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Never Ending FairyTail

Chapter 18


E-execution? Did he just say execution? Laxus and Jellal quickly went on defense mode; Hunter yelped and held his hands up.

"Whoa! What's going on?" he asked.

"You just welcomed us to our execution" Laxus growled.

"That's just our saying here at Hunter's Game! I'm not going to be the one killing you" he said.

"Then who is?" Jellal asked.

Hunter dropped his hands and smirked.

"It depends, why don't we go in and find out" he asked.

I was the first to move.

"After you" I said.

"Please, ladies first" Hunter smirked.

I laughed lightly and walked in... I was walking inside a mountain! I started laughing louder. The place didn't look like a mountain though, not that I knew what the inside of a mountain looked like. There were tunnels inside it, multiple ones then seemed to go on for miles. I saw the peek box he used to see us, the wood wall had a little lever sticking out of it. I walked up to it and slide it open, I could see the outside.

"What's so funny little lady?" Hunter asked.

"We're inside a mountain! It's amazing" I told him.

I couldn't wait to tell Natsu this, about all my adventures! He would never believe I was walking inside a mountain!

"If all I had to do was let you walk inside a mountain to make you happy again then I would have done it weeks ago" Jellal said.

"Zip it Je- Mystogun" I glared.

"Come one little lady, let me show you the rest of my 'Game'" Hunter said walking ahead.

I closed the peek box and started walking through the tunnel beside Hunter.

"Did you dig these tunnels yourself?" I asked.

Hunter looked at me then started laughing.

"What a laugh! Hahaha, does it look like I could do this?" he asked.

I shook my head, even though Hunter was good-looking he didn't look like a mage to me. He didn't even have muscles, Natsu on the other hand... Natsu...

"I'm too smart to do manual labor like this" he said.

"Where are you leading us Hunter?" Laxus asked.

"Didn't Axel tell you anything about this place?" Hunter asked looking behind his shoulder.

"Cadaverous Crypt?" I asked.

"Seems the little lady here is the smartest out of all of you, you are correct" Hunter said.

"That little lady has a name, just like the rest of us" Laxus said.

My mouth dropped. I know he did not just say that! Really?! Coming from the Dragon who calls me Blonde.

"That's true, tell me sweet cheeks" Hunter flirted.

I giggled, he was reminding me a lot like Leo expect less annoying.

"Lucy" I said.

"Lovely Lucy" Hunter said bending down to kiss my hand.

I froze.

"What about you two back there?" Hunter asked leaning back up.

All of a sudden Hunter was being pushed ahead and I was being squished between Jellal and Laxus. Both of them held a deadly glare towards Hunter.

"Laxus" Laxus growled.

"Mystogun" Jellal said, since he wasn't able to growl, but it still sounded deadly.

Hunter chuckled.

"Seems your taken, alright then. Lucy, Mystogun, Laxus, welcome to my game" Hunter said.

There was a light at the end of the tunnel. Once we finally made it out I felt my heart drop.

"T-th-this, this is incredible!" I yelled.

My voice echoed throughout the cave. The inside of the mountain was hallowed out, I looked up and saw sunlight. It was like a volcano kind of, expect the inside wasn't filled with lava, it was filled with craters. Large ones were spread out all over the ground, but it was strange. There were building built inside the craters, people filled the inside. I watched with amusement on how people went inside down the craters, of course there was stairs but then others would just slide down.

"I like you Lucy, you really see the beauty of things" Hunter said walking to my side.

"I've never seen anything like this" Laxus said.

"I've never heard of anything like this" Jellal said.

"We try to keep a low profile, no one has a clue we exist and I'd like to keep it that way" Hunter said staring at us.

"So, what's your visit to Cadaverous Crypt?" he asked.

"We want to sign up for the Orichalcum Prize" I said.

Hunter's smirk fell into a ghost of an expression.

"Tell me you're not entering Lucy" he said.

I blinked.

"Why wouldn't I?" I asked.

"Cause! You're hot! And they'd kill you out there! No offense but you don't look like you'd be able to handle your own out there in the ring" Hunter said.

"Ring? What are you talking about?" I asked.

Hunter shook my head.

"Axel needs to start explaining things better, come on let's go to the arena" Hunter said walking down the path.

... Arena?

"When we asked for transportation I wasn't expecting this" Gray said.

I tried my hardest to keep my breakfast in. Deep breathes Natsu, in out.

"I know right? An underground train?" Lisanna asked.

I groaned in agreement, or maybe in pain?

"Well at least we'll be at Midnight Crater in time for the tournament" Wendy said.

Screw that, I'd rather just not go! It took all the energy I had left to reach up and grab Erza's armor.

"Please!... Finish me!" I yelled.

Erza smiled sweetly at me.

"Night, night Natsu" she said.

Before her fist came crashing into my face.

Hunter led us to the center of the mountain, the biggest crater was there along with the biggest building in it. It looked like a grand castle, huge stone walls, banners hanged all around it. Pictures of people faces we're on the banners, names we're hung up on flags, what was this place?

"Come on, watch your step lovely Lucy" Hunter said holding his hand out towards the stairs.

I had a better idea in mind.

"Race you down Laxus!" I yelled jumping on the side of the crater.

"Ahh! Whoooa!" I yelled sliding down.

I balanced myself out as my shoes slide down to the center.

"You're going to have to be quicker that Blonde" Laxus said sliding past me.

Huh? How did that happen? I buckled my knees tighter together, my speed started increasing.

"You snooze you lose Laxus!" I yelled.

Laxus slide up next to me and shoved me, I started laughing and shoved him back. Laxus actually gave me a carefree smile, my eyes widened. Wow, I don't think I've ever seen hi-

My balance slipped, I started falling. A light shined though and I was being carried up into the air. I landed at the bottom in a matter of seconds.

"I won" Jellal said playfully.

"What's with that Blonde?" Laxus asked sliding towards us.

"You were the one that shoved her" Jellal said.

"Hello?! Didn't you see her shove back?" Laxus argued.

"He's right, I got distracted" I said.

Jellal sighed and placed his hand on my head.

"Careful" he said.

I nodded numbly.

"Nice moves, you might stand a chance Mystogun" Hunter said walking towards us.

A chance?

"Let's go, you three got great timing. Today's the last day for sign-up's" Hunter said.

"Mind explaining things to us now?" I asked.

"Hunter's Game is a tournament, my tournament to be precise" he said.

I started looking around the inside of the castle when we walked in. First off, if I thought the outside was big the inside was even bigger! This castle put every Fairy Tale book's castle to shame. Secondly, this placed was packed. I'm surprised people weren't running into us but then again for some reason when they saw Hunter, they all cleared the way for him. Hunter led us to this huge projection, words written all over it.

"These are the matches, the one you're looking for is the Jade Cup. The prize for that is the Orichalcum" he said.

"Prize?" Laxus asked.

Hunter turned around and sighed.

"Look, this whole place right here is a gambling spot. People pay money to watch the contestants fight to the death with each othe-"

"To the death?!" I asked.

"Technically it's not to the death, just until someone says I give but we have some stubborn people here. They'd rather die then walk away in shame, or you can be knocked unconscious" Hunter said.


"I'm highly against you participating in that cup Lucy, especially since the King's entering that one but if you really want to... I can't stop you" Hunter said.

"Just us, sign us up" Jellal said.

"What?" I said.

"Your weak Blonde, let us take care of it" Laxus said.

"We're a team though! Didn't you say Mystogun that you needed my strength?" I asked.

"I also need you alive too" he said.

"There's a kiddy tournament if you really want to fight someone Lucy" Hunter said.

I sighed and looked over to the game board. I saw the Jade Cup section, there wasn't a lot of people signed up for it.



"So if they win, you'll just give us the Orichalcum?" I asked.

"If your buddies win the tournament, yes" Hunter said.

"Sign us up then Hunter" Laxus said.

"Alright, I'll tell you guys more about the rules since you're new" Hunter said.

I walked up closer to the game board, my eyes looking at all the cups happening.



I'm glad Axel gave us his or else we'd have to be in two tournaments. I wonder what other prizes these cups offer?


PRIZE- $1,000,000,000

That much for one cup?! What the hell?! I'd be rich if I won that one! Think Lucy, you're here to save Natsu not to get rich quick... you can always come back once the world is saved. My eyes scanned through the other cups.

Cobalt Cup, Topaz Cup, Pearl Cup, Silver Cup, -

My eyes stopped at the Gold Cup.



One Zodiac Key.

A Zodiac Key. I had 10, there was 12 Zodiacs in all.

"Sign me up for the Gold Cup" I said.


I turned around and faced the guys.

"Sign me up for the Gold Cup!" I said.

"Leave the fighting for the big boys alright Blonde? Why don't you be our cheerleader?" Laxus said.

I glared at him and walked over to Hunter.

"Lucy Dreyar for the Gold Cup" I said.

Hunter smirked.

"Alright Lucy, the sign-up's for that was is over put I'll pull some strings. I'll sign you guys all up right now. My money's on you Lovely Lucy, you better win" Hunter winked before walking away.

"What you do that for?!" Laxus yelled.

"The prize was a Zodiac Key" I said.

"Lucy, this place is dangerous! They will kill you out there" Jellal said.

"I can take care of myself, besides I know when to say I give" I said.

"You don't get it Blonde! There's no rules! This is a death match, they can pull out all the dirty shots and no one will care! As long as it's entertaining for the crowd they don't care" Laxus said.

"It's over! I'm entering! I'm getting that key! You two should be focusing on getting the Orichalcum" I said.

Jellal sighed and walked over to me. He lifted up Natsu's scarf and started wrapping it around my head.

"We need to keep a low profile, stay in disguise" Jellal said.

He lifted up my hand with the Fairy Tail symbol on it. Jellal took off his gloves and gave them to me.

"No one can know about us Lucy, this place right here. If the Magic Council knew about this place!" Jellal paused and sighed.

I nodded my head placing the gloves on.

"Why do I need to cover my face though?" I asked.

Jellal turned his head and pointed up. I can't believe I didn't notice it before, Lacrima holograms were all around us. Video's of people fighting and reply's were showing.

"You never know who will come to one of these" Jellal told me.

I nodded and tightened Natsu's scarf around my head.

"Alright you three are all set! Follow me to your chambers" Hunter said coming back.

"Chambers?" I asked.

"Yup, all our fighters get rooms for free since there our main attraction" Hunter laughed.

We followed him to an elevator. We all entered and started going up. I looked outside the window and saw the perfect few of the arena, there was a fight going on at this very moment.

"I assume you three want to room up together?" he asked.

"Yes" Jellal answered.

"Nice cover Lucy, I'm glad your pretty little face won't get so beat up now" Hunter said.

"Thanks for your concern" I said turning back around.

The elevator stopped and Hunter led us out.

"I put 10 million on you Lucy, onl-"

"TEN MILLION!" I yelled.

Hunter smirked.

"Why act surprised? You're my lady luck. Don't worry, if you win I'll give you 5 Mill" Hunter winked.


"What is I lose?" I asked.

"Then I'm out 10 Mill, don't worry Lucy. I'm sure you won't lose" he said.

That's a lot of pressure for a girl!

"When's our tournament start?" Laxus asked.

"Well Lovely Lucy's will begins today, yours on the other hand starts in two days" Hunter said.

"Today?!" I asked.

"Yup, in about... 2 hours" he said.

... WHAT?!

"Well here's your room, I'll have someone pick you up when it's starting" Hunter said opening a door for us.

Jellal tugged me in while Laxus shut the door.

"What's the plan here?" Laxus asked.

"What can it be? We have to win that tournament if we're going to want to get the Orichalcum" Jellal said.

"And Lovely Lucy over here?" Laxus asked mimicking Hunter's voice.

"You worry about your tournament Laxus and I'll worry about mine. If you excuse me, I'm going to take a bath" I said walking away.

The room was nice, big, spacious. It was simple enough to find the restroom though. I ran the water and started to strip. Tournament... I wonder if Natsu would like it? It's fighting, something he's always loved. I don't like the death part but the fighting definitely. Alright, it's decided. Once this whole thing blows over I'll take Natsu... he'd probably be the Champion.