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Never Ending Fairytail

Chapter 20


"Time to wake up!"



My eyes scrunched together as I moaned softly.

"Natsu" I grumbled.

"What's with this girl? Everyday its Natsu this and Natsu that"

My fist shot up to where the voice was coming from. I smiled once I felt it connect to something.

"Ouch! You little!"

"Calm down Laxus, she was just having a dream"

"Dream my ass"

I giggled before opening my eyes. Laxus and Jellal we're hovering over me, Jellal smiling while Laxus... glared.

"Morning Champion" Jellal said.

I tried leaning up but felt like my head was about to split into two. I leaned back down and groaned clutching it. I heard Jellal's solf chuckles as he helped me lean up against the... couch? Why was I laying down on a couch? Wait a second...

"Champion?" I asked.

"You did good Lucy, proved Laxus wrong" Jellal snickered.

"Shut up! How was I suppose to expect her to be able to summon all those spirits out?!" Laxus yelled.

"I don't know, maybe by believing in her!" Jellal said back.

"Stop, my ears" I mumbled.

Was I still dreaming? Because Jellal actual had a come back to Laxus's remark. Jellal would have just ignored Laxus but instead he put him in his place. He's been hanging around with us for so long we've rubbed off on him. I smiled though my pain.

"You're really weak right now, you're magic was completely at zero when the match was done. Laxus go get her some food" Jellal said.

"Whatever you say Leader" Laxus said bitterly walking away.

I looked around my surroundings. We were all back at our room and I was laying on the couch. Strange, the last thing I remembered though was being in the arena.

"What happened?" I asked.

"You won first of all, nice going Lucy" Laxus said walking back into the room.

He handed me a plate of food; it was actually a real meal! Rice, vegetables, fish! And meat... oh the meat! I haven't had meat in ages! I almost went teared eyed as I took the plate from him and had my first bite.

"Thanks" I moaned placing it on my lap.

"Well when you beat Mary, the whole arena went silent. Once Hunter announced your victory the crowd went wild. No one noticed that you passed out until Hunter walked out to give you your prize" Jellal said.

"How long did that take?" I asked.

"5 minutes, he rushed you out and to the medical field. We jumped onto the field and ran after you, Jellal almost had a panic attack" Laxus teased.

"Please, your face changed color because you were so worried" Jellal teased back.

I placed my fork down and grabbed each of their hands.

"Thanks" I said.

The knocking on the door interrupted our moment, Hunter came busting into the room with a wide smile on his face like he'd just won a million bucks. Jellal quickly turned away to put his mask back on.

"Where's my Lovely Lucy?! There you are! Come here!" Hunter said picking me up.

My plate spilled on the floor while Hunter picked me up and spun me around.

"My little goldmine you, I knew you'd win!" he said.

Goldmine? I was suddenly getting plucked from Hunter's grasps. Jellal had me in his arms while Laxus punched his fists, electricity running through them.

"I forgot about the protective brothers, I'm so glad to see you awake now Lucy you don't know how worried I was! First off, here's your prize, congrats" Hunter said.

My hands reached out to grab the key he had in his hands. Libra. A new key to my family, I was one step closer to becoming stronger now. I hugged the key close, please bring me strength Libra.

"Also the bonus" Hunter said digging into his pocket.

He pulled out a stack of bills, 5 million to be exact...! Our deal! Hunter did just win a million bucks, well more like ten! I thought he was just kidding! My eyes widened as I tried to push the money back.

"No Hunter, that's your money!" I said.

"Lucy you earned it, besides that's barely anything from what you've made me. Let's go celebrate for your victory! I'll be expecting the same thing out of you two Laxus and Jellal. Your match is tomorrow so I suggest you two go train at our personal gym, only contestants are allowed to use it. I also suggest you don't use your magic though, wouldn't want your competition to learn all your secrets now would we?" Hunter winked and laughed.

"What did he mean your match is tomorrow? I thought we had two days?" I asked cleaning up the spilled dish.

"You've been asleep for a day, your magic should be half recovered by now. Laxus and I were just about to try shock therapy to wake you up" Jellal said.

Laxus started laughing. I sighed in frustration as I carried my dish towards the kitchen.

"You two are mean!" I yelled putting the plate in the sink before walking back into the living room.

Hunter and Laxus had an amused expression on their faces, I couldn't tell with Jellal.

"Look at the time, got things to do. Glad to see you better Lucy, I'll pick you up in about 30 minutes! That should be enough time for you to get ready, see you then!" Hunter said as he left.

I just then realized something.

"Wait, WHAT?!" Laxus yelled.

Seems Laxus just realized something too.

"He just asked you out on a date!" Laxus yelled.

"Technically it wasn't asking since he didn't give me a chance to reply" I said.

"What? No! A million times no!" Jellal said.

I raised an eyebrow. What was he, my Father?

"What was that?" I asked.

"You are not going on that date Lucy!" Jellal ordered.

"Listen to our leader" Laxus said.

"I'm going" I said.

Laxus and Jellal turned red.

"ABSOLUTELY NOT!" they yelled.

"What about Natsu?!" Laxus yelled.

My chest tightened. Laxus looked like he was biting his tongue, idiot.

"I'm going because I need a break, from this, from Natsu. I-... I just need a distraction, I just need a day where for once I don't have a burden on my shoulders. That I don't have to worry about what I have to do or who I have to save" I told them.

It's hard doing this. I didn't know about Laxus and Jellal, maybe they were just better at hiding their feelings, but I can't keep up with this act. I miss Natsu, I want to see him, I want to be with him but I can't. I'm on this mission for him, to save him, to save everyone.

"I love him but it's hard not being able to be with him. It's hard knowing he doesn't remember a single thing about me! So why can't I have just one day off? Why can't I forget Natsu for a few hours?" I asked them.

I wasn't talking about forever, just one night off where I'll get to have fun. One night where I can forget about everything and just... have fun.

"Because you're his mate!" Laxus told me.

"A mate he doesn't remember, I need a break guys. I just want to clear my head and let loose, Hunter's offered to help me with that" I told them.

It was silent.

"I take your silences as an agreement and guess we'll be getting the Orichalcum tomorrow then. I suggest you boys listen to Hunter and head for the gym, I'm going to take a bath" I said.

"This is considered cheating you know" Jellal called after me.

"Only if I kiss him which I certainly am not! Hunter's just... a friend. This is just a friendly day out" I told them.

"WELL TELL HIM THAT!" Laxus yelled before I closed the door.

Alright Lucy, you don't look to bad. So what if your hair is dull and unworkable, it still looks nice down. So what if your skin in pale, that's the point of going outside. Your outfit was nice; shorts, and a sweater. I wasn't showing off anything, really I wasn't. I scanned over myself one more time before my eyes caught something... Natsu's scarf.

With shaking hands I unwrapped it from around my neck.

"Stay here" I said placing it on my bed.

I couldn't wear it, I was trying to have a fun day today! If I wore Natsu's scarf I would be reminded of him then be depressed. Isn't that the same with my ring though? I lifted up my hand and stared at my ring finger. No, never. I'll never take this off.

"Good thing it's so small, I probably won't even notice it" I told myself.

Even though I knew it was a lie. I patted Natsu's scarf on my bed before taking a step back. I felt a sudden urge to touch it again so I did, then I folded it and placed it neatly on my pillow case. Now I was just being silly.

"LUCY!" Laxus called out.

"Coming!" I said.

I grabbed my keys and attached them to my shorts before patting Natsu's scarf one last time.

"Bye, I'll be back soon" I whispered to it.

I don't know why I lagged behind for a second or two to see if it would respond back. It didn't. It was just a scarf after all, it wasn't the real thing... it wasn't Natsu. I shook my head and took a breath before I left my room.

"Hey Hunter" I said.

Hunter turned to me and smiled. It was a beautiful smile, honestly. It would have made any girl weak in the knees and blush but for me... Natsu was- STOP! No more Natsu, fun day. Hunter had changed his outfit, it went from a suit to a pair of shorts and a loose t-shirt. He had on black sunglasses though, which he took off when he saw me.

"Hey Lovely Lucy, you ready?" he asked.

I nodded and walked towards him.

"Have her back before midnight" Jellal told Hunter.

"Midnight? Are you high Mystogun? Have her back before sundown!" Laxus yelled.

"You're right, but are you high also? An hour before sundown!"

"No, two hours!"

"Better yet, why don't I have her back in 10 minutes?" Hunter asked interrupting their argument.

Laxus and Jellal looked at each other before nodding.

"That works" they said.

Hunter laughed.

"We're leaving guys!" I said walking out the door.

"By the way, I was kidding. I'll have her back when she wants to come back" Hunter said before leaving with me.

I laughed imagining the faces the two of them would make with the thought, 'what if she never wanted to come back?'

"So where are we going?" I asked.

Hunter ran a hand through his hair.

"I was thinking... well... how does a bird eye's view sound?" Hunter asked.

"Bird's eye view?" I asked.

Hunter flashed me a smile and nodded.

"Yeah, follow me" he said.

I did. We started making our way through the coliseum, avoiding the rush of crowds, before we finally made it out.

"We're taking the stairs right?" I asked.

"Unless you really want to climb up the crater, I say so" Hunter said.

I laughed as we started heading up. Once we made it back to the top I started looking around the hollowed mountain, or more specifically, the craters.

"What's at this place?" I asked.

"Well this section is all food, this over here is armory and weaponry, that place right there is a bar, while these... these are all carnival games sort of speaking" Hunter said giving me the tour.

"Carnival?" I asked.

"Yeah, haven't you ever been to a carnival before?" he asked.

I shook my head.

"Have you ever heard of one?" he asked.

... I really thought of the word and came up with a blank.

"Wow, well screw the bird's eye view we're heading there first" Hunter said grabbing my hand.

"Wait! Can we go to the armory first?" I asked.

Hunter raised an eyebrow.

"That one!" I said pointing at the mask.

"That'll be-"

"It's on the house Vergil" Hunter interrupted him.

"Oh Hunter! Of course, I didn't see you were with the Little Miss" the man now named Vergil said.

I felt Hunter's arm go around my shoulder, he pulled me closer to him.

"Well I AM, keep up the good work" Hunter said grabbing the mask and turning us around.

"Thank you" I said looking back at Vergil.

We excited the shop, Hunter pulled me over to the side so we would avoid being bumped into by people.

"I could have paid for that you know, I have 5 million" I told him.

Hunter smirked.

"I know, but where would the gentlemen like I am fit in all of this? Hold still" Hunter said.

He pulled the string back and placed the mask over my face. It was pink bunny masked, ears and everything.

"How do I look?" I asked behind it.

Hunter hid his smirk.

"Like you want a carrot, what made you pick this one?" he asked.

There were masks of people's faces but I didn't know any of them. There was a Dragon's mask that really stood out to me but I, I just couldn't. Instead I just pointed to a random one, which turned out to be a bunny.

"It's cute" I said.

A brief flicker crossed Hunter's eyes.

"One second" he said running back into the store.

I stood where I was, a few seconds later he came running out of the store with a mask of his own on.

"Now we both look cute" he said wearing the same mask.

I don't think he saw my smile but I know he heard my laughter.

"Come now, to the carnival my bunny sidekick!" Hunter said grabbing my hand.

"So a carnival is games and food?" I asked biting my stick of cotton candy.

Hunter was just finishing his 3rd one, he licked his fingers as he spoke.

"Basically, well at Hunter's Games it's all we have. At a real carnival they have magic rides and junk, my Father took me once and they had this ferris wheel. It's like I could see all of Fiore" Hunter explained.

"Ferris Wheel?" I asked taking another bite.

"Oh right, you don't know... Imagine a- wait a second" Hunter said.

He walked over to this lady painting a banner on a wall.

"Hey Lola, I'm just going to borrow that for a second" Hunter said taking the paint brush.

Was there a name he didn't know? Then again these people we're probably all of his workers so he must have to know them.

"Lovely Lucy, come here" Hunter said.

I walked over and stared at the banner Hunter was drawing all over.

"This is a Ferris Wheel" Hunter said.

It was a circle. The circle was balancing on a triangle, on the circle was mini circles.

"You ride on this little ball shaped cart right here all the way to the top, then back down" Hunter explained tracing the biggest circle.

All I could say was, "wow"

"You must have had one messed up childhood to never go on a ferris wheel let alone see one" Hunter said.

I grimaced and turned away from Hunter, rubbing my arms.

"I rather not talk about my past, doesn't really matter at the moment" I said.

I was trying to save my future, I didn't have time to worry about the past.

"Understood, sorry… let's continue our happy day out alright?" Hunter asked.

I smiled and nodded.

That sounded good.

Bumper Cars. Even though I wasn't sure exactly what a 'car' was these things were AMAZING!

"Ouch" I said getting bumped.

"You have to move quicker than that Lucy" Hunter laughed out.

They were metal contraptions that were powered up by magic. The other problem was that they could only ride on the track set up for them. If Hunter ever got out of the dark tournament business, and if he could find a way to make these cars run on roads by magic… he'd be rich! Carriages and carts would be obsolete.

"You're a genius!" I yelled ramming into him.

"What?!" Hunter laughed trying to escape.

It was too late, other cars crashed into Hunter and we had him trapped.

"Alright, alright, I give!" Hunter said leaning back in his seat.

I smirked as I reversed and ram backed into him. He looked up and glared.

"Hey! I said I give"

"What?" I said ramming into him again.

"LUCY!" he yelled.

"All together now kids!" I laughed.

Hunter jumped out the cart and off the track right before we ram into his used to be bumper car.

"You… are… evil!" Hunter said rubbing his head.

"Aw, you can't say that wasn't fun?" I asked.

"Says the rammer to the ram-e" Hunter said.

I repositioned the bunny mask on my face before I looked towards our new destination.

"What are these?" I asked.

"The game aisle, take your pick?" Hunter said.

There were so many though, all with different signs, posters, flashing lights, people! I was getting excited just looking at the colors, there had to be at least 10 game stands.

"That one?" I asked pointing to the nearest.

Hunter nodded.

"Good choice, let's go" he said tugging me towards it.

"So what's this game?" I asked watching Hunter toss the ball in his hand up and down.

"Fun, just watch and you'll learn how to play it" Hunter said with a devious smirk.

I looked back at the game stand, there was a water tank. A man was sitting on the plank over the water and there was this bull's eye sign next to the tank. Wait a minute... it couldn't be-

A bell went off a Hunter's ball hit the bull's eye and the man on the plank fell down.

"HUNTER!" I yelled at him.

Hunter just laughed as the man got out the tank and raised the plank again.

"Apologize to him now!" I yelled.

"Lucy! It's the point of the game silly! You try and sink him by throwing the ball at the bull's eye" Hunter said.

I've never heard of a game like this before and I could understand why.

"That's so cruel" I told him.

"Trust me, with what I'm paying him it's anything but cruel. It's suppose to be fun! That and funny, relax a little Lucy" Hunter said nudging my side.

"Let's go" I said walking.

Hunter grabbed my elbow though and pulled me back.

"No way, you haven't tried yet" he said placing a ball in my hand.

"But I don't want to" I said.

"Just throw the ball Lucy" Hunter said.

I sighed, knowing he wasn't about to give up on this, and threw. I completely missed, wasn't even trying.

"Lucy, we are not leaving this stand until you sink Jeffery over there. Are you really about to hold up this whole line just because you feel sorry for a man doing his job?" Hunter asked.

I gulped and looked behind me, this game must have been popular because the line was long. I looked back at the man in the tank, I think I saw him nod as me.

"I'm sorry" I squeaked as I threw the ball.

The bell rang and I heard a loud splash. Hunter laughed and wrapped an arm around my shoulder.

"That's the spirit, nice throw" Hunter said.

I laughed a fake laugh with him, "can we, haha, go now?" I asked.

Hunter looked down at me and smiled, "your wish is my command"

There was a shooting game, in which Hunter was surprisingly good at, a fish catching game, where I was able to catch fish but couldn't keep them so I gave them back; Hunter on the other hand wasn't able to catch any, I laughed, more food, an action show of a previous duel from Hunter's game for the little kids, who I was surprised to see many of. This was a fighting arena and there was all these kids running around, their parents should have been ashamed. What else? Hunter took me to other craters like the bars, I only had a couple while Hunter bought drinks for the whole house.

He took me to the food crater after to get us sobered up, which the food was also free. I could have sworn I gained 10 pounds eating there, for a hollowed out mountain they did have good food. It was getting late in the day when Hunter finally gave us a break. He turned at me and gave me his Hunter smile, which I learned he did a lot.

"Ready for that bird's eye view Lovely Lucy?" he asked.

I nodded at him.

"Great, it's almost sundown so this should be perfect" Hunter said.

We walked towards the edge of the mountain, entering one of the many caves.

"Stick close, seems my guys haven't lit the tunnels yet" he told me.

I nodded and held his hand... which wasn't cheating... why was I thinking about that now? I've held Hunter's hand all day and didn't think it was cheating, actually I haven't thought of Natsu once since the Dragon mask until now... Maybe it was because I knew the day was almost over and that I'd have to return to my old life again.

"How you hanging back there Lucy?" Hunter asked me.

I shook the thoughts out my head, "fine" I responded.

"We should be there in another 10 minutes or so" Hunter said.

There? Where was... there? I noticed that we had started walking upwards. Was this what Hunter meant by bird's eye view? Going high up like a bird? 10 minutes passed by quickly and I finally say a light at the end of the tunnel. Hunter stopped me though and looked at me.

"Are you ready to be amazed?" he asked.

I nodded.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Hunter! Show me already!" I said.

"Alright, alright, go on" he said.

I quickened my pace as I started heading towards the light, being in a dark tunnel for ten minutes must have done something to my eyes because when I got out I was blinded by the sun light. I quickly shielded my eyes.

"What do you think?" Hunter's voice came from behind me.

I blinked before looking around me, the first thing I did was scream.


I latched onto Hunter and held him tightly.

"Well this is a first" he chuckled.

"We're going to fall, don't let go!" I screamed tightening my grasp.

"Calm down, we're not going to fall to our deaths" Hunter said.

I had a hard time believing him. So this was what Hunter thought of as a bird's eye view, to the very top of the mountain.

"See look how stable this is, come on we're going to miss the sunset" Hunter said walking away.

I stood completely still with my arms out so I could keep my balance. I took one step, then another, slowly making my way towards Hunter who was sitting at the edge of the mountain top... oh boy.

"You know what? I'm good right here" I said standing on the safe part.

"Lucy, live a little. Come sit with me" he said holding out his hand.

I gulped before grabbing it, screaming when Hunter pulled me down towards him.

"See, now that wasn't so bad was it?" Hunter asked.

I shook my head and leaned against him. If I was going to fall to my death then I was going to take Hunter with me.

"What do you think?" Hunter asked.

I opened my eyes and started to stare at what he brought me all the way up here for, a bird's eye view of the sunset. Rays of orange, yellow, and red shone over the horizon. It looked like a heat wave, I could feel the sun's rays on my skin warming me up. Fire. It was like fire. A warm flame. Natsu.


I turned beside me and smiled up at Hunter. No matter what I couldn't escape my past, not even in these short few minutes I had left with my day out. Hunter raised his hand up and brushed back my hair, his finger traced my cheek as he blinked at me. Very suddenly, he pulled back. His touches were gone and he just smirked at me.

"Well it's sundown, better get you home" he said.

"Hold on, I want to see the sun set" I mumbled turning back to the sun.

Hunter just leaned with me and watched. This was what I needed, a fun day out. Now that it was about to end I had to get serious again but until then... let's just watch the sun.


It was the first thing I heard when I walked into the room.


"Sorry big brothers, at least she's back in one piece" Hunter laughed.

Laxus started growling.

"Right... I hope you had a nice time my Lovely Lucy" Hunter said turning to me.

"I really did, thanks Hunter" I said.

"Now boys, your match begins tomorrow at 1. I'll have someone pick you two up" Hunter said.

Laxus and Jellal nodded giving Hunter a 'great now get the hell out of here' look.

"Night Lucy" Hunter said leaving.

"Bye Hunter" I said.

Hunter was gone and I was left alone with the two 'overprotective brother'.

"How was the 'friendly' date?" Jellal asked.

I laughed lightly taking off my bunny mask.

"Alright" I shrugged.

"Just... alright?" Laxus questioned.

I yawned placing the bunny mask on the counter.

"I'm going to take a bath and get packing before I got to bed, I suggest you boys do the same" I said heading towards my room.

"There's no rush Lucy" Laxus said.

"To you there isn't, I just want to hurry home" I said.

And finally see Natsu again.

"Wait! Hunter didn't... try anything did he?!" Jellal asked.

Laxus turned red.

"Is that why you aren't talking?!" he yelled.

"Guys, the day out was fine... I had a good time"

That seemed to make the two of them calm down a little bit. I continued towards my room and opened the door.

"But I missed Natsu too much" I said closing it.

I jumped onto my bed, forgetting everything else around me, and wrapped myself around with his scarf. I took a deep inhale trying to smell what was left of his lingering scent on the thing.

Natsu. Soon.

I'll get to see you soon.