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Chapter 1

My name is Geo Stelar.

The kid who hates the world.

Everyone avoids me.

To them, I'm just the loner.

The one who never talks...

Never answers...

And never, I mean never, makes friends.

And this is my story.

I can still remember that fateful night.

The night when it all changed...

My life got turned around...

And for the worst too.





My father had come back. He was in the living room talking with my mom. I was elated. He was gone for three long months. Three long months I had to be away from my dad.

But he was back now, and everything was good again. I could show him to all my friends and brag about him being an astronaut. I could feel tears of happiness coming to my eyes as I thought about it.

We could all be a family again...

I ran into the living room shouting in glee, "Dad! Dad! Your back!" I quickly stopped when I didn't see my father.

"Huh?" I asked in confusion as I looked around. My mother was smiling at me, but the smile never reached her eyes. She had tearstains around her eyes, and her makeup was smeared. A strange man was in our house too. He was looking down, with his strange blue, white and red hat covering his eyes.

There was a shrine on the kitchen table, with a lot of pictures of my family. There was one where I was on my dad's head, one where we were at the park. They were all lined in a circle around a single portrait of my father.

He was a brown-haired man, same as my mom and I with muscular arms that would make all the other neighborhood ladies swoon for some reason. He was wearing his astronaut suit and was smiling real wide. I smiled a bit at the photo before looking around for him.

But all I could see is that other guy with the same astronaut suit as my dad. He was shifting around and looking at me with a foreign emotion in his eyes. What was it, happiness... no not that. Was it...pity.?

But why, why would this guy pity me? Wait, who is this guy?

I wondered what he was doing in my house. He was wearing the same uniform that belonged to my dad, so...he must be an assistant of my dad?

He started walking over to me, and I backed up in fear. "Listen Geo." The man said in a gentle tone, that seemed to amplify my anxiety. "Your father's not coming home today." I immediately sprung into action, shouting protests.

I couldn't believe it. My dad promised. When he left for his big trip into space, he said he would be back in three months. So why wasn't he back! My mind refused to accept this. My dad always kept his promises! Always! There was nothing that could keep him down!

The man just kept standing there, and I noticed my mother was starting to shake a bit, but I dismissed it as sadness from not seeing dad. I was way too naive then. I probably am too naive now.

The man waited until the noise level died down before he started talking. His tone sounded forced, and he stammered a bit before finding the right words to talk to me. I was still wondering what happened to my dad.

The man grimaced, and my mother started shaking more evidently. "Your father's not coming back Geo." I saw my mom start crying and sniveling. Her body trembling violently as she started hugging herself. The man tried to comfort her, but to no avail.

What was going on?

Finally, he just gave up, and walked back over to me. He explained again, a bit more slowly. "Your father's not coming back...because he passed away." My mom was unrecognizable now, a mess on the floor.

I froze. I've heard about passing away. Kids at school talked about it, and we learned it from our teachers, but I couldn't quite remember what it meant.

I somewhat noticed him going on and on about the deeds that my dad had done.

'He was a great man, who did great work, and it was horrible for him to...pass away. But he left behind a wife who loved him dearly, and a son who will always remember him.'

'Kelvin, you were a great man. And I can only hope to be as selfless as you were.'

'But you didn't...pass away alone. Your ideals, your legacy, they'll be left behind in your son. And I hope that he will be able to complete that life's purpose you were telling me about before.'

'But, I'm trailing on. So goodbye Kelvin.'

'And may God grace your soul.'

And suddenly the guy lit up a candle and burned all the pictures of my dad. I looked in astonishment at the pictures that were burning up right in front of me. I was numb right now, trying to process the facts that were told to me.

I then snapped out of it and charged the stand. Managing to snatch one last picture before it burned. The guy didn't stop me, and my mother was too absorbed in crying to notice.

I looked at the picture that was still somewhat burning. I tried to preserve it, but it was crinkling up to the flames too quickly. I looked at the picture one last time. It was a photo of me on my dad's shoulders. My body burned away, and soon the rest of the picture followed.

Then my dad's face was the last thing remaining, and that too was burnt to a crisp. The last thing that burned was my dad's smile.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. Then a short whisper of, "He's gone."

Wait, gone...Passing away... I remembered! It all meant, oh no, ...Death.

My father was dead.

The person that I idolized.

The person that I thought would never leave me.

The most important person in my life.

Funny how easily a person can die. He was alive yesterday, but dead today. I couldn't believe it. My dad was dead.



And I broke down.

At that moment, the Geo Stelar that the world knew...died.




And I hoped he would never see the light of the world again.

I woke up, looking around my room frantically. My heart was beating uncontrollably, threatening to burst out of my chest. I was panting heavily and drips of sweat were rolling down my forehead.

That was a few years before. When my life changed.

That was the same nightmare that I've had for all those years.

All the regrets I had.

All the things I could never tell my dad.

My chances were just swept away in the wind, never to appear again.

And I hated every single moment of my life.

Ever since that day.

I got up slowly, my body creaking from the stiffness that I obtained from sleep. Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I looked up at the space shuttle models that hung from the roof of my room and smiled a bit. Those were the only reminders I had of my dad.

He gave them to me on my 5th birthday. Those were the days. When we were all a family.

I shook my head. Those days would never come now. Those days, as much as I want them to, would never repeat themselves again. We would never be a family without my dad.

It doesn't matter how many people come into my life. There is nobody who has as much respect and admiration as my father. I was bitter at first, thinking that he was being selfish, dieing. But now, I realize he was willing to risk everything for his organization.

And if he can do that, then I have no reason to hate him.

I got off my bed and walked towards the bathroom. This was my regular schedule. Rinse, lather, repeat. I stripped of my pajamas, and got into the bathtub. I took a cold shower, just like every other day, hoping the cold would numb my pain.

But I knew, that was only a short-term cure. I'd one day have to face my fears. The fear of not being able to get my father back.

Because I know.

I know that he's out there.

And one day, I'll get him back.

And if I can't... I don't even want to think about it.

I put on a warm red shirt with my blue shorts and head out of the door. As I slowly make my way down the stairs, I can't help but look back to my past. I dropped out of school soon after the incident. I couldn't bear to look at all the happy kids now.

I sometimes watch them from outside my window. Playing on the streets with their soccer balls, ignoring their parents when they have to go. Such pathetic displays. I would trade anything to have my dad back, and those kids would probably trade them for a new toy.

They think their parents will last forever.

They take them for granted.

And the very thought disgusts me.

My dad was lost in a WAZA mission. A mission to create a friendship with extraterrestrial life forms. After his death, WAZA just gave up. That sickens me too. They didn't even try to make amends to us, just a couple of cheap sorries.

Who comforted my mom when she was bawling her eyes out in depression? Who made the funeral arrangements where only ten people arrived to make their amends to my father? But, I can't say anything. After all, I didn't even attend his funeral.

I just couldn't bear to go, not if they don't even have his body. It felt like I was betraying his own memory by accepting the past. It hurt too much to even look at the flowers that were placed on his gravestone.

The worst part is...

They didn't continue the program out of my dad's memory. The program that he died for...they just gave up on it. They didn't continue in his memory. Use his death as an incentive to make more advancements. They disgraced his memory.

I made it downstairs, and I saw my mom cooking breakfast. I sat down at the kitchen table and waited patiently for my food. My mother finished cooking and set down some pancakes in front of me.

I started eating. Not too fast, or too slow, being as clean as possible. That was our daily routine. "So Geo." I looked up in boredom. My mother's smiling face took up all of my vision. At first, I was a little mad at her for not being sad at dad's death, but I knew.

She was just hiding behind a mask of happiness. For my sake. She was hurting a lot more than me, and was still able to protect her feelings, and for that, I truly respect her. She's practically the only tie to humanity that I have left.

"Do you want to go to school?" She asked me in her coaxing voice. I shook my head no. Didn't she get it? School was just too painful for me. If I could ever get over my resentment and envy of other kids, I wouldn't go either.

Making bonds is too hard. When they break, they only give the other person pain... And I don't want anymore pain.

"Well that's okay. You can go whenever you need to." My mother said while smiling. That's one of the reasons I like my mom. She always respected me, now and before. Letting me make my own choices, not forcing me like the other teachers had to do.

I smiled briefly, before it got lost in my face of indifference. "Thanks." I quickly said as I finished up my breakfast and got up to wash my dishes. I was sure I saw a beaming look on my mom's face, but that was probably my own imagination.

I was brought out of my thoughts by the doorbell. My mom got up and opened the door while I just continued washing, not really paying attention to anything. "Geo! You're friends want to talk to you!" My mother yelled as I abruptly dropped the dishes in shock.

I hurriedly picked up the dishes and put them in the dryer. I started thinking. I could probably go answer the door, but that would be too annoying. Besides, if these strangers have the gall to call themselves my friends without my permission, then they deserve to be ignored.


I started walking up the stairs when a sudden voice called out. "Stop right there truant!" I stopped and slowly turned around. My mom was smiling in the background while three kids were glaring at me. Correction, more like one. The other one was looking at a picture of space in our living room and the other one was staring off into the distance. The blonde girl was glaring at me.

"What do you want," I drawled out. I really didn't have the time for these kids. The kids all snapped to attention and scowled at me. The two boys started walking towards me before the blondie stopped them.

"I'm Luna, your class president!" The girl said in a smug tone, while pointing a thumb at herself. I mentally sighed. Just another kid who thinks their all great just because they're the class president.

I paused.

Actually, I think this is the first time this has happened.

But I don't think I would even respect the president right now if he walked in through my door.

But I refocused on the group of kids in front of me. "So," I asked in an uncaring tone, somewhat basking in the fact that the kids were getting even angrier, "How does that affect me?"

They seemed to stammer for a bit, and I took the time to look at them. There was the blonde girl who was wearing a blue suit, then the big kid, who was in a brown and yellow overalls.

Seriously...overalls? The world's fallen a bit too far for my taste.

Then there was a small kid, who was wearing glasses and had his own little business suit. I think.

The midget began to take out a calculator and madly input buttons in as the bigger kids stuttered and tried to find a counter to my statement.

Personally, I think it was just random buttons.

The calculator started beeping, and I vaguely noticed the words 'ERROR! DOES NOT COMPUTE! DOES NOT COMPUTE!' on the screen, before the whole thing started fizzing and smoking, and then it shut down.

The big guy fell back, fainting in exhaustion. His little brain probably couldn't handle the stress of figuring out that problem.

The girl started to pace until she finally came up with something. She pointed to me and yelled.

"You're coming to school whether you like it or not!"

The temperature seemed to freeze over as I glared at the ignorant blonde rat. Even my mom seemed to shiver at the amount of pure hatred I was putting into my gaze. How dare this girl demand that I come to school!

If I wanted to, I would have come a long time ago!

I ground out the words, making them sound as icy as possible, like a scratch on a chalkboard. "And what makes you think that you can make me." The girl seemed to freeze until she stuck her nose up in the air.

"Hmph." She said before she dragged her two partners out of our house. Good. Run like the little ants you are. I started walking upstairs again, all the tension dissolving after each step I took.

"You know you didn't have to be so mean to her." My mom said to me, while tapping her foot. I turned around again, looking at my mom from the edge of my shoulder before turning back. "Don't ignore your mother!" She yelled at me. I didn't bother replying.

I slammed the door to my room, locking it in the process, not paying attention to the yells my mom sent after me. My mom can be understanding at some times, but sometimes, she's so ignorant.

I'm not a normal kid. I basically grew up without a father; forced to take responsibility in the house for a few months. Get my mom in a shape that wasn't crying and sobbing on the floor.

She has to understand...I don't need friends, especially not people who try to boss me around.

I sighed as I looked at the sun, which was now shining in the middle of the sky brightly.

I shielded my eyes from the glaring light, as I looked down at a nearby picture frame.

I looked away, forcing the feelings of yearn deep into my mind.

Those times were over.

I looked down again and sighed wearily.

I need to get rid of all this stress.

I walked to my bed and looked at the windows. I tinted them so I didn't have to see the sun. The sun made me think that the world was happy. I avoid it because I know that the world isn't. I opened them in a swift moment, ignoring the glare of light that now illuminated my room.

I jumped out of my window, using the tiles of my roof to get down easier. I landed on the ground gracefully before putting my hands in my pockets and my head down, and I started walking towards my point of peace.

I ignored the strange looks others were giving me. After all, you don't find a shady guy in my neighborhood that often. Just keep walking. Keep walking, and they'll leave you alone. This is what I always did. The glaring sun started to set as I walked from block to block.

The people parted as I walked in a straight line, headed towards my destination.

I hated these people.

They have their own pitiful description of a dream.

I don't have a dream, I have a goal.

And my goal lies with the past.

And I won't stop until I complete it.

These people...

They didn't even know what the true meaning of pain is.

Just their twisted lies to make themselves feel better.

Because all of them...

All of them...

Will never know...

What it truly means to be...