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Never Ending Fairytail

Chapter 22


The Jade Cup. This tournament has been going on since the morning, I wonder how late it was now? It was still very bright and sunny out so it still had to be day time. And here I thought we'd be out quickly. I felt even worse for the people fighting; all day long with no breaks or rest? At least the tournament was almost over now though.

It was the match everyone's been waiting for. Like I had predicted Jellal was able to make it all the way to the semi-finals, oops I meant 'Mysterious Mystogun'. Ha, that named fit him well alright. During each match with my 'brothers' Hunter and I just kept making more and more bets. Hunter bought me many, many sweets because of all my wins. You think he would have learned by now? Hmm.

Even with all the matches Jellal's been in I still didn't know what his magic was. He always made a light show in his matches so I wanted to think it had something to do with lights. Every move, every spell, there was always light... maybe light magic? Mr. Bepo really did not prepare me about the different types of magic in the world. Another weird thing was even though Jellal had 5 sticks, the most he ever use would be 2? He was in the semi-finals and he hadn't even used his full strength yet! Jellal was truly fit to be our leader.

But then again if Jellal was this strong and still wasn't able to beat Zeref, how strong did that make Zeref?

No worries Lucy, Jellal and Laxus will win this and then we won't have to worry about Zeref any longer. Just one more match and Jellal would be in the finals! Laxus was the same only his semi-final match was happening right now. Just like Jellal, Laxus breezed though his matches with ease. He never would fully move his body, a snap here, a tilt of the head there. Laxus has never been forced to move once yet, he always just stood in one spot. I shouldn't be worried since Laxus hasn't even broken a sweat yet and I wouldn't have been if only... if only he wasn't facing King.

"Your bro's got nothing on this! What we betting this time?" Hunter asked rubbing his hands together.

I gulped. I've seen the King's matches, it wasn't a pretty sight. He always left his opponents... broken, bloody, and scared beyond recognition. I didn't want to say Laxus wasn't going to win but, it wasn't going to be an easy fight. Laxus would get injured, that was unavoidable, but the worst case scenario would be...

"If Laxus's loses Hunter, you have to save his life" I said.


I started gripping the railing so tightly my knuckles turned white. Laxus had a 0.0001% chance of winning. Why not make it a 1%? Better yet why didn't they just make it 0%? I should be happy though, at least Laxus had a chance of winning, even if it was an incredibly small chance. Hunter reached for my hands and made me release my grip on the railing.

"What if Laxus wins?" Hunter asked.

I smiled lightly at him.

"Then you save the King's life"

Because if I know Laxus, he's not going to be happy with the damage King's going to give him. Either that or get really irritated that he wasn't able to finish him off earlier which still results in Laxus beating the hell out of King. If he had the advantage though.


Hunter turned away from me and started walking to one of his many bodyguards.

"Franky, tell the boys up top to cut the match as soon as it heads towards death road" Hunter said.

"Right away boss" Franky nodded before turning to leave.

Hunter started walking back and I quickly turned my head back forward, not wanting him to know I was spying.

"There you have it, between you and me though I got my money on your boy" Hunter said sitting in his seat.

"Let's hope he becomes your new gold mine then" I said sitting down next to him.

Come on Laxus, I know you can do it! You're Master Gramps son. Win.

"What's King's magic anyway? I've only seen him punch and kick to win"

"That's his magic, super strength. I don't know how he does it but his magic somehow corrupts the muscles or blood flow or something in him that limits his strengths. With that under his control King can manipulate how strong he can be"

"I, I don't get it"

"Humans are really strong Lucy, it's not only our smarts that made us at the top of the food change. We have limits though, our brain warns us about our limits and locks away our true potential. King doesn't have that safety lock though, his magic tells his brain that he has no limits so he's able to go full out"


My image for King went from Super Strong Guy to Super Crazy Monster.

"There is a side affect though. Humans aren't meant to have such strength so sometimes he'll break an arm or something"

"How often?"

Hunter hummed.

"Almost every tournament, doesn't matter though. King's so strong he doesn't feel it. You could break all his fingers and yet he'll still continue fighting as if nothing was wrong"


King was on the move, he started walking towards Laxus with his head high. I noticed Laxus smirked before he sent an electric bolt towards him. It hit King but he wasn't fazed; to me it looked like nothing but a scratch, maybe even a tickle. What was wrong with this man? Laxus's bolt would have made any normal man electrocuted!

Laxus sent out more thunder bolts, every single one of them hitting King head on. He just continued to walk though. His bolts weren't doing anything, pretty soon King was in reaching distance. He swung his arm and Laxus went flying into the wall; he left an imprint before falling on the ground. The audience screamed King's name wanting more while I was left dumbstruck. How could that one hit send him flying? Laxus was suppose to be the strongest mage in Fairy Tail, what was happening?

Laxus coughed a little before getting up. He pulled off the coat he wore around him and punched his fist together. Electricity started circuiting though him; he ran towards King with fists held high. The King met Laxus's punch with one of his own. There was a gust of wind when their fists collided; I covered my eyes to prevent dust from entering.

"Your bro's losing" Hunter said.

Losing? They were just even! I looked back at the match and saw Laxus on his knees trying to hold his punch.

"No" I whispered.

Laxus thought of a plan quick and used his free hand to punch the King's arm. King's hand slid and hit the ground leaving him defenseless long enough for Laxus to continue his hit and punch King in the face. King didn't go flying off as I thought he'd be, his head just cocked back. The crowd went silent at the first actually hit with the King.

"Silly boy" King said.

His hand wrapped around Laxus's body and he lifted him up. His clenched his hand, squeezing the life out of Laxus.

"LAXUS!" I yelled.

Laxus wasn't screaming in pain though, sure he looked like he was in pain, but he wasn't screaming. Laxus just wiggled until he was able to get a free hand out.

"Resounding through the air, the roar of thunder, plunge from the heavens and reap destruction!" Laxus recited lifting his hand in the air.

Well there goes my sunny day. Clouds started to form in the sky clouding Hunter's Game. Go Laxus! Give it to him!

"RAGING BOLT!" Laxus yelled.

Lightning descended down and struck the both of them. Laxus would be okay right? It was his spell, besides he ate lightning. King's hold on Laxus didn't waver, it didn't even weaken.

"Resounding through the air, the roar of thunder, plunge from the heavens and reap destruction! Raging Bolt!" Laxus yelled again.

Lightning came down and struck them again, and again, and again.


Laxus started panting, his arm falling down and laying limp next to him.

"LAXUS!" I screamed jumping up from my seat.

"My turn" King grinned throwing Laxus on the ground.

King stomped on him with his enormous foot once before he picked him back up and threw him up in the air. Laxus recovered and outstretched his hands.

"Lightning Storm!" he yelled.

Lightning struck down every where around the arena, some striking the King while others weren't even close. This still didn't faze King though. Instead of being a sane person and trying to avoid the lighting, King just jumped straight into it. He reached Laxus's height in no time and caught his leg. As they fell back down King just laughed and started Laxus around before throwing him down then landing on him.

"Oohh, King's body slam. That broke some bones" Hunter said.

"LAXUS!" I screamed.

Please be okay, PLEASE be okay!

"Lightning Dragon's ROAR!" Laxus roared from under King.

Lightning completely covered King, this time it was enough to make King jump back and retreat.


"Lightning Eruption!" Laxus yelled slamming his fists down on the ground.

Electricity coursed though the ground and towards King, erupting underneath his feet. He went air born as the lightning exploded.

"Thunder Bullets!" Laxus yelled.

Tiny balls of electricity struck King while he was stuck in the sky.


King couldn't avoid while he was in the sky! Each bolt of electricity only raised him higher and higher.

"Lightning Body!"

Laxus's body covered in lighting, he flew up and started hitting King's falling body. No! I told you to keep your distance! It seemed to be working though, King wasn't putting up a fight.


Laxus kept dashing by him, striking him each time. Finally he kicked King upwards then punched him down. King fell like a down of bricks down making a crater when he landed. Laxus moved back towards the ground to, I noticed him holding his shoulder. Please be down, please let Laxus be the winner.

God wouldn't answer my prayer though. King stood back up and ran towards Laxus. The shock on his face prevented Laxus from dodging, King grabbed him and proceeded to treat him as a rag doll. I turned away one King snapped Laxus's arm like it was nothing but a toothpick.

"Don't look Lucy" Hunter said hugging me into his chest.

I could still hear though, hear the chants, hear Laxus's bones break like nothing.

"Stop the fight!" I yelled.


"Stop the fight Hunter! I'll do whatever you want just please! Stop him!" I yelled.

Hunter narrowed his eyes.

"Franky, end the match!" Hunter yelled.

I started crying against Hunter's chest, we were too cocky. We underestimated our enemies. What chance did Jellal stand if Laxus couldn't beat him? From what I've seen Jellal was close combat also, he wouldn't stand a chance.


The intercom was over overblown by the cheers. Death. That's what everyone wanted, they wanted Laxus to die for their King. I reached for my keys ready to interfere.

"No Lucy, I'll handle this" Hunter said.

"Well handle it!" I yelled.

King had his hand wrapped around Laxus's head, squeezing. Laxus made no struggle, he didn't even make a noise.


King looked up where we were, at Hunter. I don't know how but had a microphone in hand and was projecting his voice for all to hear. The crowd went silent as King dropped Laxus.


"I'm not done!" Laxus yelled.

It was dead silent. We could hear every grunt, every deep breathe, every move from Laxus as he struggled to stand. I grabbed the microphone from Hunter and held it to my lips.

"LAXUS! GIVE UP!" I yelled.

Laxus had a hand against the wall as he tried to stand up straight. Once he had his balanced he turned his head upwards to look at me.

"I can't do that, I don't know how"




"Lucy?" Hunter asked me.

The crowd stayed silent, it was clear they could hear our conversation but it didn't matter. I dropped the mike as tears formed in my eyes and starting rolling down my cheek.

"You don't have to win, I just don't want to see you get hurt anymore Laxus!" I yelled.

He turned away from me and faced King. Damn it! Why we're Fairies so thick headed?!

"Did you hear my little sister? She said I'm not allowed to get hurt any longer" Laxus said.

Electricity started surging around him.

"Dragon Force" Laxus said.

My eyes widened, I know that move. Laxus grew, his muscles outstretching ripping his shirt, his fangs sharpening. He reached for his dislocated shoulder and popped it back into place. Laxus stood up proud and tall, smirking at his opponent.

"This is the end for your reign King" Laxus said.

King roared and started running towards Laxus.

"Lightning Dragon's Breakdown Fist" he said.

A magic seal appeared in front of Laxus's fist and started firing at King. It was working, it was stopping King's movements, it was actually hurt him. King fell to a knee guarding himself against Laxus's attacks. Finally he dug his hands into the ground and started throwing rocks at him.

"Lightning Body" Laxus said.

Laxus turned into a lightning bolt and dodged everything King threw at him. He was doing it, he was winning.

"Raging Bolt" Laxus said.

Lighting struck King, he coughed up blood. No.

"Thunder Bullets" he said.

Lighting bullets started hitting King, every where it struck blood came gushing out. Stop.

"Lighting Body" Laxus said flying towards him.

He started striking his body, King didn't defend, he couldn't. Enough Laxus.

It's like he read my mind, Laxus paused; the King laying at his feet catching his breath. Laxus bent down and lifted King up by his throat.

"Time to return the favor, ten times fold" Laxus said.

He opened his mouth, I saw it bright up.


Laxus closed his mouth and dropped the King.

"Give up" he told him.

King moaned and groaned on the floor trying to get up.

"Raging Bolt" Laxus said.

That seemed to do it. After Laxus's hit King laid there unmoving.


Laxus raised up an arm as the crowd cheered for his victory.

"Take me to him!" I yelled at Hunter.

"Right away, told you he'd win" Hunter grinned.

This was no laughing matter but I couldn't help the grin coming across my lips too. Hunter led me town towards the waiting area, Laxus came walking in partially limping. I wanted to run up to help him but Mystogun beat me to it.

"Laxus" I said running up.

"Get him to the medical field, he needs to fight next round" Hunter said.

People gathered around Laxus, taking him away from Mystogun and lifting him up.

"Stop crying, told you I'd win" Laxus said.

I chocked a laugh while he got carried out.

"I suggest you stall Mystogun" Hunter said.

It was a good idea but it didn't even matter anymore! Laxus was in the finals now and if Jellal wins, he would be in it too! Laxus vs. Jellal! It wouldn't matter which one of them won, we would still get the Orichalcum in the end!

"Understood. No need to watch my match Lucy, go check up on Laxus" Jellal said rubbing my head.

"Good luck" I said.

I couldn't tell, but I think Jellal was smiling.

"Tell him he has 10 minutes" Jellal said before walking out into the arena.

Hunter led me to the medical field, Laxus was currently getting dunked into a tank.

"It's herbal water, it'll close his wounds" Hunter said.

Someone walked up to him and handed him a clipboard. Hunter went over it, flipping through the pages.

"He dislocated his shoulder again and has a few broken ribs, they've snapped the shoulder back though and are working on the ribs after the bath" he said.

"Nothing else? No broken arms? Or anything?" I asked.

"Multiple factures, but nothing broken. I'm surprised after seeing that fight that no serious damage was caused, your brothers amazingly strong. He should be fine, we'll I better get that prize ready for you three. You know your way back up right?" Hunter asked.

I nodded.

"Laxus, you have 10 minutes" I said.

I saw Laxus's eyes open and him give me a thumbs up. I giggled and wiped my face off. I probably looked horrible right now, well I don't want to be missing Jellal's fight. I walked my way back up to Hunter's sitting area; Jellal was breezing through his fight. The crowd went wild but they didn't know Jellal was just toying with him. Hunter joined my a few minutes later with a large smile.

"I hope your bro's don't throw the fight for each other, I want a good match" Hunter said.

"Knowing them they won't" I sighed.

I started leaning against the railing again, the ten minutes we're up. Jellal took out his sticks and smacked the guy on the back of the head, KO.


"Five minute break?" I asked.

"A little extra time for Laxus to prepare"

I hummed.

"So which bro you betting on?" Hunter asked.

I smirked.

"I don't pick favorites" I said.

"Oh... so Laxus right?"

I laughed.

"Mystogun actually"

"Really? Then again he hasn't been serious with his magic yet but still! Laxus took down the King!" Hunter said excitedly.

"I don't pick favorites!" I repeated.

Hunter smiled and ruffled my hair. I laughed and pushed him away, it was a strange but I was really grateful that we met Hunter and became friends. I don't know what would have happened if I was sitting in the normal seats trying to cheer Laxus on, being overpowered by the thousands of people around me. Laxus might have not even won.

"Thanks Hunter" I said.


"It's nothing... so is Laxus all patched up?"

Hunter smirked before looking away.

"See for yourself"

I looked down at the arena.


Laxus and Hunter came walking on the field. Laxus wasn't limping anymore, his arm wasn't disfigured and his cuts seemed to be sealed.

"Nice work" I mumbled.

He looked fine, completely fine.

"If your going to run a no rules apply tournament, you have to make sure you have the medical needs to cure anything. I've got the best medica here" Hunter said.

"You don't cut corners do you?" I asked.

"Well, maybe" Hunter said.

I looked up at the odds, they we're in Laxus's favor. I could understand, all everyone saw Jellal do was use his sticks. Laxus on the other hand showed all his moves; he beat the King. I'm surprised Jellal's odds we're actually so high.


Laxus was smirking at Jellal, I guess he always wanted to fight him. Jellal was our leader so I always assumed he'd be the strongest but I never knew. I'm actually excited for this match, this was just for fun now. We had the Orichalcum in the bag so why not blow off some steam. I giggled and leaned over the railing.

"GO LAXUS! GO MYSTOGUN! GOOD LUCK!" I yelled cheering.

Laxus actually got into it and starting waving to the fans as they cheered his name. He must have missed this, people cheering for him. He's been all alone since the take over of Fairy Tail. He's been the bad guy all this time, same as Jellal. This should be good for both of them.

A gust of wind was blown towards me and I shivered. My eyes widened and I started blinking, just what was that? Where did that come from? The wind started picking up and blew towards me again, blowing Natsu's scarf. I grabbed the scarf and tightened it tighter, I guess it was just the wind. It was starting to blow harder around us, thank goodness Natsu's scarf didn't go flying off.

Warmth. I felt a jolt course though me and looked up at the adoring crowd. What wa-... there was a ticking sound ringing in my ears. It was like a countdown to my heart as I looked over the crowds. Tick, tick, tick, three, two, one before my eyes saw pink. My heart turned frozen solid then felt like a flamethrower was burning through the ice and starting it back up again. I swore I could hear it beating in my ear drums, I could feel the blood coursing all the way down to my fingertips.


Just, no.

It couldn't be.

Even with this distance I could see. He was staring at me, just staring. What was he doing here? He wasn't suppose to be here. We weren't suppose to meet yet, this couldn't be happening.

"Natsu" I whimpered.

"What?" Hunter said.