What is this you might ask? It's a random little multi-chapter I've had swirling in my head for a while. Chapters will be short, so don't ask me for longer ones, but updates will be more frequent, especially since Dancing On My Own is almost over.

It hasn't been beta'd or reviewed by my usual pre-readers. This is just me, tossing some shit to the wall and seeing what sticks.

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"So, welcome to class," Bella calls out, hoping like hell that the parents can hear her amidst the crowd. They bounce their babies anxiously in the water, getting them wet and used to the sensation of being in the warm pool instead of a bath or even the kitchen sink. On the weekends it's always crowded at the pool, with dozens of lessons happening for all different ages, but when Rosalie offered Bella the job of teaching the baby and me class, she jumped at the chance.

Bella checks out the group she has and it's filled with the usual crowd from Forks. Everyone who has a baby seems to sign up for the class, so Bella knows them all. Jessica and Mike Newton, who were a year older than Bella at Forks High School, are there with their twins Angelina and Andrew. Kate Lewis is in the water with her son, Garrett Jr, while her husband watches from the sidelines with his camera ready to go and Tanya Denali is with her daughter, Natasha, while her much older husband keeps himself busy texting someone. He's certainly not paying attention to his young wife and their 6 month old daughter, that's for sure.

Bella hesitates for a moment and recalls that her registration sheet said she had five kids participating, but she only has four currently. Rather than wait for someone who might not show up, Bella proceeds to get the parents going around in a circle and bouncing their babies in and out of the water. Bella sings 'Pop Goes The Weasel' and the parents all lift the kids out of the water at the exact same time, and Bella can't help but smile at their happy giggling faces.

It's just as Bella is about to start a new song that a man, about her age, comes dashing in with a young boy clutched in his arms. Bella grins as she notices they are wearing the exact same swim trunks, and both of them look nervous.

"I'm sorry for being late. Is this the baby and me class?" he asks as Bella moves forward and offers her hand.

"I'm Bella, and welcome to the class. Come on in, the water's just fine." She watches as the handsome stranger sinks himself into the water and then anxiously dips his sons' legs in. The little boy looks a little less squeamish once he's in the water, so he keeps bouncing him in and out, much like the other parents are doing.

"I'm Edward, and this is my son, Jack."

Bella is a little surprised that Edward is Jack's dad, just based on his age. Then again, she knows that Jessica and Mike had a shotgun wedding a little over a year ago and right after their high school graduation, so Bella knows that life happens. From the look on Edward's face as he holds his son, he clearly has no regrets and loves this little boy fiercely.

Bella motions for him to join the other parents and this time she has them each go in a circle with the babies lying on their backs in the water. As each child passes her, Bella pours some water from a watering can on them. She's trying to get them adjusted to the water and enjoy being in it, but it seems Tanya's daughter wants nothing to do with it and is crying her eyes out. As Bella tries to soothe both the crying baby and the nervous mother, she can't help but notice Edward glancing her way… often.

Bella knows he's cute, with his bed-ruffled hair and week old scruff, but she also knows he's out of bounds. Dads in this class always come with something, namely moms. Bella spends the rest of the class getting them to play a bit in the water, and near the end they all take turns sliding down the small slide on the edge of the pool into the waiting arms of their parents.

As the parents disperse, Edward stops again to apologize for being late. "It's fine, really. At least you got here."

"I almost forgot. My mom signed us up for this course and Jack had a rough night, so we were trying to sleep in…forget it, you don't need to know my troubles. Jack and I will be here bright and early next Saturday morning though," Edward explains as he holds Jack tight against him, a big plush Cars towel wrapped around his little body.

"I'll be here," Bella replies easily as she gives Edward a nervous wave and watches him walk away. All Bella can focus on is the fact that Edward and Jack are both adorable, and she saw no wedding ring on his finger. "Be smart, Bella. In this day and age, that means nothing."