Summary: The Master Chief struggles to move on after Cortana's death, despite him being Sierra 117. But when he is thrown into another galaxy where they face a threat just as big as the Covenant can he lock up his emotions like he did in the past to help in the fight against the Reapers?

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Welcome to my new story which just happens to be a crossover! The setting of this story is not a happy one. This shows what happens to the Master Chief after the events of Halo 4 and his struggle to cope with the death of Cortana.

Throw in a new dimension that just happens to be Mass effect makes things even better.

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Part one - Goodbye

One more thing, this will start off slow, so no dimension jumping in chapter one or two ^^.

Chief could only stare ahead, not having the willpower to reach for his light on his helmet, to notify the pelican of his location.

He sighed and closed his eyes, ignoring the wounds and bruises that were inflicted upon him in his fight against the Didact.

"You persist too long after your own defeat."

The Spartan twirled around, his Br85 gripped tightly in his hands; he knew he was running low on ammo, a quick glance showed he had 15 rounds left, with no extra mags.

His eyes darted from the left to the right, knowing that the Forerunner was baiting him. He slowly took a few steps back, never lowering his guard even an inch.

When he couldn't find the origin of the voice he turned around and continued his trek to the center of The Composer, where he would deploy his havoc nuke.

"Come then, Warrior have your resolution." The Didact calmly spoke as he appeared behind the Master Chief.

On instinct he once again turned around, his finger already on the trigger only to be slammed to the ground by the Promethean's force.

John felt the air leave his lungs as he slammed into the walkway and skidded along the energy bridge before with a certain grace only a Spartan could, came to a halt, one hand on the ground for support.

He looked to the Didact and then towards the Havoc nuke, he knew he had to make a choice, either try and fight the forerunner or go for the nuke and set it off, killing them both in the progress.

He decided for both, he grabbed his sidearm and while he sprinted for the nuke he fired the gun, aimed at the Didact's. He knew that it wouldn't work but if it could stall him for a couple of seconds it was all he needed.

Unfortunate for him it didn't work; the Didact grabbed him in his force field and forced him away from the bridge, applying pressure to the Chief all the while.

"So misguided."

John knew that he couldn't break out of; he tried it anyways, only to be met with stabs of pain as his opponent applied even more pressure.

"Humanity's imprisonment is kindness." The Didact stated as he closed his held out hand into a fist.

The Chief who was used to pain wasn't going to let him have the satisfaction of hearing him groan in pain and stayed silent.

The Forerunner turned around when he heard whispers.

Multiple forms of Cortana rose up from the energy bridge.

In that case, you won't mind if we return the favor. "She said with anger lacing her tone.

The Didact who hadn't thought of her as a significant threat replied just as easily. "Your compassion for mankind is misplaced."

"I'm not doing this for mankind!" with that she shot forward and entangled his arms and trapped them both with some sort of energy that had the same color as the bridge.

The Chief who was no longer trapped fell down and slammed with his upper body on the bridge before slipping down until he gripped the edge of the bridge with his hand.

He looked down and knew that even though he had survived similar situation he didn't want to push his luck. With a grunt he managed to get both his arms on the bridge and slowly climbed back up.

He reached for his frag grenade and without hesitation he sprinted towards the Promethean that threatened all mankind and rammed his hand between the openings of his armor plating and planted the frag grenade there.

The Didact responded with a punch that cracked the Chief's visor and sent him flying backwards.

John could only look as the Didact once again tried to imprison him.

The frag grenade went off and sent the Forerunner stumbling off the energy bridge.

The Chief rolled on his shoulder and looked over the edge, watching the enemy that had pushed him to his limits fall to his death.

He turned his attention back on the havoc nuke and he knew what he had to do. He tried to stand up but immediately fell back down, it seemed that after all the fighting he had done in his entire life finally became too much for him in the end.

He crawled slowly to the weapon of mass destruction; his breathing was slow and shallow.

The temptation to slip into unconsciousness was very tempting to just let the darkness envelope him and let someone else take up their weapons just this once.

But instead he kept inching closer and closer to the bomb until, he, finally reached for it and grabbed it with one hand.

He looked up to planet earth, the jewel of humanity, the one planet they couldn't afford to lose, because if they did, humanity would become extinct. He knew that by setting off the nuke he would die, Spartans may be tough but no one could possible survive a blast of that magnitude.

His death in turn for the safety of everyone else…It was a price he'd gladly pay.

Before he slammed his other hand on the detonation trigger of the nuke his last thought went out to Cortana, how she had always been there for him, fighting the battles he couldn't. Because of her he was able to do the things he was able to do, destroying the Halo ring, preventing the flood from wiping out everyone in the galaxy, and this, preventing the Didact from the destruction of mankind.

Cortana was so much more than just a helpful AI. She was his friend, his last friend, and that triggered something in him he never had felt before.

He looked down before slamming his hand on the button

His whole world exploded.

If that was how it would end he would've been okay with that, finally closing his eyes, because behind that helmet of his there was still a human being, even though he was augmented for so much more.

But then another thing happened.

He was on his knees in a similar position when he set off the nuke.

He looked around him and he saw that there were blue data streams around him that looked very much like Cortana's body color.

"Cortana?" There was no response

"Cortana, do you read?" The Chief tried again but there was still no response.

He grew a bit worried, Cortana always responded, for her not to answer was the same as not joking around, it just didn't happen.

He looked around and was about to give up hope and turned around when he saw her.

She was the size of an average human, but still much shorter than him, he was perplexed, she was always small, only fitting on his All he could say was; "How?"

Cortana smiled. "Oh I'm the strangest thing you've seen all day?"

"But if were here" he was already thinking about the multiple scenarios, that the bomb didn't go off and that they were teleported somewhere.

That perhaps the Didact was messing with his mind.

Or that he was in fact dead and this was some sort of afterlife he didn't believe in, Death was just that…Death.

Cortana looked at him with her blue eyes, containing a spark of happiness. "It worked. You did it. Just like you always do."

"We did it," He corrected her before looking around. "So how do we get out of here?" He asked as he looked back at her.

Cortana looked down and sighed she looked back at him with a form of acceptance he had never seen before.

"I'm not coming with you this time." She looked straight at his helmet, even though she seemed okay with what she just told him, her eyes told him otherwise, it was filled with sadness.

John however was all but okay with it and mentally shook his head in disbelief and slight anger, not to her, but towards the situation overall. "What?"

Cortana glanced back down, as if she was looking for something "Most of me is down there. I only held enough back to get you off the ship." Her voice almost cracked.

Cold fear settled in John's gut, his heart started beating rapidly, faster than it had have gone before. "No! That's not!" He swallowed and bit back his fear. "We go together or not at all."

Cortana gave him another smile, a sad one at that. "It's already done."

John wasn't hearing any of it though. "I'm not leaving you behind!"

""its okay, John"

"I'm not leaving you here!" he said resolute, refusing to listen to her.

Cortana walked forward, "John…" she reached out for his chest plate and actually touched him. "I've waited so long to do that." She placed her other hand as well and laid her head on his chest.

The dam that bottled all of John's emotion finally reached its peak and threatened to crack. "Don't make me beg, Cortana." He placed one hand behind the small of her back, feeling the heat emit from her despite the layer of suit that was between them or the fact that she was still an AI.

Cortana slowly lifted her head and looked at his helmet's visor, how she wished that she could look at his face just once more.

Chief however looked down, his dam was breaking, cracks where everywhere and it would just be a matter of moments before he would do something he never as a Spartan did before. "It was my job to take care of you, I promised…" He said, his voice trembled slightly and would've gone unnoticed if Cortana didn't know him any better.

Cortana moved in his field of vision. "We were supposed to take care of each other."

If AI's could cry Cortana knew that she would've the moment John had said that. "And we did."

A lone tear slipped through and made its way down John's face. "Cortana…Please…" another found his way down his cheek. There was just so much pain and loss a Spartan could take

Cortana touched him once more before slowly walking back, her eyes never leaving John's.

Chief who knew the feeling of loss, knew that this was just as much as he could take, Johnson's death was as bad as John thought it would ever be. He was proven wrong in the end. ""Wait…" he reached out with his hand.

"Welcome home, John" she blew a kiss towards him and slowly disappeared.

Chief was defeated, by a wound that even the Didact, his knights, or even the entire covenant fleet with all its forces couldn't inflict. A stab to the heart that not even the most resourceful doctor could fix.

"Home is wherever you are…" he barely managed to whisper and forced his knees to keep him standing. There was just so much a Spartan could take.

"I'll miss you John…"

The past hours he was drifting around among the debris, and all he could think about was her.

He finally noticed the pelican that was floating towards him, and for a slight moment, the unbreakable man considered for a very brief moment to simply just let go, to reach for his helmet and just let go.

But Cortana saved him and she knew that there could always be more trouble ahead and that the human race could still be in danger. But despite that, she had saved him not for humanity's sake but for his own, because she was his friend, his last friend that finally left him as well.

He briefly wondered what life would be if he turned civilian, if he would settle down, but he immediately slammed hat idea into the ground, no one could replace his protector, no one could replace Cortana.

He felt the darkness reach for his mind, and for once he just let it.

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