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Never Ending Fairytail

Chapter 25


"Guys... we might want to take a detour" Laxus said.

We've been walking on this pavement road for about an hour. Not a single person, house, or town the whole walk; only trees and the occasional rocks. I imagine the reason why we didn't see anyone was because it was still night time. How lucky all those people are who get to sleep in a nice warm bed while we walk until our feet bleed.

"Why the sudden detour?" I yawned.

Laxus growled next to me, what I say?

"You'll see in about 5 minutes, yes or no on that detour?" he asked.

"I rather not waste time" I said.

"I agree" Jellal said.

"I warned you" Laxus sighed.

It wasn't just that, I felt something ahead of us. I felt something calling me, reaching out and tugging me. Even if I had agreed on that detour, I don't think my legs would have listened. 5 minutes later I figured out why Laxus wanted to take that detour, my fingers clenched to fists.

"Zeref" I growled.

Another destroyed town, more lives taken, all because of him.

"No survivors, seems like it happened weeks ago" Laxus said.

"And yet the Council has oh so not discovered it" Jellal said bitterly.

I walked through the rubbish, looking around for any sign of life. This used to be someone's home, someone's town. And now... it was nothing... just dust in the wind.

"I'll get you back Zeref, I swear I'll avenge everyone you murderously killed for your own sick pleasure" I growled.

"Let's hurry through this Lucy, no point in wasting our time" Jellal said.

By the strain of his voice I knew he held the same feelings. Jellal and Laxus kept their eyes forward as they walked through what was left of this town. I was about to follow them when something caught my eye.

"I'll be right back" I said jogging deeper into the town.


"Oye! Blonde! Stop wasting time!"

A girl. I wasn't wasting time, I was following a girl. She danced through the town, her feet fluttering with every step. I followed her; watching her hair swing around as she ran. She slightly turned her head and looked behind at me, that was when I tripped. Her eyes, they were gold.

"Wait up!" I yelled getting back to my feet.

It couldn't have been possible! I saw her back at Fallabor, what in the world could she be doing here? I chased after her for a solid 3 minutes before she finally stopped.

"Excuse me! Hold it!" I said catching up.

She turned back at me with her piecing golden eyes, just staring. I slowed down to a walk once I was only a few steps away from her. She bent down towards the ground, a little girl laying beneath her feet. What the-? I fell down to my knees and checked the girl's pulse.

She's gone.

End it, only you have the power to do it.

The voice was pure light. I looked up and saw the golden eyed girl staring down at me.

"What power?" I asked her.

She looked down at me and smiled sadly, her golden eyes slightly being covered by her eyelids. She pointed towards the little girl's hand, light was shining from it. My eyebrows scrunched together as I reached for it. Turning her hand around, I opened her fingers only to find a key in them. This girl was a Celestial Mage and she had a zodiac key in her possession. It was glowing, pulsing in her hands; the symbol of the Pieces. I looked down at my other keys and saw they we're all glowing also.

Use it well.

I looked up and suddenly, I was by myself. The Pieces key stopped glowing, along with my other ones. What did she mean use it well? I couldn't possibly take the key from this little girl.

"Lucy!" Jellal yelled.

"What were you thinking Blonde?!" Laxus yelled at me.

I stood up and showed them the key.

"Where'd you find that?" Jellal asked.

"This little girl, she hand it. She used it to protect her family, her friends, she tried to stop Zeref" I mumbled.

But she wasn't strong enough.

"That makes 12 you got then, congrats on collecting the whole set" Laxus said.

"I can't just take it-"

"Why can't you? She's not going to use it, she's dead" Laxus said.

I flinched.

"Although I don't support Laxus reason, I think you should take it too Lucy" Jellal said.

"Really?" I asked looking at him.

"It was calling to you wasn't it? That girl wanted you to have it, to help you get revenge" Jellal said.

The spirit had white hair though, the little girl laying here had brown hair. Maybe it was the spirit inside the key, the Pieces.

"Let's get going" Jellal said.

I nodded. Whoever that person was, thank you.


"So we stayed out for an extra week" I said waving it off.

Bad move, fist to the face. I flew back and crashed into a wall.

"Ow" I groaned getting back up.

"We completed our mission though! We found her!" Gray yelled.

Wow Gray, you couldn't have said that I don't know, before I got punched in the face?!

"And where is she?" Jii-chan asked.



"We completed half, our mission?" he said.

And another one for Gray, funny. My pain started going away as soon as I started laughing at his.


"Master we found Lucy, we found her" Erza said.

Jii-chan took a deep breath and let the red from his face cool down.

"Where is she?" he asked.

"Natsu?" Erza said looking at me.

"Um, well I found her along with Happy. She screamed then that stupid council came before I could run after her" I said.

"So you found her and let her escape... again" Jii-chan sighed.

"Hey at least we know she's alive! Better then before right?" I asked.

Why wasn't I getting anything right today?

"What Natsu meant to say was that we'd like to go out again to find her" Erza said.

"Not after the stunt you pulled with the council!"

"What stunt?!" I yelled.

"You may have forgotten about Lucy but I know you didn't forget our problems with the council! We can not afford any more screw ups!"

"So what? Lucy is just never found!" Juvia yelled.

"She's still alive, you saw her and know that yourselves" Jii-chan said.

"Only Natsu saw her! The rest of us sat still and watched your grandson fight for 2 seconds before the council came!" Juvia yelled.

Uh oh.

"You saw Laxus?" Jii-chan asked.

"EVERYBODY! It is getting late and I know all of us are tired so let's pick this up in the morning shall we?" I asked.

"Come on Juvia" Gray said holding her.

"No! Juvia wants Lucy... Juvia just wants her friend back" she said.

I smelt tears, oh no.

"Sorry Master" Gray said before walking into the back with a crying Juvia in his arms.

"Thanks for your help Wendy, let's go get some sweets to celebrate" Lisanna said holding her hand.

"Alright Lisanna, bye everyone" Wendy said.

I guess Lisanna was trying to cheer her up, and I also guess that it didn't work seeing how unenthusiastic Wendy sounded.

"I'll give you a full report before midnight Master" Erza said.

"Alright... I need a drink" Jii-chan sighed.

Pretty soon I was all alone. What now?

"Natsu" Happy mumbled.

I turned around and saw him standing behind me.

"I'm sorry we weren't able to bring her back" I said.

Happy shook his head.

"I'm just glad she's alive, that I was able to see her alive... even if she didn't remember us either" Happy said.

"Hey! At least I found my scarf" I laughed.

Happy gave me a light laugh. I smiled and picked him up, holding him in my arms.

"Tell me about Lucy, the girl who I was apparently married too" I said.

"Well you two we're married in secret because Master thought you were too young. Only the three of us knew about the wedding, you were happy Natsu" Happy said.

I climbed up the stairs and started roaming through the halls.

"Lucy was funny, and nice! She always knew just where to pet me" he sighed.

I chuckled.

"She... was really heavy! Maybe not that heavy though... I'd always tease her about it but she was actually normal weight I guess. She was extremely smart! You became really smart too because of her! We'd always go on missions and have fun! You liked her Natsu, and she liked you back"

He stopped talking when I stopped in front of a door. I could smell Lucy's scent lingering inside of it. My hands reached for the knob and turned it open.

"Master didn't want you two sleeping in the same room so he made Lucy sleep here along with Juvia" Happy said flying out of my hands.

"She slept right here" Happy said bouncing on her bed.

"She used this as a pillow" he said laying his head down.

I started smelling more tears.

"Happy?" I asked.

"I miss Lucy, I miss our happy family Natsu" he cried in her pillow.

I sighed and closed the door. Once I took off my sandals I laid on 'Lucy's' bed and started petting Happy.

"So she slept right here huh?" I asked.

"She'd often sneak into our room but yeah she did"

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Such a relaxing scent, this Lucy person has.

"Can we sleep here tonight?" Happy asked.

"Sure" I sighed.

I had no objections at all.

"Welcome to Magnolia Lucy" Jellal said.

I had tears in my eyes.

"I'm home" I cried.

"Aw shut it Blonde! I haven't been here in years and you don't see me crying!" Laxus yelled.

"Because your a heartless son of a-"

"Guys quite down! Do you want the whole town to know we're here?" Jellal asked.

"Isn't that why we're all wearing robes like you Jellal? To me we just look even more suspicious" I said.

We all had on dark, sinister looking robes that would flap around in the wind with our hoods up. The only thing that showed were our feet, everything else was covered up never to be seen.

"Well we won't once we go inside the forest" Jellal said walking ahead.

Laxus shoved passed me making me lose my footing.

"Laxus" I growled.

Just let it go Lucy, just let it go.

"So... who are we going to see again?" I asked.

I mean because Natsu was like just miles away from me, I could just pop by, say a quick hello, then meet them back here.

"Her name is Porlyusica" Jellal said.

Laxus lost his footing and tripped over his own two feet. Did anyone see that? I was standing over here, nothing to do with what just happened. I walked passed him and looked back at his still face, his eyes widened with his jaw dropped. Jellal paused and soon we were both staring at him.

"Porlyusica? As in Fairy Tail's witch?" he asked blinking slowly.

"That's the one" Jellal said.

Wait a second...

"Are you scared of her?" I asked.

"Me? Scared? Hardly! It's just... Porlyusica doesn't like humans very much" Laxus said then shivered.

"... isn't she a human though?" I asked.

Laxus shrugged; I was confused.

"Come on, stick close! You can easily get lost in these woods" Jellal said.

"It'll provide Laxus the perfect cover up to hide, by pretending he just got lost" I snickered.

"Shut up Blondie!" Laxus yelled.

I laughed then pulled my coat closer around me, it got cold all of a sudden.

"Guys is it just me or did things just get very... misty all of a sudden?" I asked.

"Look at Blonde all scared, shivering in her boots" Laxus teased.

"I was just say-... oh look Porlyusica is standing right behind you" I said.

Laxus must have jumped 5 feet in the air. I fell down and rolled around on the ground as I laughed, he fell for it! He really fell for it!

"Blonde!" he yelled.




I paused.

"What was that?" I asked.

Jellal walked over and helped me up, shielding me behind him.

"It's known that gorilla's live in this forest" he said.

"G-gorillas? In a forest?" I asked.




"Hey Laxus, they got your voice just right! Go on and join your family" I joked.

"I am so going to kick you ass when this is over with" he said.

All of a sudden the ground started shaking, gorillas started jumping down from trees left and right surround us. I was the first to react.

"Gate of the Libra! Open!" I said.

"Let the men handle this Blonde" Laxus smirked.

Oh would he be surprised.

"Do your thing Libra" I said

She started dancing and swinging her scales, the gorilla's fell face first on the ground. I turned back and saw Laxus's jaw drop.

"You forgot one Libra" I said motioning to Laxus.

He suddenly dropped too, I hadn't meant it but I started laughing again.

"BLOOONDEEEEE!" Laxus yelled in the dirt.

"Come on Jellal, lead the way" I said walking ahead.

"What about Laxus?" Jellal asked walking after me.

"He didn't want to see Porlyusica to begin with, once we're at her home I'll close Libra's gate and let Laxus take care of his relatives" I said and started laughing all over again.

"Laugh while you can Blonde, I will kill you" Laxus said.

"That was mean Lucy" Jellal told me as we walked deeper into the forest.

I walked up to him and pulled down his mask.

"You're saying one thing but doing another" I laughed as I saw his grin.

"He's going to be piiiiissed" Jellal laughed.

I smiled and grabbed his arm.

"Glad to finally see you care free" I told him.

"We did it, we've basically done it Lucy. We just have to find Zeref and-"

"It's over" I finished for him.

My smiled faded a little.

"This Porlyusica, she's just going to willingly help us?" I asked.

"I'm sure if you ask, Fairy Tail mage" Jellal said.

Fairy Tail mage, no one's called that in a while... I started rubbing my hands. I'm still connected to them, my fairy is still here. I felt my hand getting tugged out my grip; I looked up and saw Jellal smiling at me.

"So when all this is done and over with, are you going to introduce this Natsu boy to me? The one you we're willing to die for?" Jellal asked.

"Jellal!" I giggled.

"I wanted to ask you about him sooner but... you were to fragile back then" Jellal sighed.

"And I'm not now?"

"Not when we're practically done and Natsu's just a few steps away"

I laughed.

"Steps! Try... big steps!"

Jellal cracked another smile.

"Are you going to tell me about the boy or am I going to have to beat it out of him when I see him?" Jellal asked.

"What do you want to hear brother? Natsu's a nice boy, he treats me right, never pressures me into anything" I told him.

"Ha ha, try again" Jellal said dryly.

"He's... nice. An idiot but nice, he really cares about me Jellal. He really loves me" I mumbled.

For the first time in what felt like a very long time, I smiled from the bottom of my heart. Then I cried.

"Seems you still weren't ready" Jellal said.

I snorted and started wiping my tears away.

"We're almost there; I can see the house up ahead. Might want to release Laxus now"

I blinked.

"Would you stand by me and protect me Jellal?" I asked cutesy.

Even though Jellal tried hard not to, I saw the faintest tug on the corner of his lips.

"Gate close" I said putting my Libra key back in it's case.

I swore I just heard some evil laughter echoing throughout the forest. I felt a shiver course down my spine before I quickened up my pace. A few minutes later I saw it... a little tree looking cottage in the middle of the forest. The fog seemed to disappear when we started getting nearer.

"What now?" I asked.

"We knock" Jellal said.

I rolled my eyes; taking a deep breath I walked towards the cottage door. I lifted up my hand but paused. Laxus said Porlyusica hated humans, I don't want her hating me and refusing us... but for that to happen, how many times should I knock? Once? Twice? Three times?

"Lucy?" Jellal asked.

"Shh I'm thinking" I said.

Once... no she won't hear it. Twice?... that's just as worst as once and three times! Just forget about it... Alright I know. My hand started moving towards the door.


I jumped back as the door swung open revealing a very, very anger old lady. Who knew zero was the magic number?

"WELL?! GET OFF MY PROPERTY!" she yelled and started swinging a broom at me.

"I'm Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail! Please I need your help!" I yelled bowing down to her.

My head was swatted with a broom.

"LEAVE!" she yelled.

"Please! We need your help" I begged looking back up at her.

She went with the broom again but Jellal beat her to it, grabbing the edge before it hit me.

"Enough" he said.


I shivered and looked behind me; I could see the electricity from here.

"There you are" Laxus smirked.

His rob was completely beat up and ripped apart revealing the very, very, mad, sadistic look on his face.

"Laxus?" Porlyusica asked.

Laxus's smirk fell, he sighed and started scratching the back of his head.

"What has the old man told you about sweeping guests away?" he asked walking towards us.

"That old man didn't inform me I was having any" Porlyusica said.

She tugged on her broom, pulling it from Jellal's grip. Laxus walked up to me and pulled me towards him. He yanked my hood down and lifted up my hand.

"We're Fairies" he said pulling down his shirt revealing his own Fairy Tail mark.

"Ah..." Porlyusica sighed very loudly before turning around.

"Come in I guess" she sighed walking into her home.

"Lucy told you she was apart of Fairy Tail and you swept her away" Jellal argued but still walked into her house.

"Anyone can lie and say there from Fairy Tail boy" Porlyusica said.

Oh. What she said... makes sense. So by showing my mark I was able to confirm my Fairy Tail...ness. Pain.

"OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! OW!" I screamed.

Laxus had my head between a knuckle sandwich and he was kneading.

"Jellal!" I yelled.

Laxus just laughed darkly as he made no attempt to stop.

"Enough, let's get serious" Jellal said.

Laxus let go of me and I started rubbing my head, that hurt.

"I swear if I got any stupider right now Laxus I'm going to kill you" I sighed.

Laxus huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. Jellal pushed me inside, my eyes widened as I stepped into the witch's cottage. It looked exactly like it did in the Fairy Tale books, spices and ingredients everywhere, books placed recklessly across her home. What stood out the most though was the black kettle in the middle of place. I started fan-girling all around her home, having to touch everything. This was like a little girl's dream come true! Unless they didn't like the witch's house... then maybe it would be their nightmare.

"Is she okay?..." Porlyusica asked.

Her voice knocked me out of my trance, I smiled sheepishly as I scratched the back of my head.

"Sorry" I said returning to Jellal's side.

"What is it that you want?" Porlyusica asked.

"Lucy" Jellal said.

I nodded.

"Gate of the Leo! Open!" I yelled.

"Good evening, my Princess" Leo said coming out.

"The bags Leo? Do you still have them?" I asked.

"Of course, one second" he said disappearing.

True to his word, one second later he reappeared with Laxus's and Jellal's bags.

"Thanks Leo" I said.

He took my hands and stared into my eyes.

"Anytime Lucy, all you need to do is call" he said then vanished.

Jellal bent down to retrieve his bag while I pulled out the Orichalcum from my own bag.

"Please, we have all the ingredients! We just need someone to put them together!" I begged.

Porlyusica looked at me.

"For what?" she asked.

"For the spell that can seal away Zeref!"

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