This is a major AU. This chapter will list all of the changes so you can understand the story. Its always annoyed me when i'm reading a story that doesn't explain what all is different so it can get really confusing. Im new to fan fiction so if I make mistakes please help and give advice. I will probably end up rewriting this story after it is done to fix its mistakes since its my first one. But I want to get it out so I can get peoples opinion on it.

Disclaimer-I do not own DB,DBZ,or GT. As for this story line its roots come from the fanfic Gladiator. I took a few ideas from it and made my own story.

Ok so heres some of the major differences.

has not been destroyed. Instead Freza sent some soldiers to purge the planet but Bardock stopped them. Bardock has the ability to see flashes of the future but its extremely uncontrollable.

Saiyans then went to war with the cold empire. The war has lasted for over 20 years and the Saiyans are losing. They convinced several other planets to join them which is the only reason they have been able to hold off the cold empire. But they are losing more and more battles.

were we start with the major story. Bardock has seen visions of his son Kakarot being at earth and realized he had to stay so he could be trained so he told everyone that Kakorot had died. So Goku grew up on earth just like in the series.

after yet another last battle Raditz was flying though space when he got a msg from his father Bardock. He told him about Kakorot and warned him he may not rember anything but that he may be the only chance at victory. Raditz then began to head to earth but one of the cold empires hit squads found him and began to chase him down. So this is were the story begins. (Its still going to more of a summery of events for a little while)

Raditz came to Kame house and talked with Goku. At first Goku was confused especially when Raditz called him Kakarot. Some of the hit squad then appeared and attacked. During this fight Goku was heavily injured and being tortured by the leader of the group. Suddenly Gohan snapped and with a bead but almost killed him. After this they retreated to regroup and bring there full power against them. After getting a few senzu beans the group was healed and preparing for the next battle against the enemy.

They knew they weren't going to be able to beat them without help so they enlisted Piccolo. He eventually agreed since he couldn't let any one else rule the world. After a fierce battle they killed what was left of the hit squad. Raditz being impressed by there performance especially them being able to sense energy and even suppress it. After some convincing he got Goku to come with him to help.

Mostly playing off the fact if they didn't stop The cold empire now they would come to earth. Piccolo requested to train Gohan so he could use his hidden power after hearing that an invasion was probably be sent to earth. Goku agreed and Gohan went with Piccolo for training.

Gohans side

Piccolo's training is much smiler to what he did in the series chucking him at a mountain,leaving him with a sword so he could survive in the wilderness,and then sparing for the last 6 months of the training. During this time Piccolo found a friend in Gohan and had started to rethink his evil ways.

Goku's side

After meeting his father Bardock and some of the officers of the Saiyans army he started to accept he was a Saiyans some more. He helped them with several battles and impressed everyone with how fast he improved. Several Saiyans even started learning some of his techniques such as being able to sense and suppress ki. By the end of the year he had been promoted to a general Although Goku may have been naïve and a little childish he quickly showed that he was a capable commander Many may have called him soft but he was still quite successful

They heard that Freza was going to Namek to use the dragon balls there. The Saiyans then began assembling there army to attack Freiza head on in a final confrontation. Goku then headed back to earth to get some help for the big fight.

The human members of the Z fighters side

They all did there training with Kami just like in the series only instead of facing Saiyans they faced some of the cold empires soldiers in the Pendulum room. After sensing Goku's return they went to meet him.

With all of them now.

After a long meeting almost everyone agreed to go with Goku to Namek because if they beat Freza there then they would not have to worry about them attacking earth. So everyone even Piccolo and Gohan went Goku was impressed with Gohans improvement and had noticed how Piccolo was changing towards good because of Gohans influence. After the non combatants said good bye the warriors left. They included Yamcha,Tien,Cautziu,Krillen,Piccolo,Gohan, and Goku.

Chapter 2 The big fight

After arriving on Namek with the Z fighters(they are called this by the Saiyans military.) They prepared for battle. They met up with Vegeta(prince vegeta from the series but is now king as his father was killed) many were surprise that they had brought a boy with them but they did not argue.

It was a fierce and bloody battle with many casualties on both sides. At first they seemed to be winning but after Freiza came they started to lose. Heres what happened with each of the characters during the battle.

Tien-Impressed many of the Saiyans warriors killing many of frezas men. Especially when he used the tri-beam to wipe out a large chunk of the enemy but he used to much power when he used the beam so he died.

Chouzu-Used his suicide technique which is what caused Tien to start using the tri beam and throw every thing into it.

Yamcha-Faught hard but his leg and spine were heavily damaged. So he was sent back to the ship.

Piccolo-Was one of the greatest of the fighters but was heavily injured when he jumped in front of Gohan to take a blast meant for him. Piccolo survived but had to be brought back to the ship.

Gohan-After Piccolo was heavily injured he snapped temporarily and started shredding everything in his path even holding down Freiza who was in his second form for a bit. After this though he fell back exhausted. Everyone was surprised by the power he showed since he was just a kid.(He he its only the beging.)

Krillen-Krillen was one of the best of the human fighters. His destructo disk took out several of Freiza elites. However once fezia came he was outmatched. During the fight Frezia killed him which caused Goku to turn Super Saiyans

Goku-Was the strongest of all the Z warriors. After Krillen died he snapped and started wiping the floor with Frezia. Frezia got desperate and sent the blast that ended up blowing up the planet. What was left of the Saiyans army began to evacuate Goku continued to fight Frezia and ended up killing him. As he was about to leave on the last pod he sensed the last ki force near him. Gohan was just recovering from exhaustion Goku started helping him to the pod when Gohan noticed it was the last one he started panicking since his dad was going to be left behind. Goku forced him i the pod then launched it. With a final cry Gohan was sent into space.

He watched as Namek exploded and began to cry. He looked and saw the destination-Earth-He then said,"at least I will be able to see mom again." Little did he know what was going to happen next."

Well thats the prologue stuffs about to start going down. I hope you liked it please review and give advice.