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I stood silently, staring at the WAZA building. A cool breeze washed over my body as I thought about the history of this place.

This is where dad worked...The place he was always talking about. He wanted to show me where he worked, but I guess he never had enough time until it..was too late.

I looked down at my feet and gritted my teeth. It looked just like the pictures my father had showed me. In those pictures, he was standing with his friends as they smiled towards the camera.

The trees...

The grass...

The surroundings all looked the same.

Except this timie, my dad wasn't there anymore.

I breathed in deeply, trying to calm the emotions that were racing through my brain. I put my head up. I had to find whatever information I could on my dad. I couldn't afford to start reminiscing about my past now.

No matter how much I wanted to.


A hand touched my shoulder, "It's been a while Geo."

My eyes widened. That voice! That was...

I turned around. It was the guy from years ago! The one who told my mom and I that dad..went missing! I was shocked for a few seconds before I schooled my expression into one of indifference.

"And you are?" I asked lazily, scanning his face for an expression. The man seemed a little disgruntled by my response, but his face quickly turned into a smile.

"Looks like you have turned into a fine young man Geo," The man said with a tone of pride.

I raised an eyebrow. Why would he be proud in me? I've only seen him once before in my life. Does he know me in some way?

I stared confusingly at the man, waiting for him to explain to me how he knew me.

The man looked awkward, shuffling his feet uncomfortably, as the conversation turned sour. I just stayed still, staring at the man with a face of no emotion as he quivered under my gaze.

This continued on for a couple seconds before he finally talked, his smile wavering as I stared him down, "Do you remember me Geo? I'm the one who told you and your mother-..."

He stopped, before looking down at the ground silently.

Hmm? Why didn't he finish his statement?

Argh I'm wasting time, this guy is keeping me from finding information on my dad's location! I briskly turned around and started walking away, My "classmates" had already gone inside WAZA with a tour guide. I better catch up to them, the tour guide could have useful information.

However, a quiet whisper caught my attention.

"..I knew your father, you know Geo?"

That made me instantly freeze, and I turned around slowly to face the man. I kept my gaze on him. This guy knew my dad?

"What did you say?" I asked with a hint of confusion in my voice.

With that, the man gained a little confidence, and spoke up for the first time in the conversation, "My name is Aaron Boreal, and I was one of your dad's associates." He then looked down to the ground again.

He spoke very quietly, I almost couldn't hear him, "I was one of Kelvin's best friends," Kelvin was the name of my dad..This means this guy was one of my dad's friends! But if he was, then how come I have only seen him once! "His..disappearance hit me hard, but I know it hit you worse Geo. And I want to say...I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you when you needed it."

I clenched my fist. I don't care if he was there for me! He could never hope to get as close to me as my dad! And I didn't even need his help! Not in the past, not now, not ever!

My hair covered my eyes as I thought. The one who really needed help was not me, but my mom. I remember her crying face as I tried to console her about dad. She needed the most support! Not me!


What has this guy been doing all this time!

My eyes showed nothing but anger as I looked up at the man. He looked down in shame, knowing that he deserved every negative feeling I could muster.

I had suffered in the past.

But my pain made me stronger! The pain of being alone is nothing compared to the pain of losing someone you cared about!

On the other hand, my mom...she wasn't as strong. She couldn't handle the- things I had to. This guy..he could have helped her, but he didn't.

"Why.." I whispered. I saw the man's ears perk up.

"Why what Geo?" His voice held only sadness and regret. But I didn't care. Why should I care? He wronged me, my mom, and my dad! Did his friendship with my dad not mean a thing to him!

"Why didn't you help her." I uttered those words with pure contempt, before I paused, and walked away.

Dark storm clouds had rolled while we were talking, ruining the view of WAZA. That man...could have done so many things better in his life. My mom could have had someone help her through tough times.

But because of how blind the man was, she didn't, and was forced to get through her problems with only me to help her.

I was so useless back then.

The doors of WAZA opened up to me, and I was greeted by a blast of warm air. WAZA was a very clean place, the floors were carpet, but they did not have a single speck on them. The exhibits were contained inside glass boxes, with very organized metal plaques to explain them.

The receptionist who was guarding the door asked me if I was with the tour group that just came in.

I muttered a quick yes and looked around at all the exhibits. Out of all of these different cases, I wonder which ones my dad worked on...

Which ones that man had worked on...

I shook my head.


Why do I keep getting distracted!

Are other things becoming more important to me then finding my own dad!

That's despicable!

I looked around. I was aware that my dad had an office in WAZA, and that would logically be the best place to look for him. Alright all I have to do now is find his office, and I could look for things he was studying prior to his...disappearance.

I turned my head to the elevators. Maybe the offices are on the second floor...

"Excuse me, where would the employee offices be?" I heard some random person say behind me.

The receptionist responded, "They are on the second floor, I can give someone a message if you need me too."

That answers my question. I squinted my eyes. But it looks like the second floor was restricted to employees only...Great.

Just my luck! How will I be able to get into the second floor now!

I contemplated my options. I could always go ask someone else for help. Maybe some people might realize me as my dad's son and give me access to his office. But I doubt it; I've never been here before, so there is little chance of someone recognizing me.

Maybe I could ask that Boreal guy who was talking to me before. I shook my head. What was I thinking? I don't want to talk to that guy again. So what else could I do...


"Mr. Stelar!" I heard a shrilly voice yell. Oh come on! What does she want!

I gritted my teeth. I wasn't doing anything to her! Can't I think quietly to myself! What is with the people these days!

I heard footsteps behind me, "Mr. Stelar, I'm going to request of you to please stay with the tour group. The school would not like to be responsible if you went missing."

Argh this was annoying. I scoffed though, I wouldn't go missing! This is a museum!

I turned around to face Luna, and I stared at her, annoyance clearly showing up on my face. She stared back, her face raised in an act of trying to look proper. Finally she broke the little contest we had, looking away from me, her face red.

"Leave me alone," I said demandingly, "I don't have time to play with you."

Luna scoffed and rolled her eyes, "Honestly Mr. Stelar, try to show a little more respect to your superiors." She smirked as she said that, trying to get a reaction out of me. I just simply ignored her, smiling to myself a bit as she fumed.

I turned away from her, thinking. How could I get up to the second level? I stared at the elevator, watching as a security guard stopped some kids from going up it. Apparently, Luna noticed me looking at the elevator. She walked in front of my face and smirked.

"I bet you want to go up to the second floor, where they keep all their good exhibits.." She said tauntingly. She was bluffing now. From that conversation I eavesdropped into, there were no exhibits their!

And there is no way that she could ever be able to get her hands on an elevator pass!

"You're bluffing," I said briefly before I looked away from her. Where could I go to avoid her. I'm getting tired of talking to her.

"Don't look away from me Mr. Stelar!" Luna yelled as she grabbed by shirt sleeve. I didn't give her permission to touch me! Why couldn't she just leave me alone! Honestly! I stopped walking away.

"Why do you continue to annoy me," I said, the tension permeating the air. "Stop lying to me," I said roughly. Why was she so annoying! Her grip on my shirt was firm, and she wouldn't let go!

I saw her smirk again, and she held up a slip of paper, "Who says I'm lying Mr. Stelar?"

There was no way! That was an elevator pass! But how did she get her hands on one!

At my shocked expression, Luna explained, "My dad has sponsored WAZA in the past, of course they would let his daughter have full permissions." I grunted. That cocky smile she wore just brought up so much anger.

I stopped trying to walk away.

Could I ask for it...

I imagined what she would make me do for it...

The thought just made me shiver. So I made up my mind right there. I would find some other way to get up to the second floor. I shook my head a couple times before replying coldly, "Sorry, I don't want anything from you."

That ended our conversation. I noticed a hurt look on her face, and I felt a little bit of guilt, but not enough to make me stop. She didn't have to talk to me, she didn't have to annoy me.

"Hey you kids!" Great another distraction! I tried to walk off quickly to avoid getting into any scuffles that would end up wasting my time, but it was futile, 'Geo! Come back!" Sighing, I turned around to face the rest of my class. All of them were waiting behind the guy who called me.

The one who was calling me was that Boreal guy. I felt a little bit of anger from seeing him, but most of it has dissipated. He averted his gaze for a little bit as I looked at him, but surprisingly, he raised his eyes to meet mine.

"I'd like to ask you to take a look at one of the projects that WAZA has been working on." I raised an eyebrow at him. Why would I want to look at some random project? I had better stuff to do.

"No thanks," I said gruffly as I began to take off. So many distractions, and I only had the day to find out what I needed to find out!

"Are you sure Geo?" Of course I'm sure! "Your dad worked on it."

I stopped, before turning around slightly. Maybe I could learn something from his project?



Fine, I'll come to the project. Why must I be pestered by everyone! I just want to be left alone! So frustrating! Don't these people realize that I have goals too! I can't afford to be held down by all these people!

The only thing that matters is finding my dad! Nothing else!

So if this Boreal guy can help me achieve that goal, so be it.

I allowed myself to be lead away to whatever project it was that the Boreal guy wanted to show me. What would I find in my dad's project. Would it help me find my dad? Or would it be useless?

I shook my head.

That's silly. Anything my dad made is not useless. Something that he touched...he created...will always hold value to m-

My shoulder was tapped.

I jolted out of my thoughts as I turned around to see who interrupted my thinking. A burst of pink assaulted my eyes as I groaned. First Luna, now her! "Whatcha thinking about Geo?" Sonia asked in her annoying happy voice.

She was promptly ignored as I turned to look down at the ground. The class and I had just been walking down a boring hallway. Nothing special, not even any exhibits! But in the corner of my eye, I saw two men arguing. I stopped to observe them, letting the rest of my class go ahead.

Not like any of them would notice my disappearance.

My shoulder was then tapped again.

Looks like I was wrong.

"Whatcha looking at Geo?" Sonia asked curiously. I pointed to the two men arguing. She followed my finger, and then started staring along with me. One of the men was now screaming at the other. He was tall and skinny, and his hair was grey, like he had gone old from stress.

The other man was actually old. He wore a business suit, and put on a pokerface expression, almost ignoring the screams that were being thrown against him.

This fight caught my interest; its rare that one would see such an argument in a professional environment. Something bad must have happened.

It wasn't my business to snoop, but if something bad was happening at my dad's old workplace, I have a right to know about it. I went up closer to the two men, and I overheard bits of their conversation.

"You took...invention! ...Life! Trusted you! I spent everything...project! How could you!" The gray haired man screamed, his face now breaking down into tears.

This must be really serious, I grunted to myself. What was going on? I looked down at the ground, trying to decipher the clues that I had found out. Suddenly, I heard a loud screech, as the gray haired man pushed the old man down to the ground.

"Security! Arrest this man!" The old guy yelled as WAZA security took the gray haired guy by his arms and started pushing him out of the building.

This was really serious! What was going on!

"Leave him alone!" My eyes widened as I recognized who yelled that. Sonia..what was she doing! She was running towards the guards, yelling at them to release the gray haired guy. What was she, stupid?

There was no way she would ever be able to take on fully trained guards!

Sonia was then restrained by a couple more guards that had come to help the old man. I cursed, the situation is getting bad. If they are stooping down to restrain young girls, I had better get out of here.

Sonia and I locked eyes, and her expression looked so vulnerable, her face pleading at me to help her. But if I did, then I might be kicked out of WAZA, or even worse...banned! I could never come back to here to see if my father left me anything! Or see if there were any clues of his location!

I vaguely remembered something that Sonia told me once.

"Ya know Geo, my manager only let me go to this school when I begged him," Sonia said with a wistful tone," He said that I needed to focus on making music, and that is the only thing that should be on my mind."

That peaked my interest. A sad story behind a happy fa├žade?

Nah, this is Sonia, of course not.

She continued, "But I wanted to be like a normal kid and have a normal life, making friends at a regular school. I never wanted to live the life of a celebrity."

Sonia shrugged, "It just happened. I can't do anything about it."Hmm interesting...

"But I just kept asking my manager. He was the one who had jurisdiction over me after my mama...passed away, so I had to listen to him. I couldn't just run away, no matter how much I wanted to."

My eyes widened. I knew she had felt the same feelings of loneliness and sadness as I have, but I never imagined that she felt them to this extent. Her voice sounded so depressed and remorseful that I actually started to wonder if this was really Sonia.

"My manager finally let me go to this school. But he said if I get into trouble once, then I'll be taken out, and I'll have to go back to being tutored."

Her voice was cracking now. I actually felt a little bad for her.

Her situation wasn't as difficult as mine, but still...

I shook my head as I stood up to move away.

But before I left her, I said one thing.

"Thank you..Sonia."

So what would I choose

My dream, or to keep Sonia happy.

I made my choice. I turned my back to her. I knew what was happening behind me. She was struggling violently with the guards that were holding her as she screamed at them. One of them was questioning her, asking who her guardian was.

The guards still hadn't seen me yet. My backpack slid down to my arms as I opened it up.

I wondered to myself. Why was I doing this? She had no importance to me. This was none of my concern. But deep down inside, I knew it. I was helping her because I felt pity for her. And I knew...

I cared.

She screamed again, and I winced as my ears stated to hurt. Maybe not a lot. But I still cared. I pulled an item out of my backpack...and I threw it directly at the guards. My aim proved true and I hit one of them directly in the face. I smirked as the item exploded in a mix of random beans, and rice.

That's right. I threw my lunch. Next I pulled out my camera...There were a few tricks my dad taught me concerning cameras. My smile widened, and those tricks would definitely help me right now. I threw my camera at them, it flashing wildly, blinding most of the people in the room.

People yelled as they covered their eyes.

Get in and get out. I ran into the white light my camera was emitting, and I grabbed Sonia, and ran down the hallway, trying to get as much distance as possible from the security guards. I couldn't find the gray haired guy, so I assume he was already kicked out.

I couldn't have done anything about it, so there is no use dawdling on it. I sprinted through the hallways, somewhat dragging Sonia, before she woke up from her dazed expression and started running also.

We caught up to the rest of our class, and only a couple people noticed we were gone. "What were you doing with Mr. Stelar, Ms. Strumm, and why are you two out of breath?" Luna asked as her goons glared at us from both her sides.

I found no reason to answer her, as I walked away from her.

Sonia on the other hand...

"What can't even keep track of your "subordinates"? What kind of class president are you?" Luna's expression was priceless. I caught a look from Sonia, and I understood it easily.

Where was the gray haired guy?

I just shrugged. It doesn't matter, the most the security would have done is kick him out.

Outside WAZA, Tom Dubius was in tears. The gray haired ex- WAZA worker was an emotional wreck. His work, his life, everything he owned was gone He had poured everything into that project that the boss had given him. All his time! All his efforts!

To finally make his invention fly!

Was stolen away from him in just the blink of an eye!

If he didn't stop trying to claim that his invention was stolen, he could be sued for patent interferences! How could he had been so blind to trust people. It was just like that one time...

And that girl got hurt because of him! He was a worthless, good for nothing idiot who could use a computer. He fell to his knees in emotional agony.

Why did he let the same thing happen to him twice! He was just starting to get his life together too!

Why did he trust his boss!

Why did he let down his guard!

Tom was crying uncontrollably, but he was abruptly chilled as a swan landed in front of him. This felt that all of his negative emotions were amplified.

"Do you want revenge," The swan asked. Tom briefly thought it was weird to be talking to a swan, but that thought just disappeared. Yes...revenge was good. He must get revenge...

"Give retribution to those who have wronged you."

Yes...retribution...that is what he had to give..

"Let us join together! Cygnus Wing!"

Tom screamed as he experienced pain he had never felt before...He felt like he was disintegrating, his mind slowly slipping away from him, his emotions being replaced only be primal instinct.

Slowly, his thoughts faded away as nothing was left but a shell.

The result of this transformation...this monster...only smirked.

"Forced FM Wave Change. Complete."

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