Care and courage

The dawn was gone and the full sun was covering his whole body. From the top to the bottom, immersed in light. And almost not worth it.

The zombie must had been one of these smartest ones. It not only avoided any direct hit but also dodged pretty sneaky abdomen punch that he desperately made with his battered body. Time slowed down again, as usually during fights. Especially during fights with these guys. They were just relentless until completely dead.

Another deep and heavy breath to get himself together despite the soreness in his hands. Guns and the crowbar, guns and the crowbar and occasionally some other weapon. An alien weapon! Even these gloves finally made holding anything so painful. Before that, he only got a thumb contusion from using a computer mouse too much! Freakin mice never weight that much!

And then he had woken up from the sea of thoughts. Grose smell and noise just behind his back signalized that he had to turn around and fight! A punch!

World had become just a bit darker. Firstly just a notion of discomfort and then a tearing apart pain in his back. He moaned, pretty much because he got surprised, and after the first impression, terrified. He wanted to swing the crowbar so MAYBE he could still reach the monster's head, but it was too late. He looked down, on the floor of this old warehouse or whatever was this building. He was standing on the stairs and there was no rail here...

Completely paralyzed, he just tried to cover his face before dropping to the ground, much too far away.

"Oh my god, is he alive?"

"No, just pretending! Stop staring and help me, Sarah!"

"You don't need to be so obnoxious!"

Someone touched him. Or at least it seemed so.


"Yep, definitely alive! Hurray!" Commented much too cheerful female voice. A young voice.

"Hey… Hey … man… Just DON'T move!" Commanded male voice and it felt a little less painful this time. "Hey… stay with me buddy… Can you feel your legs?"

He was still feeling extremely drowsy but the voice, it meant something! So he blinked a few times, making effort to understand what the hell was going on.


His body shivered. Eyes went wide open.

"Can YOU feel your legs? Move them… justa bit…"

He managed to focus his eyesight on the young guy, so that meant there must had been glasses somewhere on his face. Not even a scratch.

He managed to just slightly move his legs but sharp pain in his back made him wince silently. A few deep breaths before he regained his speech. His saviors did not seem to hurry at all…

"So buddy, I'm Jack and this is Sarah." Started the dark haired boy and pointed to a blonde at the very edge of his sight. "We gonna get you outa here. And you got a nice suit… It reminds me of-"

"That's my freaking curse, this suit…"His voice was weak. He wasn't planning to reply like this, but at this point nothing really mattered. The pain slowly mixed in his backbone to become this dull and heavy sensation of all the back muscles being torn apart and burning, just to the top of his head. "I can't move…" He added with fear. "It hurts like hell, I don't have any more morphine…"

"Morphine? How did you get… Hey! Stay with me! Sarah, run and call the others."

So in the beginning there was a lot of noise and someone was calling his name so often that it finally irritated him. He was sooo tired and hot. Drops of sweat felt dripping everywhere over his body, covering him like an unwanted balm. But at least fear was gone.
Half-conscious, he felt like he was drowning. He gasped for air and raised his body. Someone gently pushed him back to bed. He felt like suffocating but then came this cool breeze and everything went back to normal. And even more movement and panic around. There were people around him. Saving him… Again.

The suit is not everything…The suit is not everything… It sounded like his own words, but from a distant, unknown speaker.

A wave of heat like in a dream of a bath in lava. Backbone seemed to just detach from the rest of the body making all of the muscles itch and cramp. Like during one of these night cramp attack, but all of the muscles in the same time. He must had been moaning more, because he remembered exciting even more rush somewhere around. The panels of the suit felt like disappearing slowly… His chest become lighter and lighter.

Gentle touches and a feeling of levitation. And a sharp injection, and pain just fading… With his consciousness…

"Alright Sarah. Now you hold this part stable and I'm gonna cut."
More pain. Darkness…

Then someone held his hand ad was saying something which made him feel really, really awkward.

"Just this one more and you'll rest." Explained a woman with so much care and anxiety that it almost made him shy.

And a knife must had cut through his lower back and deeper and deeper through the tissue. It felt like they want to kill him. Cutting edge of suffering made him completely mute. The woman screamed because he squeezed her palm so hard. If he hadn't lost all his senses, he could still apologize.

Eyes opened. A spasm. Just like in the old days, when he was a student. But these were nice times, these were parties. With girls and alcohol.
And here, it was fight, fight, rest, thinking and fight again. Some fucking crazy nightmare for apocalypse zombie maniacs!

"Ah!" He jumped on the bed and was immediately awake. He squinted his eyes and raised his left hand to cover his eyes. He regretted in the same time.

"Don't make such sudden movements, Gordon." Said some very rough voice. Or maybe just tired. "You've been in a coma for two days." Explained pretty much emotionless.
He made out her shape finally after looking around in the bright room. The source of light was turned a bit to a side so he could see now. Pretty much a blur.

In the same moment, a familiar suffocation feeling haunted his upper chest and he put left hand on his heart, in spite of a dull elbow pain. Tried to make an inhale with an effort and panic showing in his eyes.


"I've checked that. Just calm down. Your spine got its ass kicked very, very hard, but the suit managed to protect you from any major damage. You're still so strong, you crushed a finger of some lady visiting you." Her voice continued to be dry and sedate as she approached him with his glasses. Finally.

She came just too close and put the glasses on his nose. "It's a real miracle, that you are still among us, doctor."

It gave him chills.