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On a sunny June morning, Edward and Bella stand amongst their peers at Peninsula College and graduate together. Edward, with his Associates Degree in Computer Science, and Bella with her Associates in Elementary Education. Even though they have both finished college, both have decided on continuing their education.

Bella will be attending the City University of Seattle in Port Angeles in the fall to get her B.A. in elementary education, and she will be fast-tracked due to her existing Associates Degree. Edward is working part-time for a computer software firm and he will be completing his Bachelors through distance education through the University of Illinois. Though they were both hesitant at first to stay in school, after looking for employment and finding very little, they were encouraged by their parents to prepare themselves as best for the future as they could.

For the summer, Bella is working at Sue's daycare and gaining valuable experience and money. Edward, will work full-time until his courses begin in September, but right before they go back to school, they are moving in together. It's a bit of a leap of faith for them, but through Edward's work they offer daycare for Jack, even if he only works part-time, and they will save a great deal of time and money if they stay local to their jobs and school.

When Bella and Edward first broached the topic with their parents, not everyone was excited. Charlie, in particular, had his reservations. However, Edward and Bella came prepared to dinner with all the corroborating evidence as to how they would save money and how great it could be for them. By the time appetizers were done that evening, everyone was in agreement. Of course, they were both about to turn 21, and it's not like their parents could truly stop them from becoming independent.

For weeks, Bella and Edward checked out dozens of apartments in Port Angeles and came up empty. They weren't asking for too much, just two bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a reasonable price, but it was apparently hard to come by. That was until they found a small bungalow for rent on E 1st St. It wasn't huge by any means, just over 1,000 square feet, but it had everything they wanted and then some for only $950 a month, including utilities. Needless to say, Bella and Edward signed on the dotted line almost immediately and they moved in during the last week of August.

For a house-warming present, Esme insisted on helping them decorate the house a bit and they picked paints for each room and she bought them a brand new couch. Charlie & Sue purchased a flat screen TV for their living room on a Labor Day sale, because he insisted that they needed a good TV for Charlie to watch when he came over to babysit.

Jack is now two and a half years old, and has adjusted to the move and all the recent changes rather well. His new bedroom is covered in superheroes paraphernalia, because after spend increased amounts of time with Jasper, he's developed a love for Spiderman, Superman and Batman. Edward doesn't really mind watching Batman cartoons with Jack on Saturday mornings, but Bella is tired of constantly washing the same pair of Superman pajamas because Jack cries if he can't wear them at night. They even bought a two more pairs, but Jack is insistent on wearing just the one.

Come mid-September, Bella and Edward are both entrenched in their studies again, but they have managed to make things work. Constant communication and co-operation has been the key to their success as of late. It helps that Edward's classes are online and he can be very flexible about his schedule, but Bella has to admit, that everything has gone rather smoothly.

They have kept their same bedtime routine with Jack, and after his bath, they all snuggle up on the couch and read a book before carting his sleepy body off to his new big boy bed. They feel even more like a family now than ever before.

On Saturday mornings, there is one constant in their lives, even though the location has changed. They all head down to the William Shore indoor pool for family swimming time. Jack is in love with the water just as much as Bella was at his age, and he's relentless when he gets in the pool. He wants to swim on his own, which he can't do just yet, and he's stubborn as heck, so Bella and Edward have resorted to making sure he has a life jacket on before they walk out of the change room, just in case.

After Edward walks into the shallow end of the pool, Jack immediately follows, screaming happily the moment his feet touch the warm water. With his life jacket keeping him afloat, Jack holds onto Bella's hand as they head into slightly deeper water. She can see his feet kicking beneath the surface, as though he is trying to walk through the water like Edward and Bella are, but he's not touching the bottom of the pool.

They float around the pool a bit, and they each take turns dancing with Jack while they sing various songs. Bella chooses to go the children's song route and sings Pop Goes the Weasel, which was the first song she sang in their swimming lessons over two years earlier. Edward tries valiantly to sing Gangnam Style, which Jack still loves, but he doesn't exactly know the words, so it's mainly mumbling to the tune of the song.

When they get back to the home later that afternoon, Jack immediately goes down for his nap, though as he gets older they aren't as long as they once were. Edward and Bella take advantage of the time alone and though she has a laundry list of things in her mind that they need to do, they spend their time making love and discussing plans for the future.

"So, when we both graduate, we'll officially get married, right?" Edward questions, as his fingers ghost along skin between her naked breasts. "Do you want to go to Vegas? No wait... our mothers would never let us go to Vegas and elope."

"Well, when are you officially going to propose?" Bella laughs as Edward rolls his eyes. Technically, he's proposed three times since he slipped the promise ring on her finger, but she's told him 'not yet' each time, and Edward has been patient, because he loves her so much.

"I'd propose right now if I thought you'd say yes," Edward challenges as Bella slides her body closer to his and kisses right above his heart. "However, I know right now, lying naked after sex, isn't the best idea. What would we tell the grandchildren?" Edward pretends to be shocked, but Bella just nudges him playfully.

"How about this, you propose at least a year before we are due to graduate. That way, Renee, Sue and Esme have lots of time to plan a wedding. Then, as soon as we're done school, we get hitched."

"You become my old ball and chain?"

"Oh, I'm already that, we're just gonna make it all official like," Bella replies as Edward wraps his arm around her waist and pulls her onto top of him, his lips immediately finding hers.

"And… what about kids?"

"What about them?"

"Well, I don't want to wait too long to give Jack brothers or sisters," Edward counters as his fingers slide down her back, reveling in each touch of her skin.

"Well, we're still young so we have plenty of time. Jack will be almost five by the time we're married… so how about we wait a year or two after the wedding? Does that work for you?"

"I'd knock you up right now if you'd let me," Edward jokes as Bella feels his cock stir back to life beneath her. "I know this wasn't how you saw your life going when you graduated from high school." Edward has suddenly turned serious for a moment as he kisses Bella and holds her against him. Bella slips a condom on his length and slides down, groaning as he fills her.

"Believe me, Edward… this… you, Jack, everything… is a hundred times better than I could have ever dreamed of for my life. Regardless of the doubts, the worries and the drama… this is everything to me."

Bella and Edward make love frantically, very well aware of the fact that their time alone is precious. After they both release, one after the other, they can hear stirrings in Jack's room and rush to get dressed. Just as Edward has slipped his shirt back over his head, Jack is knocking on their bedroom door.

When they open it, they find their tired looking son clutching his favourite toy, Dangles, and looking at them through hooded eyes. "I miss you and mama," Jack declares as Edward swoops his son into his arms and turns to see Bella standing there with a grin on her face. Yes, Jack has taken to calling her mama ever since they moved in together, and everyone, especially Edward and Bella, are in support of it.

After all, Jack will never have a mother that loves him more than Bella does.

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