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Never Ending Fairytail

Chapter 16


"What on Earthland happened here?" Erza asked.

Wendy sat in a chair surrounded by everyone, wrapped up in a blanket. She hugged the blanket closer as she spoke.

"I was only trying to help Natsu, awaken his memories of Lucy again" she whimpered.

"What went wrong?" Erza asked.

"I was seeing Natsu's memories, the ones he remembered about Lucy. Her face finally cleared but it got dark all of a sudden. A force, a dark force appeared out of nowhere and repelled my magic. It kicked me out" she said.

It was the voice in my head.

"Dark force?" Lisanna repeated.

"She screamed and was shot back from her seat. Juvia went to help Wendy but Natsu started yelling all of a sudden. Juvia did what Juvia thought was best and drowned him" Juvia said.

"Now wouldn't be a good time to mention the voices I hear in my head would it?" I asked interrupting the grown up's conversation.

"Voices?" Erza repeated.

"I think that's the thing Wendy heard, there are two. One's light, beautiful, calming while the other's just deep, no emotions in it at all" I told them.

"Since when have you been hearing voices?" Erza asked.

"Since... since... I can't remember? I didn't notice it at first but now it's like... I can hear him you know?" I asked.

"Him? It's a guy's voice?" Lisanna asked.

"Yeah but the voices changes, light then dark, light then dark" I said.

It was like up and down, left and right. Complete opposites and yet they both have me in common.

"What does the voice say?" Erza asked.

"The light one say's random things, like it's having a conversation of some sort. The voice is talking to someone but when I respond to it, it doesn't respond back so it must be talking to someone else. The other talks about control, strange things... anger... hatred..."

Talking about it made this fire within me start burning. I don't know why but I felt like I could burn a whole town right now, all this energy inside me.

"What's it mean Erza? Is he going crazy or what?" Gray asked.

I stared up at my friends. Erza, Lisanna, Juvia, Gray, Wendy, Charle, Happy. They all stared at me, but I felt like I was see-through, transparent. They were looking at me but at the same time it wasn't me they were trying to see. Who are they looking for? Who am I looking for?

Happy walked towards me, he reached his paw out and grabbed my hand.

"Do... do you remember? Do you remember the you found me?" he asked.

The day I found him?

"Of course partner, it was in Magnolia's East Forest. I had to fight a raging baboon to save you dragon egg" I said.

"He's still Natsu, he's still our Natsu! Don't think anything else! He's our Natsu, just a little lost though" Happy said.

"We don't Happy, we're just concerned" Lisanna said bending down with us.

"Remember our old house?" she asked.


"The one we made out of straw? Where we slept and waited for Happy to hatch?" I asked.


"That's the one, it's still there you know" Lisanna said grabbing my wrist.

"Remember our first fight?" Gray asked walking towards me.

"The one I should have won if it wasn't for that dog!" I yelled.

Gray laughed. Cheerfulness.

"What about that time when Master sent me looking for you?" Erza asked.

"You almost destroyed my home!" I said.

Fear, but it was good. Laughter.

Stop it, enough. These emotions are useless to us Natsu, rid yourself of them. Forget your heart and use mine. You're alone Natsu, I am all you have and will ever need.

no. No. Whatever's inside me, it doesn't like this. You're not all I have, I have friends! I have family!

You've found your fighting spirit but how long will it last? No flame last forever, soon it'll go out and I'll be there. I'll come back when you're at your lowest and slowly rebuild you from the ground up.

"Am I okay now?" I asked them.

"Nope! You're still an idiot!" Gray yelled and laughed.

Several others laughed along, myself included. Our laughter was interrupted by a knock at the door. Juvia walked over to open it and a dust of wind flew in.

"Finally! Do you know how many towns I had to run through to find you guys?" Jet asked.

"Jet? What are you doing here?" Erza asked.

"Hold on, first off" Jet said and walked into the kitchen.

He pulled out a glass and filled it up with water. He drank it and refilled it several types before coming towards us.

"3 days ago Freed got a letter, it was from Laxus" Jet said digging in his coat.

"You've been running for three days looking for us?" Erza asked.

"I was the fastest, it was the quickest way. Freed said it contains the location where Laxus is at, with that my missions complete. Oh, Master also told me to remind you about the time line. He said two weeks, you only have 5 days left. Good luck" Jet said and ran out the hotel room.

Five days? What happened to our 14 days? Where did it all go?!

"Seems we're not going to finish this mission on time, we aren't going back until we find Lucy" Erza said.

"Juvia agrees, if we run far enough Master won't be able to catch us" Juvia said.

"What about Natsu?" Wendy asked.


"Are you up to it Natsu?" Erza asked.

"Let's not forget who the leader of the mission this is" I said.

Erza smirked and opened the letter.

"It says... Laxus's has found a group" Erza said surprised.

A group?

"A group as in?" Lisanna asked.

"He's traveling around with people, it might be Lucy" Erza said.

Juvia gasped and walked to Erza to read the letter with her.

"He's... collecting ingredients for a recipe?" Juvia questioned.

"He's cooking? Lucy ditched us to cook with the exile?" I asked.

"Whatever he's doing with Lucy, we have our lead. It says he's heading towards Shady Oasis" Erza said before stuffing the letter in her armor.

"It'll take 4 days to get there by carriage, maybe we will make it on time" she said smiling.

"Carriage! What about walking?!" I asked.

"No worries Natsu, I'll take extra good care of you" Erza laughed darkly.

I shivered and hid behind Happy.

"We leave tomorrow morning, until then rest up" she said.

Great more traveling, when will I ever get a break.

"Is there a spell in that dusty old book of yours that can end Laxus's misery?" I asked Jellal.

"I'm afraid not" he sighed shaking his head.

"How are we suppose to have a meeting then if his head is neck deep in a bucket?" I asked.

We made it in time for the cruise ride out of here, actually we had a few extra hours. We couldn't really do anything though since Jellal was wanted for destroying that shop so we had to hide in the boat until it set sail. Laxus has been living in hell since we came back. Jellal wanted to discuss our last ingredient but with Laxus in the state he's in, I don't think he'll be able to hear a thing.

"Just go on, I'm not that weak" Laxus said.

Really? Because your head is still in the bucket.

"Here's the address Laxus's friend gave us to locate the Orichalcum. The only problem is that I don't have a clue about this place? I've never heard of it before so I don't know what to expect" Jellal said.

Axel's note wasn't just an address, it was directions also. I stared at the note.

Midnight Crater.

Find a guy name Hunter, tell him Gnasty Gnorc is Lea's Executioner.

He'll take you to a place called 'Cadaverous Crypt'

When you arrive ask him to sign you up for the Orichalcum Prize

"There are multiple suspicious things about this note" I said.

Mainly the Gnasty Gnorc, if he even spelled it right, and Orichalcum Prize.

"First up, why did he write prize?" I asked.

"Why'd he give us a list of instructions? Everything about this note is fishy" Laxus said.

"Gnasty Gnorc, he was an ogre" Jellal said.

"It's pronounced Norc? I thought it was Gah-norc... so the G's silent" I said.

"He was this ogre that ruled centuries ago, back in the 500's" Jellal said.

"So he was a bad guy?" I asked.

"Yes, maybe that's why he said Lea's Executioner. As in Gnorc killed Lea?" Jellal asked.

"The whole note is bullshit! But that's our only lead on the Orca-shit so that's where we got to go" Laxus groaned.

"I'll ask the Captain for a map or atlas or something, rest easily until we land" Jellal said.

Rest easily, if it was that easy. I looked over the note again. Gnasty Gnorc, Orichalcum Prize.

A prize is something you're given if you win... what did Axel tell me? Don't thank me? Now why would he say such a thing... unless the place isn't somewhere we'd want to go. I'm thinking about this too much, soon we'll get the Orichalcum and then I'll be home with Natsu... Natsu.

I wonder what you're doing right now?

"Well this place is certainly... shady" I said.

No sunlight was hitting this city whatsoever... I wonder how they grow plants with no sunlight?

"We're looking for a bar, it should be on the outskirts of the town" Erza said.

We found it pretty quickly, well of course we would there's 7 of us. This building looked tall for a bar, maybe 4 or 5 stories high. It was a wooden bar painted... light purple? I was never good at telling colors, only the main ones. Erza was first to walk into the bar followed by everyone else. There wasn't a door though, no. Instead was a swinging door, I walked in and the door swung, I walked back out and the door swung again. Awesome! Swinging doors! We need to have this in our guild!


I paused in the middle of the door and looked towards my companions. Right, we're here on a mission. Mission mode Natsu. I followed the rest of the gang to the counter of the bar. Everyone was staring at us, was there something on our faces? Erza walked towards the counter/.

"Care to order a drink?" a bartender asked.

"Not really, we're looking for a man named Laxus? He's about this tall, blond hair with a lightning bolt scar on his face" Erza said.

"Never heard of him" the guy said.

If that was true then why was his heart beating so fast?

"He's lying" I said.

Erza glanced at me then back to the bartender.

"Where is he?" she asked.

"I've never heard of him! Now if you're not going to order something th-"

Erza requiped one of her swords and threw it at the man, it landed inches away from his face.

"My friend here says you're lying, so where is he?" she asked.

I heard chairs scrapping against the wooden floors. I looked around me and saw people were getting out of their seats.

"Heads up, stay behind me Wendy" I said facing them.

Looks like things weren't going so well for us, oh well I was getting bored anyway.

"Must I remind you what happened last time? What have I told you about rowdy guest?" a new guy said walking in.

His hair was redder then Erza's, which I thought was impossible until I saw it. I held my fist up and lit it on fire, it was as red as my fist. Amazing, did he light his hair on fire to get it that red? Was his hair on fire now?! I wonder what it would taste like?... Hopefully not hair.

"The name's Axel, the owner of this lovely bar you all we're about to destroy. What can I do for you?" Axel asked.

"We're looking for a man named Laxus, blond, has a lightning scar on his face" Erza said.

Axel's eyes slowly narrowed. I saw his hands, which were placed on the counter, start moving down.

"Laxus didn't mention guests, he's in the back. Go ahead" Axel said motioning with his head.

Erza started walking but I grabbed her shoulder.

"It's a trap" I said.

Axel's eyes widened for a split second.

"Girly, what's that on your shoulder?" he asked.

We all looked back, following his eyes. Wendy just stood there shocked. She looked around then pointed at herself, "m-me?" she stuttered.

"You're a girly aren't you? Either that or I must have to get my eyes checked" Axel laughed.

Wendy blushed and rubbed her shoulder.

"Oh this, its Fairy Tail's symbol" she said.

Axel's eyes widened and his jaw dropped.

"You're all from Fairy Tail?" he asked.

We nodded and showed him our symbols.

"Aw you guys had me scared, I thought I'd have to whack you guys with one of these" Axel laughed lifting up a weapon from under the counter.

"But you guys are Laxus's comrades, come in, come in. Wow this sure is a treat, first Laxus comes with actual friends and now more friends of his shows up. I have to say I'm relieved, I always thought he was a loner but look how popular he's gotten" Axel laughed.

The bar went back to normal, that tension before disappeared after Axel's laughter. Everyone sat back down in their seats and went to business as usual.

"Well what are you guys standing for, come in! Come in! Can I get any of you a drink?" Axel asked walking in the back.

"No thanks, we're just here for Laxus" Erza said walking after.

"Is it safe Natsu?" Wendy asked.

"Look at us compared to him, we'll be okay" I told her.

Wendy nodded and followed in after everyone. I walked behind last, looking behind my shoulder to see if anyone one was following us. Axel led us inside a room, it was messy but had couches and seats so I assumed it was the living room of the bar... if people actually lived here.

"Take a seat, go ahead get comfy" he said walking around his room.

Wendy dragged me to the sofa and sat down with me. Happy and Charle sat on our laps, Lisanna next to me, Gray and Juvia next to Wendy. Erza stood in the background not ready to let her guard down.

"Where's Laxus?" she asked.

"You little pink haired friend was correct, it was a trap. Laxus ain't here, well he ain't anymore" Axel said walking back to us with a drink in hand.

"You killed him?" Erza asked.

"Hardly, he came by here a week ago with a weird bunch" he said.

Weird bunch? Was he talking about the group Laxus joined?

"We're looking for him, a friend of ours has gone missing and we hoped she'd be with him" Erza said.

"A female friend? Well Laxus did bring along his little sister this time" Axel puzzled.

"Little sister?" I asked.

"Yeah, strange because he's never mentioned having a sister the whole time I've known him. What was her name again?" Axel said rubbing his chin.

He took a sip from his drink.

"Lucy! Lucy Luce!" Happy yelled.

"That was it! Lucy Dreyar, not Luce though" Axel laughed.

Dreyar? Wasn't that Jii-chan's last name?

"It was her, Laxus, and this weird looking guy, couldn't get a good look at him since he was wearing a mask. Anyway they came over here asking me for A Mythril Crystal and an Orichalcum"

Weird looking guy? Could it have been the blue scent I smelled back in that forest?

"Did you give it to them?" Erza asked.

"I had the Crystal but no Orichalcum, after that they left" Axel said.

So they weren't here anymore, just great.

"Do you know where they were heading?" Gray asked.

"Sure I do, I sent them on death's road" Axel joked.

Erza wasn't to fond of his sense of humor though, she requiped and held a lance to Axel's neck.

"Calm down sweet cheeks, like I said before I didn't kill them. I just sent them to a place they might be killed at"

"Looks like the same thing to me"

"Do you want to know where they went or not?" Axel asked.

Erza lifted up her lance but didn't put it away. Axel stood up and started going through his things.

"I sent them there over a week ago, if you're lucky they should still be there. The tournament doesn't start for another week so you have some time" Axel said walking back to us.

He handed Erza a piece of paper.

"Tournament?" she asked.

"Yeah, tournament. How else do you expect to get an Orichalcum?" he asked.

My heart started beating out of its chest. Beating, pumping. What was with it?

"What's the fastest way to Midnight Crater?" Erza asked.

"I gave you the location since you we're friends with my old pal Laxus, anything else is going to cost you" Axel said.

"How about we give our new friend Axel here the Fairy Tail welcome guys?" Erza asked.

I smirked and stood up, lighting my fist on fire. Gray started his ice make magic, Juvia her water, Lisanna changed into her fiercest animal while Erza requiped to Heaven's Wheel Armor.

"You know what, I'll do it for free since we're such good friends" Axel cowered.

Midnight Crater here we come, finally this mission will be over and I'll finally be able to find out who Lucy is.

The boy opened his eyes. He tried looking up at the sky but the sun was too bright so he lifted up his hand to cover it. Natsu. He was harder than the boy had expected, but none the less not impossible. The boy has lived for such a long time, he had patience. He could wait, surely Natsu couldn't fight him off forever.

His friends we're another problem though, like that Air Dragon for instance. She had done a horrible job of trying to heal him, if the boy hadn't stopped her like he had, the girl would have succeeded in awakening the 'Lucy' memories.

Lucy. She did this to him. She got rid of his perfect vessel, got rid of his perfect source of darkness, and now she was the only one standing in his way towards Natsu. Zeref wasn't one to lose, he always destroyed anything that got in his way. Lucy was on the top of his list now, right after Fairy Tail.

His last vessel Jellal was a smart one, Zeref knew he should have killed him once he escaped his grasps. Now he was gathering the items necessary for his destruction. Zeref was never going back, he couldn't. He had to find it, what he didn't know?

Zeref was searching for something, after all this time it still hasn't revealed itself to him. That problem wasn't top priority though, Jellal was. Midnight Crater, that's where everything was going to happen. Natsu has proved to be a rather useful vessel, a very useful vessel indeed. Now that all the pieces were coming together all Zeref had to do was use the right move and he could kill Lucy, Jellal, Natsu's useless little friends, and the key ingredient to his destruction.

Zeref closed his eyes again and leaned against the tree. Possessing Jellal was the best move he could have done all those years ago, now he had a direct link to the Magic Council... he wondered how they would like hearing about this dark tournament in Midnight Crater?