The Urahara Shop Computer

Disclaimer: Tite Kubo is the author of the popular manga/anime series and has complete ownership of all official Bleach characters. The only thing I own from this collection story is any/all Original Characters, plots, drabbles, etcetera. I only own my characters Sekai and Rin Ishtal.

Author's Note: I have three Harry Potter collection fics, one Vocaloid collection fic, and three Naruto collection fics. Getting more into Bleach through either HP or Naruto, I thought I should make a Bleach collection fic to add incase I get any Bleach-y ideas or randomness popping into my head. I hope to have new folks flocking to this, and in term, my other stories that need desperate life shocked back into their plotlines again. If you got any requests for something like short ideas, just tell me in a PM or in your review.

The Alien Guy from "Game Time with Dave and Greg"

"Watch it, bitch! I got water!" Urahara shouts at the man.

Said "man" shrieks and hisses, eyes bulging like crazy, and is making sweeping clawing motion in the air. He also has those frilly spitter dinosaur fins sprouting from the back of his neck. The kids are hiding behind Tessai who simply stares at the "man".

"Out of everything that could ever happen here, we just have to run across an actual alien in human skin," Yoruichi sighs.

The "man" hisses at Urahara, who in retaliation squeezes his large bottle of water to squirt the "man" in the face. The water makes a hissing sound and produce smoke from the skin slightly melting.

"Urahara! I'm choosing the destination for our vacation next year!" the ever beautiful Yoruichi tells Hat-n-Clogs.

And they said New York City was a great vacation spot...

And the start of a new collection fic begins with Urahara and an alien that hates water. Hope to see you readers stick around.