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"Mummy, do you think I'm gonna have some friends?" asked Humphrey curiously. Luna and Humphrey were on their way to the nursing grounds, where Alphas on duty would send their pups to be cared for by the omegas. Luna had never sent Humphrey to the nursing grounds before since Humphrey really loved to watch her hunt.

"Of course you will, Pup. You're gonna have many friends to play with," replied Luna looking at him.

"Umm … can I just watch you hunt?" asked Humphrey nervously. He was really nervous about this. What if his new friends hated him? What if they didn't want to play with him?

"Uhh, sorry Humphrey; you can't. I have an important meeting to attend," replied Luna. She noticed her pup's worried face. Luna then nuzzled his cheek.

"Don't worry, you're gonna have some friends. I promise you that," said Luna in her caring tone.

Humphrey's worries immediately died down when he heard that promise. One thing he knew was that his mother never broke a promise no matter what. "Okay Mummy. I trust you," Humphrey said with a smile.

Luna kissed his forehead. "Good boy! C'mon, we're almost there."

They walked through the territory and arrived at the nursing grounds a few minutes later. Humphrey was stunned. The nursing grounds were full of pups that were similar to his age. Some elder omegas were babysitting a bunch of pups who were playing around and laughing.

"I hope, I'm gonna have some new friends," thought Humphrey.

Luna walked through the nursing grounds and talked to one of the omegas there. Humphrey, on the other hand, was busy watching everything that was happening in the area.


Suddenly, Humphrey heard a beautiful voice coming from behind him. He turned around and gasped. Standing behind him was the most beautiful living thing he had ever seen. Her fur was coated with a golden tan color, and she had amber eyes as well as a matching amber mane. She was an angel.

"Uh… umm… urghh…" Humphrey tried to say something, but all that came was some jumbled and nervous muttering. The tan furred pup just giggled at this.

"Say 'hi,' Silly!" said the pup giggling.

"Uhh... Hi," Humphrey replied nervously. He put his head down, too nervous to watch the beautiful pup in front of him. To his surprise, the pup bent down and put her head right in front of his. Humphrey's heart skipped to a faster beat.

"Is anything interesting down there?" asked the pup, still giggling but now in front of Humphrey's face. This caused Humphrey to stumble backwards.

"Umm… no... no… sorry," Humphrey exclaimed still very nervous. The pup let out yet another giggle when she saw Humphrey's reaction to her.

"My name's Kate. What's yours?" asked the pup.

"Kate. What a beautiful name..." thought Humphrey dreamily.

"Umm, hello?" Kate waved her paw in front of his face. This broke Humphrey's trance.

"Oh... umm... my name is Humphrey," said Humphrey.

Kate looked at something behind him. "So Humphrey, you must be Aunt Luna's son, right?" asked Kate with a smiling face.

"Umm… yes… Wait! How do you know?" asked Humphrey. He then heard a cough behind him. Humphrey turned his head and saw his mother standing behind him and smiling.

"It seems you have met Kate, Pup," said Luna.

Humphrey was confused. How could Kate and his mother know each other so well?

Luna noticed Humphrey's questioning eyes and explained. "She's madam Eve's daughter, Pup," Luna informed with a comforting smile.

Humphrey's eyes widened. Madam Eve was known as a hot-tempered, crazy mother in the pack. Humphrey gulped. He had better not mess with this pup or he was going to end up turned upside down.

"Alright Pup! Since you have friends now, I'll be going, okay?" asked Luna.

Humphrey nodded.

Luna turned her head towards Kate. "Be nice to him, okay?" she said. She then whispered in Kate's ears "He's a bit shy."

Kate nodded.

"I heard that!" yelled Humphrey playfully.

Luna giggled. She kissed Humphrey's forehead and started walking toward Winston's den.

"So Humphrey, you have any friends?" asked Kate after Luna had gone.

"Well... umm... you're my first friend," replied Humphrey shyly.

Kate smiled "Well then, c'mon! I'll introduce you to some of my friends," she invited.

Humphrey started to get excited, tail wagging with enthusiasm.

"C'Mon," Kate led Humphrey through the nursing grounds to where a female pup, with snow white fur, was playing alone with a pine cone. Humphrey's heart rate was getting excited when suddenly Kate signaled him to stop and follow her to the nearby bush. Humphrey hesitated at first but soon followed her.

"Kate, what are you doing?" whispered Humphrey.

Kate closed his mouth with her paw. "Quiet," she whispered. She then stalked towards the pup. "I got you now, Lilly," whispered Kate grinning. Kate then pounced at the white female pup and started tickling her. This caused a big burst of laughter to escape from Humphrey.

"Ha ha ha... stop... stop!" the white pup begged.

Kate smile. "I got you now, Lilly" said Kate again while still tickling her.

"Ha Ha... okay… okay... please… I can't breathe... ha... ha!" begged Lilly again. Kate finally let go of her. Lilly got up, breathing heavily.

"Where have you been, Kate? I thought you were just having a drink?" asked Lilly.

Kate smirked. "Well, we just got a new friend. You can come out now, Humphrey."

Humphrey came out from the bush and walked over to them shyly. "Hi," he said.

Lilly suddenly gasped. "A boy!? Oh my gosh! A boy!? We're making friends with a boy!" Lilly yelled excitedly.

Humphrey blushed.

"Calm down, Lilly! And yes he is a boy," Kate stated.

Lilly calmed down and looked at Humphrey. "A BOY!" Lilly blurted out again.

"Lilly!" yelled Kate.

"Oh, sorry. My name's Lilly, by the way. I'm Kate's sister," said Lilly holding out her paw.

Humphrey was shocked. He was about to ask when Kate covered his mouth and shook her head. "Oh... My name is Humphrey," said Humphrey after Kate released her paw. He noticed that Lilly was really different when compared to her sister and her mother. He shrugged it off.

"So, what are we going to do now?" asked Humphrey. His tail wagged. He really wanted to play with his new friends.

Kate and Lilly looked at each other and grinned. Then Kate began, "Well, since you 're our new friend, what you need to do now is..." Kate paused.

"Catch us!" both Kate and Lilly yelled at the same time before sprinting off.

"Hey! That's not fair!" yelled Humphrey playfully. He then began to chase the two sisters. "Maybe this is not a bad day after all…" thought Humphrey while smiling.

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