

Up at the cliff, the cute little Humphrey watched excitedly at his parents. Humphrey jumped around on the rock. "Wow! Mummy and Daddy are just so cool! One day I'm gonna be stronger than them!" thought Humphrey. Humphrey didn't notice a familiar tan wolf just sit beside him. The tan wolf put its paw onto Humphrey's shoulder. "Wargh!" yelled Humphrey shocked. Humphrey had almost jumped from the rock.

"Wow! Easy there, dear," said the wolf calming Humphrey down.

Humphrey turned his head and sighed in relief. "Ms. Eve! Don't scare me like that" said Humphrey almost yelling.

"Sorry dear, couldn't help it," replied Eve grinning. "So what are you looking at, Humphrey?" asked Eve.

"There! My parents are hunting. One day I'm gonna be stronger than them!" said Humphrey excitedly while pointing at his parents.

Eve chuckled. This pup was somehow very funny. Eve directed her attention towards the hunting group. They were surrounding a lone caribou without being noticed by it. "Ummm?" Eve noticed something. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw that something big was heading towards the caribou herd. Her eyes widened. "Bear!" thought Eve in a panic.

The bear was advancing toward the caribou herd with its claws unsheathed. Eve was about to let out a warning howl, when the earth grumbled. The stampede had started.

All three wolves in the hunting team turned their heads. A huge stampede was coming towards them… and fast!

"Stampede," yelled Luna in panic.

"Run to the cliff!" yelled Chris. They immediately ran to the cliff that was far enough from the stampede. Both Luna and Chris made it safely.

"Winston?" Chris looked around. Winston should be with them.

"Argh!" they then heard a yell.

Chris turned his head only to see Winston being rammed by a huge caribou and then knocked out. "No!" yelled Chris. He gathered every bit of his strength and lunged himself towards the neck of another caribou that was about to hit Winston again. The force of the impact caused both Chris and the caribou to be flung towards the center of the stampede.

"Chris!" yelled Luna. Her heart sank. She could see how her mate was being crushed by the stampede.

When the stampeded was over, Luna let a tear fall. Her mate, at the center of the valley, was not moving. "No..."Luna ran as fast as her legs could carry her towards her mate. To her relief Chris's body started moving.

"Luna…"said Chris while groaning in pain.

"You're gonna be alright, I'm gonna get help! Okay?" assured Luna. She was about to carry her mate, when Chris suddenly vomited a lot of blood from his mouth. Chris shook his head.

"Please don't do this to me, I need you! Please don't leave me!" cried Luna.

" Daddy?" Luna turned her head to look at where the voice was coming from. Her pup was running towards them and Eve on the other hand was checking her mate couldn't believes this. Its suppose to be a normal hunt .Not the day when she loses her mate and her best friend.

Chris smiled weakly. "Hey pup…" said Chris.

"Daddy, are you okay?" asked Humphrey. Being a little pup, Humphrey didn't know anything about death.

"Humphrey can you give me your ear? Please?" Chris asked.

Humphrey started to get excited. He loved it when his father nibbles his ear! It's just so ticklish! "Here," Humphrey put his little ear onto his father's muzzle.

"Humphrey... I need you to promise me something. Daddy is gonna sleep for a long time and Daddy needs you to take care of your mummy. Can you do that?" asked Chris whispering into his son's ear.

"Okey-dokey, Daddy! I'm gonna take care of mummy like you always did. No one can hurt my mummy," replied Humphrey. His voice was filled with determination.

"Good boy!" said Chris. He then lightly nibbled his son's ear. Humphrey just laughed.

"Luna?" said Chris. He directed his attention towards his beautiful mate.

"Chris... please don't leave me!" cried Luna.

Chris smiled weakly. He wiped out the tears from Luna's face. With the last bit of his strength, he forced himself to hug his mate tightly. "Be strong... because I never will leave you… I will always… live... in your heart," whispered Chris. And with that his breathing stopped.

Luna closed her eyes. She knew it was time. "I love you," whispered Luna. A stream of tears fell from her violet eyes.

No reply.

Luna broke the hug and looked at her mate's face. It was covered with blood... but a huge smile had formed on his face.

"Daddy..." Humphrey came to his mother's side. A tear fell from his face.


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